New York City is a lot of things but “green” is not one of them, so I like to fill my apartment with plants. I mean, even if you live in a rainforest, who doesn’t want more plants?

Grow yourself by giving these creative plant ideas a try in your home, even if you don’t have a green thumb.

house plants varying in size in stylish planters with some resting on platforms in front of a large window.


Plants are superheroes! They clean the air, reduce stress, and help boost productivity, and in a world full of people like me working from home, these traits are incredibly valuable.

I am gearing up to move into a new apartment, and I am already brainstorming the different ways I want to “green up” the place.

Whether you need clever ways to maximize your small space with plants or need tips for using plants to decorate your cubicle at work in style, here are some of my favorite finds that we can all use to gussy up our “plant momma” life.

Create a “Living” Living Space

We all know a living room makes a great place to incorporate plants into your home, but it can be more than just a potted plant in the corner!

I upped my plant game when I started adding levels, textures, and lengths to my plant design choices.

Once you are done with the living room, take these same ideas into your kitchen, bathroom, and office.

  1. Take Your Plants to New Heights

    Use various plant heights, things that crawl down and things that sprawl up, to create a well rounded look like you see here. 

  2. Privacy Plant Window – 

    If you worry about nosy neighbors but do not want to limit the light coming through your windows, try adding plants as a privacy screen!

  3. Statement Piece Ideas– 

    Have an empty corner? Try adding a larger species of plant like a Monstera or Bird of Paradise.

  4. Room Separation Plant Wall – 

    Something like this is perfect for those who live in a studio or have a multipurpose room.

  5. Mirrors Double Your Plant Population – 

    Add more plants to your space without adding time to your plant maintenance each week by adding mirrors near your already established plant spots.

  6. Add Life to Your Shelves – 

    When decided how to fill a shelf, variety is key, so add some plants into the mix!

  7. Planters That You Love – 

    Add your own flare to your plant room with fun planters and stands, or you can use other things you might thrift or reuse such as candle jars, mugs, or teapots. Pro tip! Plant stands with openings make watering much easier for your heavier plants. That way you can simply put a bowl under the stand to catch any water that may drain out.

  8. Low Light Can’t Stop Your Green Thumb – 

    Do not let that dark corner stop you! Here is more information on what plant species could be a perfect fit. If you do not want to limit the plants you can have, check out this grow light.

  9. Leafy Bathroom Additions – 

    Have you tried hanging fresh eucalyptus over the shower head? It’s a great way to add an elegant touch while offering a beautiful light scent, but also try adding humidity-loving plants to your countertops.

  10. Personal Growth at the Office – 

    Whether you work from home, a cubicle, or a private office, add some plants to your desk to help keep you focused and motivated throughout the workday.

  11. Keep it Fresh in the Kitchen – 

    Bring some functional plants into the kitchen like an indoor herb garden or a lemon tree! I love the look of a lemon tree in a kitchen like this one, and how lovely would it be to add fresh squeezed, homegrown lemon to your favorite dishes?

  12. A Living Bedframe – 

    While you can always create a living headboard by adding a plant shelf above your bed, I also love the simplicity of this hanging plant off a canopy bed.

  13. Fresh Flowers – 

    Nothing feels better than coming home to a house filled with fresh flowers. Feel free to break up the bouquet so you can have blooms in multiple spots throughout your home. Here is one of my favorite sites for the best arrangements if you don’t have time to go out for your own.

  14. Dried Plants are Game Changers  – 

    Dried plants can be super handy for low light apartments, people who are away from home often, and adding an extra texture to your interior design. Once the Eucalyptus in your shower dries, reuse it as a centerpiece.

  15. Plant Art Solutions – 

    Paintings of plants and wallpaper with leaf designs can be great ways to incorporate greenery into your home if you have allergies or are worried about your children or cats getting into the plants. I am in love with the magnolia branch in this set of paintings.

a small plant in a braided basket, a variety of plants on a book shelf and stools with art of the walls and shelves.


