Inside : 33 Japandi Furniture Ideas To Make Your Home Trendy.

Japandi style is a combination of calming, elegant elements of Japanese design with the simple and uncluttered elements of Scandinavian design. These two styles have great features on their own, that when they are brought together, it makes for clean, natural beauty.

The Japandi design trend calls upon clean lines, neutral colors and hues, and functional pieces that do not clutter the space. Think you may want to generate a Japandi style room or home? Here are some great ideas to help you get started.

Japandi furniture ideas

Japandi Sofas

Emulate a Japandi vibe with a no-fuss, neutral hued sofa. While the colors may seem ordinary, you can bet that the comfort they provide is not!

  1. The Indivi Sofa: The simplicity of the style really brings out the elegance that Japandi furniture is all about. Plus, there’s 2.5 seats so it’s a love seat with extra wide cushions for max comfort!
  2. Rye Sofa: The contemporary design of this couch makes you want to snuggle up and take a nap in it just by looking at it! Plus, you can change the size and color of the fabric to fit your personal style.
  3. Huisenuk: While this piece may look like the essential Japandi sofa, it gets even better. It has adjustable arms that you can put up and down depending on how much room you need and it folds out into a sofa bed!
  4. The Aldeburgh: The crispness of the square shape of this couch is perfect for a Japandi styled home. Not to mention it has extra deep seats to make it the classy, slouchy couch of your dreams.
  5. Imogen Corner Couch: Nothing is better than a corner couch you can get lost in, and this one with a modern silhouette and clean lines is right in tune with Japandi style.
  6. Zoe 3 Seater: The subtle detailing of this contemporary couch, such as the gently rounded arms, would make a wonderful staple piece in a Japandi styled living space.
  7. Simply Velvet Low Couch: This couch gives off major minimalist vibes, which blends seamlessly into a Japandi style. And the best part? There are tons of different neutral colors you can choose from to tend to your vision. 

Japandi Coffee Tables

Coffee tables act as a focal point in a living space. Japandi style coffee tables are typically wooden and natural looking, but with intricate shapes that can be used in any room.

  1. 3-Piece Ash: Not only does this table have staple Japandi features such as a wooden top and black metal legs, but it expands! Perfect for the household that likes to host and may need the extra table space.
  2. Curved Wood: A piece with a style like this would be a great addition to your Japandi styled home. It is simple, minimal, and has a practical place to stash your magazines or books.
  3. 2-Tabled Coffee Table: While this piece does have two tables for maximum space, it does not take up a lot of surface area. This is a great example of one of the many unique styles Japandi furniture can have and still remain simple.
  4. The Eve: The make of this coffee table is so unique with the mismatched legs and the glass piece in the middle. It’s quintessential Japandi because it is minimal but still very extraordinary.
  5. Berkshire Coffee Table Ottoman: With clean lines and simple elegance, this coffee table is practical and will make a great Japandi centripetal piece. Likewise, it has a neutral colored ottoman that fits satisfyingly right under it. Equal parts minimal and comfortable!
  6. Effortlessly Cool Curved Table: With a table like this, it will add some dimension if the rest of your area is clean, straight lines. The rounded corners of this emulate the flow of an ocean wave, which can add a calming, zen effect to any Japandi styled space.
  7. Distinct Coffee Table: This piece was designed with Japanese minimalism in mind, which is half of what Japandi style is all about!
  8. Tiered Coffee Table: Black is another great neutral color to incorporate into your Japandi style furniture. A huge plus to this table is that it maximizes space by having two layers, so it doesn’t take up any more room than it needs to!

Japandi Style Beds

Of course you want your bed to go with the flow of your Japandi atmosphere. Here are some great options to help you achieve the zen look you’re going for.

  1. The Kyoto Bed: The way this bed is manufactured gives it a floating illusion, which is an awesome feature seen in a lot of Japanese inspired furniture.
  2. Kobe Japanese Bed: It doesn’t get any simpler than this Japandi bed. A low-rise, minimalistic bed that will surely enhance your Japandi style bedroom.
  3. Oak Double Bed Frame: The beautiful oak finish of this bed gives it a signature Japandi look, and there’s two storage compartments, one on each side, so you can have nightstands while still remaining minimalistic!
  4. Metal and Wood Platform Bed: A sturdy, solid bed frame that, due to its wood and black metal materials, gives it that simple beauty Japandi style calls for.
  5. BJÖRKSNÄS Bed Frame: This uncomplicated bed frame with wooden posts and a paneled headboard is a combination of comfort and minimal style.
  6. The No-Headboard Look: Nothing says Japandi style like minimalism, and nothing says minimalism like a decluttered bed frame with no headboard! 

How to decorate Japandi style

Japandi Furniture Ideas

Functionality is one of the key elements to look for in Japandi furniture. These pieces provide practical functions while still looking decluttered and unobtrusive. 

  1. Mollino Desk: The clean lines and wooden make of this desk gives it a beautiful, simple look, but the asymmetrical leg allows it to give whatever room you put it in, personality.
  2. Plant Stand: Add some greenery to your space while still keeping things clean and unobtrusive. Tiered pieces like this one are great additions to a Japandi style because it gives you tons of room to get creative with it, but doesn’t take up a ton of room.
  3. LED Floor Lamp: Light up your space while remaining elegantly simple with this unpretentious, out of the way floor lamp that fits perfectly into any corner so it’s out of the way.
  4. Include A Bench: Using a bench on one side of your dining or kitchen table gives a fresh, clean cut look while still being a totally functional piece!
  5. A TV Stand With Panels: A piece like this will allow you to make your clutter look decluttered! Simply use the shelves for storage and slide over those minimalistic panels to hide everything in a chic way.

Japandi Style Accessories

A house becomes a home when there are little knick-knacks throughout that have sentimental value and bring out the coziness of your space. These items will bring that element while still being in line with the style. 

  1. Luxe Knit Blanket: Just because you’re going for a simple look doesn’t mean you’re not a complicated human who gets cold! This blanket perfectly mixes with the natural color hues Japandi style items usually are.
  2. A Tray: Like I said, functionality is a massive element for Japandi style. This tray can serve so many purposes, drinks, snacks, what have you! And the black, smooth features really make it look sleek.
  3. Zen Garden: A little zen garden to set on your desk or windowsill is a cute, quaint feature to add to your Japandi decor.
  4. Greenery: Something like a miniature Bonsai tree or cactus would give a nice pop of color in an otherwise neutral setting.
  5. Tea Kettle: Not only can this item serve as an accessory in your kitchen or wherever you store it, but it is functional for when you have guests over and want to serve them!
  6. Unique Plant Pots: Picking up some neutral colored, intricate style planters will add some dimension to your space. Use them for plants or simply as decoration.
  7. Abstract Art: Abstract art on your walls will give your setting a homey feel while still maintaining the minimal look.

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