The summer Olympics will be here before you know it, and you know what that means… time to decorate!

I love using special events to inspire my home decor, and what better way to celebrate the upcoming Olympics than with the perfectly on-theme wreath? I’m going to show you the step by step process to make these gorgeous DIY laurel wreath ideas that you can hang on your door year-round, but it is especially appropriate for the Olympic seasons.

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Why make a laurel wreath for the Olympics? First of all, and perhaps most importantly, I think laurel wreaths are timeless and beautiful. They work for any occasion, but they have a special tie to the Olympic games.

Since the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans, laurel wreaths have been considered a symbol of victory and glory (think of all those paintings and statues of Julius Caesar wearing laurels on his head).

Hanging a laurel wreath on your door is the perfect way to celebrate the Olympics, or to just feel like a winner year-round.

By the way, if you like the look and the lore of the laurel wreath, then you’ll love these smell good Eucalyptus wreath ideas.

3 photos of the steps to making a DIY laurel wreath.

How to Make a DIY Laurel Wreath


Here’s what you need to make your very own DIY laurel wreath:

  • wreath base (any type will do, but I prefer a floral wire wreath base for this project)
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • laurel bay branches (fresh or faux, your choice!)
  • fishing wire
  • floral tape (optional)

And here are the steps to putting the wreath together:

Step 1

Cut your laurel branches into pieces about 4″-6″ in length. You can adjust the size depending on how far you want your branches to extend from the base.

Pro Tip: Keep your branches equal lengths for a more polished, uniform look, or cut them slightly different sizes for a bohemian farmhouse vibe. 

Step 2

Use small pieces of fishing wire or floral tape to attach the branch pieces one at a time to the frame, slightly overlapping the bottoms of the branches. Make sure the leaves are pointing in the same direction for a professional look.

Step 3

Continue wrapping the laurel branches until the entire wreath base is covered. Lift your wreath to check for any sparse areas, and fill them with more branches.

Step 4

Use a small piece of fishing wire to create a loop where you want the top of your wreath to be. You will use this loop to hang your finished wreath.

Step 5

Hang your beautiful wreath on your door to enjoy the Olympic season or just feel like a champion year-round!

DIY Laurel Wreath Ideas You Can Make

The steps above show you how to make a classic laurel wreath, but I found a few other ideas you might like.

From rose gold spray paint to miniature cardstock houses, these DIY ideas are just too cute.

4 photos of laurel wreaths you can make yourself.

1. Upcycled laurel wreath

I can’t believe this awesome-looking upcycled wreath is made out of plastic spoons! What a great idea, and it looks so polished and perfect!

2. Styrofoam base laurel wreath

This DIY wreath uses a styrofoam base to make assembly even easier, and the cute ribbon bow is a nice finishing touch.

3. Gold feathers and glittery pinecone wreath

I really like the idea of adding gold feathers to this wreath. The final touch of a glittery pinecone is just *chef’s kiss.*

Pro Tip: If you love the idea of adding pinecones to your wreath, check out my post on creative pine cone wreath ideas.

4. Silver paper wreath

This stunning laurel wreath has an awesome metallic finish – and it’s made out of PAPER!

You could use gold or any other metallic paper color instead of silver, or a combination.

5. Standing laurel wreath

This take on the DIY laurel wreath stands on a base, so instead of hanging it on your door you can place it on your mantel, coffee table, or dining table.

6. Gold laurel garland

If you want something a little different, here are step-by-step instructions on how to make a beautiful gold laurel garland. You could leave the leaves their natural green color, if you prefer.

7. Rose gold wreath

I LOVE this idea of using rose gold spray paint to give your laurel wreath a unique, metallic finish – it’s so feminine and pretty. This one doesn’t use a lot of leaves, so it’s also super easy to make.

8. Crepe paper and embroidery hoop wreath

You only need a couple of craft supplies to make this simple wreath. You’ll need cardstock if you want to add the adorable little houses in the photo, but you could customize it by adding anything – a faux bird’s nest, a gold medal, or whatever you can think of!

Laurel Wreath Ideas You Can Buy

If you don’t have the time or aren’t interested in making your own DIY laurel wreath, there are plenty of alternatives you can buy. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite laurel wreaths for sale.

3 examples of laurel wreaths you can buy.

9. Year-round faux laurel wreath

This classic laurel wreath is made from faux leaves, so it will last forever. It’s super full and lush, so it would look gorgeous hanging on your front door.

10. Fig and laurel greenery

Excuse me, how STUNNING is this fig and laurel greenery wreath? This one would look great as a kitchen decoration.

11. Heart-shaped gold

I think this heart-shaped metallic wreath would make a GORGEOUS wedding or anniversary present.

12. Beaded hoop gold wreath

The beaded hoop and black velvet bow are really beautiful, unique touches on this laurel wreath. I can see this one making a great holiday decoration to pull out every year.

Beautiful Laurel Wreaths You Can Buy

Here are a few more of my favorite ideas of laurel wreaths you can purchase already made. In case the DIY route feels like a little too much work for this season.

4 photos of pretty laurel wreaths.

13. Pepperberry and Pink Ice Protea

This might be my favorite take on the laurel wreath. What can I say, I love a pop of pink!

14. Gold wire wreath

This simple laurel wreath is so cute, and it’s such an affordable price.

15. Distressed white metal

If you’re looking for a unique laurel wreath with a charming, rustic vibe, this is definitely the one!

16. Gold modern wreath

The elegant design of this gold wreath is so pretty, and the bright red bow would make it a perfect Christmas decoration.

17. Cream cedar and laurel wreath

The cream and white color palette of this wreath is so soothing and peaceful. It would really pop against a dark or brightly colored door.

I’m feeling ready to throw an Olympics viewing party at my place after looking through all these laurel wreath ideas! I think the story behind these wreaths is so magical and empowering, and having one on my door would just make me feel like a champion.

So, what do you think? Did you find any inspiration for the perfect DIY laurel wreath to make for yourself or a friend? Let me know in the comments which ones you liked best, and which events you’re looking forward to watching in the Olympics!


Where can I buy laurel branches?

You can usually find fresh laurel branches at places like Home Depot, Whole Foods, and Walmart. Check the floral section of your grocery store, or see if your local gardening store has them in stock.

Lots of craft stores like Michael’s carry faux branches, or you can order them from Amazon.

Which wreath base is best?

You can really use almost any type of wreath base to make a DIY laurel wreath because it’s such a simple and classic shape. I’ve found that a floral wire wreath is the easiest to work with, but you could also use a wicker, rattan, or straw wreath ring.

Crafty Tip: You can make your own wire ring by bending an old wire coat hanger into a circle, twisting the ends together, and using wire cutters to trim any excess. 

How can I store my laurel wreath when I’m not using it?

There are lots of good ways to store your decorative wreaths, like using square stackable plastic boxes or clear zip-up plastic containers.

You can see plenty of examples with links to the best storage products in my article on wreath storage ideas.

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