DIY Plant Projects in the Sunroom and Elsewhere

If you have a sunroom, #1 I am jealous, but #2 it can be a hard space to fill with its minimal walls to add decorative elements. Plants are a MUST, otherwise all that delicious sunshine goes to waste. These factors make the sunroom a great place to continue your personal growth by challenging yourself to some DIY plant projects! I always love a craft or activity like what is listed below. It is so lovely to have your own creative work present in your home. Give these a try and save money by doing it yourself.

  1. Leafy Curtains

    If you want to avoid Direct Sunlight in your sunroom, try this curtain and hanging plant combo to filter out the unwanted light.

  2. Make a Greenhouse Cabinet

    A Greenhouse Cabinet is a great way to keep plants away from the mouths of pets and kiddos while also saving space if you live in a small house or apartment. You can also make them extra green at Christmas!

  3. Dreamy Succulent Wall – 

    What a dreamy way to save floor space while adding some green to your walls! The sunroom is the perfect place for these light loving friends. Contrary to popular belief, some succulents can be difficult to care for, so be sure to do your research, and do not make the mistake of assuming they do not need much water before you look up the specific species’ needs.

  4. Tableside Terrarium

    Liven up your side table with a terrarium! This is such a fun project you can do yourself at home. Terrariums can be closed or open depending on the plants you include, so just be sure to only do plants appropriate for one or the other.

  5. Air Plants Solve Problems

    Air plants are nearly impossible to kill, and yet they are so cute! The only maintenance involves a couple spritzes of water each week. I feel like I am in the Princess Diaries every time I spray them!

  6. Propagate! Propagate! Propagate!

    Propagating is the gift that keeps on giving! Create a propagation wall and then repot your clippings once they’ve grown roots.

  7. Air Dry Clay Pots

    I had no idea air dry clay existed for larger projects like flower pots, but it does! One day I was thinking about how I wish I could make my own, because, so often, what stops me from buying more plants is the thought of having to buy so many expensive ceramic pots. It can even be thrown on a pottery wheel if you want! So, save yourself some money while you develop this new skill. Get started here.

  8. Design Your Vines

    It is super easy to tack up the vines of an ivy-like plants you may have with command hooks. This can help draw the eye up if you want the illusion of taller ceilings or around the room if you have other design elements you want to be sure are seen.

  9. Macrame Plant Hangers for the Boho Lover

    This tutorial shows a quick and easy Boho Macrame plant hanger that is more unique than anything else I have seen for beginners. Give it a try!

  10. Crocheted Plants – 

    How cute are these crocheted plants? If you crochet or want to learn to crochet, this could be an amazing next project for you, or you can always support small businesses like this one. 

  11. Combine with Boho Art – 

    This is a great example of how to combine as few of the ideas in this post to create a cohesive design that fits your own personal style. If you love Boho, I suggest rich warm tones, fun rounded shapes, lots of texture, and images of earthy elements like the sun, animals, or dry climate plants.

  12. Garland – 

    Garland doesn’t just need to be a holiday favorite! I love this garland idea that is great for low maintenance year-round greenery rather than live plants. It is another great option for dark spaces!


Plant Inspiration images that include a mix of grounded and hanging plants, plants in the window sill being watered by a woman, ferns, and low light species


FAQ’s and Alternatives

  • What if I travel often and cannot always be there to take care of my plants? Try some of the dried plant, art, or crocheted plant ideas I have listed above.
  • I don’t have much floor space available. How can I still incorporate plants in my home? Check out the hanging plant ideas listed above or install some floating shelves to display all the plants you want!

Plants make such a difference in completing your space. They offer so many benefits to the air and your own personal growth, well being, and drive. Nothing beats the texture visuals you can create with plants and their planters.

I am so excited to implement these ideas into my new home. Let’s create plant oases for ourselves. We deserve it! Still needing more design inspiration? Check out this next post if you have a small kitchen like me.

4 Plant idea images representing a statement piece plant, propagation, a privacy window filled with plants, and a display of plants on and around a set of shelves.



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