Inside: 13 straw wreath ideas that you need right now.

Straw wreaths are a statement piece in so many homes, especially during the fall season. While they’re a little bit more on the traditional side, there are hundreds of ways that you can spice them up and make them into something new and fresh that you can be excited to put in your home.

With such an iconic base like the straw wreath, you can get so creative with the ways that you make it fresh and new. If you’re decorating it with something trendy or something that makes sense for you and your family home this year, like a specific college theme as one of the kiddos graduates and moves on to higher education, there’s something new and fun you can come up with using a straw wreath.

While you’re letting the ideas simmer and flow in your mind currently, let’s look at some of my personal favorite ideas that might trigger some new ones of your own.

Four straw wreath ideas

Straw As Major Home Decor Trend In 2023

While a wreath is always going to be a wreath and straw is always going to be straw, the ways in which they’re decorated and presented can change the look entirely, and give your space a whole new feel with the style of the straw wreath that you’re about to hang.

While your straw wreath may not be a reflection of these trends exactly, it doesn’t have to be to fit in with the trends. If you see a current trend happening that you’re excited about and hope to take your home in that direction, you can get so creative and outside of the box with the random little things like these to bring it to life.

So what are your home decor goals in 2023? Here are some current trends.

Conversation Starter Accessories

Want to get people talking? Fill your home with pieces that aren’t just interesting in a quiet way, utilize the surreal shock factors that play with your guest’s and your own mind a bit. Give it a little something funky and cool of any style.

Sustainable Materials

While the wildly bohemian look isn’t one of the major trends right now, there are some elements of it that are currently rocking the market. And if you remember how much of that trend included natural materials, then you’ll see how this is a little influenced by it.

A modern take on sustainable and natural materials is huge right now, so this straw wreath is going to fit right in. Even if you dramatically overemphasize the size or the look of the wreath, it’s going to be giving that modern version of a sustainable material.

Black Is Back

Black is always a classic and chic look for any room and any design concept, but recently, color has been dominating all of the color trends.

Bring black back into your life a little bit this year in a new and fresh way. It’s not going to be the same over done staple that it was, as people are loving color now, and I think it’s going to stay, but black as a color itself is going to be a hot move in home decor.

Keep it classy.

Always Art Deco

The Art Deco era is going strong. It has always been a cool style to follow, rarely is it out of style, but bringing it into your home with the little details has always been the move, now it’s the big ones. The furniture, the wall paper…

Even with these big pieces being the trend now, it still has to carry through your little details too, and while a straw wreath isn’t exactly art deco style, if you have a vision, it can come to life and make sense in the space. Maybe adding some copper wiring mixed with the straw or something along the lines of mixing in the natural with the metals and glass that is the staple of the art deco theme, and you have something really unique that can work really well for your space and style this year.

Straw Wreath Bases

Starting off with decorating a straw wreath, first you need to figure out what base you want to use. And by base I mean, what style straw wreath are you wanting to work with to create the look you’ve been dreaming of?

Of course you can go with a standard wreath with the straw going all the way around, but if you’re going for something with a little bit more of a modern or urban look to it, maybe a wreath that is half wrapped with exposed metal hoop base, maybe in a trending metal like copper or stained silver.

And if the straw is wrapped all the way around, is it wild and free looking or is it bound down? These are two very different styles too, and will give you a different look entirely of the whole wreath and how it’s going to translate as a decorative piece in your home.

As you look through these ideas and get inspired to create your straw wreath, consider the different options like the bases too, and recognize how it’s going to change the overall look of your wreath together.

A pampas and feather wreath

Fall Straw Wreath Ideas

Florals are always a go to when it come to different wreath options, for any season or any occasion, and if you’re doing a blend of natural pieces like flowers and straw, these are going to be some really cute ideas that you can follow to create a wonderful floral piece in your home.

1. Corn Wreath
2. Burlap And Plants
3. Rose Burlap
4. Pampas

Three floral and fun decorated wreaths

Decorated Straw Wreaths

We love a cutely decorated wreath with different little themes or aesthetics around it. These are all about the straw with the straw base that gives you a great foundation to cover and decorate.

Have fun with these fun ideas!

5. Sunflower
6. Coffee Filters
7. Burlap
8. Farm Wreath
9. Easter Wreath

Two cute and minimal straw wreaths

Misc Ideas

You never know where or how inspiration will strike and what you’re going to want to do with a wreath. The craft world is your oyster, so have fun with it and decorate away with any ideas that come your way.

10. Raffia
11. Foraged
12. Flamingo Wreath
13. Big Bow

Getting creative with little decorations is such an undervalued skill that not all of us have. Searching for inspiration to make something so fun and new is how you have to get the ball rolling sometimes so I really hope that you found what you needed here today and are ready to use some of these ideas for your straw wreath!

Decorating is so fun, and when you have a project like these straw wreath ideas that you’re excited about, it just makes it all the more exciting to get to it and get it on display for your friends and family to see.

Advancing your personal style with classic pieces is a how some of the best homes are staged and decorated, and your home can be some of the best when you really start to bring ideas to life to make your home everything you dreamed.

The details matter, so make these little projects just as fun as the big ones! You will love the results.

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