Inside: Tulle wreath ideas that will make you audibly gasp from excitement.

There are so many different types of wreaths out there; it can be overwhelming to try and pick one. Trust me, I know. I am an avid crafter, and every week I have to try and pick a new one to try out.

This week, I am working on a tulle wreath. Before any craft, I always take some time beforehand to get a lay of the land so to speak. I spend a few hours on the internet gathering information and inspiration for my up-and-coming project. I always feel bad letting my findings go to waste, so I want to share them with you here.

Tulle wreath ideas that are instagram worthy. Photo of black wreath.

Below you will find some of my favorite tulle wreath ideas from my searches. It’s my hope that these will give you inspiration for your own wreaths or for new decor to add to your home. Tulle is cool!

Tulle Wreath Ideas

First up, I thought I would start you out slow and build from there. I don’t need you getting overwhelmed by these wreaths when they offer so much! Check out this list to see why I chose tulle wreaths this week, and keep an eye out for specific styles that you enjoy.

1. Golden Tulle Decor Idea – I am such a sucker for gold decor. No matter what it is, I love it. Growing up, my dad was a goldsmith, so it has a special place in my heart.

2. Blue and White Wreath Idea – Blue and white can be such a lovely combo, especially this shade of blue. Take a look to see if you like it.

3. Tulle Heart Wreath Idea – That is right, you can make tulle wreaths in whatever shape that you want. I have found that the more curious you are as a person, the cooler the crafts are that you can make.

4. Cute Wedding Tulle Decor Idea – How sweet is this idea? It reminds me of a wedding vail, all stoic and beautiful. If you are having a wedding or an anniversary coming up, this is a wonderful way to decorate for the occasion.

5. Big Tulle Idea in light Pink – Light pink is perhaps one of the most underrated colors to decorate with. It adds such sweetness to whatever room it’s in.

6. Draping Tulle Decor Idea – I think tulle has such an opportunity for elegance. Take a look at this example and you will see exactly what I mean.

7. Rainbow Tulle Circle Wreath – Rainbows make me happy, and I bet they have the same effect on you. For some reason, I don’t have nearly enough rainbow colors in my house. I want to change that.

8. Blue and Purple Idea – Blue and purple as a combination will always make me think of sully from Monster’s Inc. You cannot make me change my mind about that.

9. Green Mesh Tulle Idea – Green is my favorite color, so I may be a bit biased when I say that this wreath is just to die for. I am obsessed!

10. White Mesh Tulle Idea – If you are aiming to keep your decor simple, then this white mesh tulle idea will be the perfect wreath for you.

Simple spring wreath ideas.

Simple Wreath Ideas

I understand wanting to keep your decor simple, so I wanted to show you some of my favorite simple wreath ideas. Each is unique in it’s own right, but they have a simple elegance that made me fall in love. I think you will have the same reaction. So take your time as you look through this list, I think you will be surprised by what you find. Dive in!

11. Light Up Mesh Wreath

12. Mr. & Mrs. Wreath Idea

13. Cotton Candy Wreath

14. Pink and White Tulle

15. White Tule with Real Turquoise Idea

16. Black Wreath Idea

17. Mauve Purple Wreath Idea

18. Neon Wreath Idea with a Rainbow of Colors

19. Tulle with Big Bow

3 Different Wreath examples with sheer ribbon

Unique Ideas You’ll Love

If you are aiming for a unique approach to your tulle wreath, you can get the inspiration here. I think that the best part of making a wreath is that you have full creative control. You will really see this concept ring true with the list below. Check out some cool ideas below.

20. White Tulle with Burlap Bow

21. Patriotic Wreath Idea

22. Unicorn Wreath Idea

23. Fluffy Yellow Wreath idea

24. Watermelon Wreath Idea

25. Fluffy Light Yellow Color

26. White and Green Wreath Idea

27. Grey and White Wreath Idea

Tulle Wreath Ideas That Are Instagram Worthy

I think we can admit it, there is nothing better than having an Instagram-worthy space, and these wreaths are going to help you achieve that. I love the idea of creating a living environment in which you can feel your happiest and healthiest.

That will come from filling your home with the things you love and that make you happy. So look through this and see if any of these ideas make you happy.

28. Warm Orange Wreath Idea – I am absolutely obsessed with all things that are this color of orange. I just find it so comforting and inviting. I think you’ll agree with me when you see it.

29. Simple Green and Red Bow Wreath – I am bringing it back to the basics with these Instagram-worthy ideas. Green and red is a classic combo.

30. Light Blue Wreath Idea – This baby blue has my heart, and that’s funny because I am not normally a very blue-oriented person. But hey, here we are.

31. Flamingo Wreath Idea – Yep, flamingo wreaths are very much a thing, and they are FABULOUS. Check out this amazing example of how the most unlikely themes can be so perfect.

32. White Wreath with Flower Idea – White wreaths are just so pure and sweet. I am obsessed with this idea. Not only is it light and bright, but it’s got flowers! I am obsessed.

33. Soft Wreath with Unicorn – I love that you can really take your wreaths in any direction you want, including unicorns, like what! This is so cool!

34. Light Up Tulle Idea – You can even make your wreath light up! Technology man. It’s truly incredible and beautiful. I am going to have to add some light to my craft.

35. Grey Wreath Idea with Bedazzled Gems – Lastly, this grey wreath is for you chic people out here who want a subtle but charming wreath. This really takes the cake. I don’t think it gets much cuter than this; what do you think?

Tulle Wreath Idea

Welp, that’s all I’ve got, folks. But it was pretty cool, right? Who knew there were so many different styles and ideas that could be used when making a tulle wreath? I hope you loved these ideas and that they gave you inspiration for your own wreath.

Whether you are crafting or putting together your interior space, it’s important to use those creative muscles. So I am very proud of you! Okay, let’s end this before I get too sappy.

If you loved this article, I have so many others that I KNOW you will love even more. If you can tell already, I am kind of a crafting nerd, so you shouldn’t be too shocked to find out that I have more wreath-based articles than you can count. I’m obsessed, okay? And I am good with that!

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