What better way to get excited for tulip season than by exploring some tulip wreath DIY ideas.

The snow is melting, the animals are coming out of hibernation, and the tulips are blooming – SPRING HAS SPRUNG! There is no flower I associate more with the start of spring and the end of a brutal winter than tulips.

They are just so bright and cheerful, and they remind me that the coldest time of the year is finally done. Hooray for us all!

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Tulips have always held a special place in my heart.

If you want to make a tulip wreath to invite some love into your home or celebrate spring, I’ve got you covered.

Here are all the tips and tricks you need to make a gorgeous wreath, whether you’re working with fresh or faux flowers, paper or other materials, etc.

I’ll also explain how to make your wreath last so you have the brightest door on the block.

Fresh Flower Tulip Wreath DIY Ideas

There’s no better feeling than being greeted at your front door with a fresh flower wreath. They may not last as long as faux flowers, but I think there’s a noticeable difference in the energy.

They smell divine, and I just love seeing tulips made into something even more beautiful than they are in their natural state.

Here’s how to make a fresh flower tulip wreath, plus some more ideas for tulip wreath designs.

For tips on how to make your fresh floral wreath last longer, scroll down to the last section of this post!

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What you need to make a fresh tulip wreath:

  • Wire wreath base: you can use any size, but 14″ is good for most doors
  • Wire ribbon: I like this burlap one – I recommend 1.5″-2″ thick
  • Fresh tulips: the amount you’ll need depends on your wreath size, but I’d use about 10 bundles of tulips to completely cover your wreath base (around 5-10 tulips per bundle)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Greenery, filler flowers (optional)

Steps to make a DIY tulip wreath:

Cut & Bundle the Tulip Stems

Start by cutting your tulips so that the stems are all equal lengths. Leave AT LEAST 6″ of stem beneath the buds, 8″-12″ is best.

If your tulips aren’t already bundled, separate them into 10 bundles with equal amounts of flowers.

Wrap the Wreath Base

Take your wire ribbon and wrap it around the wire wreath base so that it is completely covered. You don’t want the wire wreath base to show through.

The goal is to create pockets where the ribbon overlaps to tuck your flower stems.

Use hot glue to secure the ribbon to the wreath base every 4-6 wraps.

Tuck & Overlap

Tuck your tulip bundles one at a time into the ribbon, so that the ribbon holds the stems against the wreath.

Overlap your bundles at equal distances, every few ribbon wraps apart, until the entire wreath base is covered.

Fill The Wreath Form

Lift your wreath to check for any sparse areas. Fill them with greenery/filler flowers or more tulips for a full, lush look.

Hang & Enjoy!

Hang your wreath on your door to welcome the spring season. Here’s the best way to hang a wreath on a mirror, door or wall.

Tips for Other Fresh Tulip Wreath Designs

  • If you don’t have a ton of tulips, you can use a straw wreath base instead of a wire one, and only cover a section of the wreath with flowers. It will still look finished and beautiful, I promise! You probably won’t need the wire ribbon and can just tuck the stem directly into the straw wreath base.
  • You can use any wreath base and simply fasten a small bouquet (about 3 bundles) of tulips to the bottom of your wreath for a chic design. Use a cute ribbon bow to hold the bouquet together (here are some tips for tying gorgeous wreath bows).
  • Add any details you’d like to customize your tulip wreath, such as adding other types of flowers (daffodils are my personal favorite), faux butterflies, Easter eggs, or whatever else you like.

Pro Tip: If you like the idea of adding butterflies to your wreath, check out my post on breathtaking Butterfly Wreath Ideas & DIY.

Faux Flower Tulip Wreaths

Obviously, you can use the same steps from the fresh flower wreath instructions to make a wreath with faux tulips, instead.

While fresh wreaths are my absolute favorite (it’s like the difference between a real Christmas tree vs. an artificial one; there’s just no comparison), there are several benefits to using faux flowers, like:

  • Your tulip wreath will last longer (of course)
  • You will likely have a wider range of options for flower colors
  • You can use more wreath base styles (like poking plastic stems through a styrofoam base)

Here are a few of my favorite faux flower tulip wreath ideas:

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1. Simple straw tulip wreath

How pretty is that? You can buy this one on Amazon or make it yourself with a straw wreath base (as I described above under the “Tips for Other Fresh Tulip Wreath Designs” section).

