A barbershop on the outside but a bar on the inside, or a bar entrance pretending to be a bookshelf! Sounds familiar? We’re talking about a speakeasy!

Speakeasies became popular during the 1920s when alcohol was banned from being served in America. To prevent these places from attracting attention – especially from the law – customers kept the noise down, or “speakeasy.” Today, speakeasies can be found all over the country and are used for many different reasons: entertainment, socializing, or just a feeling of nostalgia.

The best ideas to add a speakeasy element to your home design include a cigar lounge, a nautical speakeasy bar, a speakeasy with vintage elements, an earthy theme, and a rustic basement bar. Below, we’ve put together a list of 12 home speakeasy ideas plus 33 speakeasy tips so you can turn those home bar ideas into reality. Read on!

Home Speakeasy Ideas

12 Home Speakeasy Ideas

Imagine the “wow”-s and “oohhh”-s of your guests when they see your home bar. More than entertainment for your guests, speakeasy-type home bars serve as a great venue to unwind and relax especially after a long, stressful day.

These are 12 home bar ideas we’re sure you’ll love!

A miniature speakeasy is great if you don’t have much space, but want to bring a speakeasy style into your home. This speakeasy bar idea can be created from a beautifully designed wooden box, or an antique chest. You could even use a trunk if you have one lying around the house.

If you want a speakeasy with an elegant and luxurious feel, then this cigar speakeasy is perfect for you! The speakeasy features plush seating and fine cigars. You can buy cigar speakeasy cabinets online or make your own to match the speakeasy style in your home.

If vintage style is your cup of tea, this speakeasy idea will suit you well! The speakeasy has incredible detail and design work. You can find many different modern speakeasies like this one online or on store fronts, but if you want to create the speakeasy yourself it will take some time and effort.

This classic speakeasy dining room idea is perfect if you’re looking for speakeasy ideas that involve eating and socializing. Let’s dine and have wine!

Want something that looks like it comes straight from the ocean? You’ll fall in love with this speakeasy with subtle nautical designs, white wood and a blue accent wall!

How to create a speakeasy room at home

As promised, here’s a speakeasy basement idea! Hangout with your friends away from prying eyes on the street and have fun with all those comfortable seats and dart board.

Relax and unwind as if you’re on a tropical beach. Cause who said you can’t? This home bar idea has tropical decor throughout it, and you can also add mini palm trees on the walls and ceilings!

Upscale your home bar with this speakeasy idea! Plush seating? Check! Back lit bar top? Check! Classy bar stools? Check!

Looking for a unique speakeasy idea? How about a speakeasy home bar with a table made out of an old whiskey barrel? Yes, it’s IG-worthy. We know!

Love the old rich style? Here’s a speakeasy bar design with a matching marble top countertop. Classy, old rich vibes!

Another fresh, island-themed design for your basement. Call everyone and count us in! Do we need to say more?

Speakeasy and pool table together? We’d hang out here every single day. We mean it when we say EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

At Home Bar Speakeasy Style

33 Tips For Designing Your Own Speakeasy At Home

So with all those home bar ideas we presented earlier, you’re now inspired to make your own speakeasy. But where to begin? Everything seems overwhelming. Don’t worry, we got you! Here is a list of 33 brilliant home speakeasy ideas that you can do:

  1. A speakeasy is not a speakeasy if it is not clandestine. Plan an unattractive and unassuming entry that must be accessed through a garage or side door or furniture!
  2. Rather than an open-plan part of the house, choose an enclosed space. Even if it is small, you want it to be more private as a speakeasy should be.
  3. Ideally, you should have the room feel as though it is softly glowing, not brightly lit. For instance, all overhead lights, lamps, and sconces should be dimmable.
  4. Cluster your sofas and chairs to allow for small, intimate conversations instead of large gatherings.
  5. You should create an atmosphere that feels like you’re in a hidden gem as the speakeasy should have a separate vibe from the rest of the home.
  6. Select quality and comfortable furniture that invites you to relax for hours.
  7. Create your own signature cocktail.
  8. It is a good idea to require guests to enter using a special code or knock. You can provide instructions on a “secret” website or invitations.
  9. Get speakeasy decals online or at a store that sells lovely speakeasy decor that accentuates the room.
  10. Add décors like lamps, wall art, and rugs according to your speakeasy style.
  11. Use lighting fixtures as a centerpiece for speakeasies to create an upscale look and feel.
  12. Match your speakeasy style with bar cabinets.
  13. Make sure your speakeasy has at least one lamp, maybe even an overhead chandelier for added accent or drama.
  14. Use speakeasy bar stools that match the speakeasy design in your home.
  15. If you want a classy speakeasy, choose classic furniture options like plush seating and high-back chairs.
  16. Make speakeasy stools with velvet upholstery for a classy, upscale look.
  17. Add speakeasy-style furniture like ottomans and coffee tables for extra seating and decoration ideas.
  18. Make shelves out of wooden crates and display wall art, flowers or antique books if you love rustic speakeasy ideas.
  19. Make speakeasies look upscale by using crystal glasses and tableware to add elegance to your speakeasy.
  20. For affordable and easy home bar decorations, try arranging vintage books along with other things like plants and stones.
  21. Use vintage liquor bottles as decor accents.
  22. For a vintage style speakeasy, you may consider putting paintings on the wall.
  23. Accent the wall with wallpaper or paint a single color scheme throughout the room for a modern style speakeasy.
  24. Check online stores for a wide array of wallpapers to suit your desired style.
  25. For a rustic-themed or a beach-themed speakeasy, you may opt for a sea green wall color. With a minimalistic vibe, sea green pairs really well with wooden furniture and décor that makes the whole speakeasy look earthy.
  26. For speakeasy basement ideas: If your speakeasy space is narrow or small, choose your wall colors carefully. Earth tones and neutrals can make your speakeasy appear larger. Softer shades like grey, green or yellow can lighten a small speakeasy.
  27. Another speakeasy basement idea is, if you don’t have a source of natural light, dark charcoal black can add intimacy rather than stuffiness when paired with refined light colors, such as light blues, purples, whites, or lighter greens.
  28. Dimly lit speakeasies should be accentuated with lavish, extravagant touches, such as velvet, crystal, flowers, oversized vases and art deco furniture.
  29. If the space permits, you can set up a small dance floor and jive to jazz music from the likes of Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong.
  30. Aside from music, another option for your speakeasy is to play silent films from the era.
  31. For a glamorous look, decorate in tones of gold and black. Seating vignettes should include chesterfield sofas and black wing chairs.
  32. Providing favors such as fedora hats, bow ties, feathered headbands can encourage party guests to get in character by emulating the 1920s, if your speakeasy has a 1920s theme.
  33. A speakeasy is not a speakeasy without alcohol. So, make sure the bar is stocked with bottles of liquor and a refrigerator filled with beer and mixers.

The beauty of having a speakeasy at home is that you’ll always be admitted. Here, you can relax and unwind for hours without breaking the bank!

Designing a speakeasy at home

More Ideas You’ll Love

If you love the home bar ideas presented earlier, we’re sure of these ideas as well:

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  • Pantry Closet Designs – What’s another must-have for your speakeasy aside from alcohol? FOOD! Consider a better storage solution for your food with these pantry closet design finds are the best ideas to create a dreamy organized space. Who doesn’t love a well-designed space full of great organized nooks and a fresh look – and of course, stocks and stocks of delicious food?

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