2. Rainbow tulip wreath

I’m OBSESSED with this rainbow design! You could make this with fresh tulips too, but it would be hard to get your hands on all the tulip colors.

3. Butterfly Eucalyptus Fern wreath

I love all the textures and lush greenery on this tulip wreath. The butterflies add an extra magical touch. I would probably take the whimsical factor up a notch by dusting this with a spray of glitter.

4. Welcome sign

Why not add a sweet little welcome sign (or whatever you want your front door to say) to your wreath?

5. Shades of pink

The gradient pink tulips make this wreath design a winner for me – we all know I love a pop of pink!

6. Hydrangea and Peonies

This tulip wreath with hydrangea, peonies, lotus flowers, and four different types of leaves is so magical-looking. I can just imagine adding some string lights or tiny fairy figurines.

7. Tulip ribbon bow

The gigantic bow with tulip-patterned ribbon really makes this wreath a knockout. I found the ribbon style for you, and you’ll want to layer it over burlap wire ribbon to get the same look as this example.

By the way, if you want to know the best way to store your faux flower decor, check out these 15 Foolproof Storage Ideas for Wreaths.

Tulip Wreaths Made With Other Supplies

There are lots of tulip wreath DIY ideas to customize your decoration, like using non-traditional supplies. Here are a few designs I found for making a super unique tulip wreath.

3 examples of tulip wreaths made with non-traditional supplies.

1. Felt spring flowers

I LOVE this wreath made with felt tulips and other spring flowers! You could buy or make some felt flowers and attach them to a straw wreath base just like this. Or, purchase this one already made!

2. Wooden wreath base

How cool does this tulip wreath with a wood base look? The fastener in the middle and the twinkly lights around the bow are such thoughtful touches.

3. Crochet tulips

Okay, I need a wreath made with bundles of these adorable crochet tulips IMMEDIATELY!

4. Yarn mini-wreath

This small tulip wreath is made entirely out of yarn. I like the idea of hanging it in your car like the photos show. You could use a small embroidery hoop to make a tiny wreath of your own with real or faux tulips.

5. Carrot wreath

I LOVE the idea of using orange tulips to make a carrot-shaped door hanging for Easter!

6. Straw hat tulip wreath

Using a straw hat as a wreath base is such a fun way to decorate for spring. You can use a hot glue gun or small pieces of floral wire poked through the straw to secure faux tulips to your hat.

7. Bucket door decoration

Filling a bucket with tulips is a clever, easy way to use fresh flowers in your door decoration! The bow to fasten the bucket is a really nice finishing touch.

How to Make Fresh Tulips Last

You love the way your fresh flower tulip wreath looks, so of course you want to make it last as long as possible. Here are my tips for keeping your flowers fresh:

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  • Bring your wreath inside during bad weather: When temperatures drop or get too hot, it can make your flowers wilt faster. Check the weather and bring your wreath inside on bad days, or get in the habit of bringing it in at night.
  • Hang your wreath in a sheltered spot: Your wreath will last longer if you hang it somewhere with protection from direct sunlight and the elements, such as under an overhang or on a porch.
  • Feed and water your wreath: You can water the flowers on your wreath and feed them plant food, just like you would for a bouquet. Take your wreath down overnight and let the flower stems sit in water, perhaps with added plant food. If your stems poke out from the back of the wreath, you can set it gently over a large container of water (be sure to support the wreath base so it doesn’t get wet).
  • Choose budding flowers: When making your wreath, choose tulips that are just starting to bud so they have as long as possible to live before wilting.
  • Remove dead plants: Take off any wilted flowers or greenery as they die to freshen up your wreath.

Just looking at all these tulip wreath DIY ideas makes me want to run through a field of fresh flowers. And pick a few bunches to make a cute door decoration, of course!

There’s nothing quite like the first appearance of brightly colored tulip buds poking out from the ground to tell me that spring is here.

So, what do you think?

Do you like the look of the fresh flower tulip wreaths, or do you like the long-lasting nature of the faux ones?

Did any of the non-traditional wreath materials, like yarn or straw hats, spark your imagination?

Let me know in the comments which tulip wreath idea you liked best, and what you love most about spring!

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