Inside: 1920s Bar Decor that will make you feel like you’re in a speakeasy at home.

So I recently cleaned out my bar space and have been on the hunt for some adorable decor styles to help revamp it. I stumbled across 1920s bar decor…and I have fallen in love. Don’t get me wrong; I love all of the small spaces in my home(I recently found some small balcony ideas you’ll love)

I don’t know about you, but when I get excited about something, I become an expert in it. When I learned to make sourdough, I didn’t stop until I had perfected my starter. When I started making earrings, I didn’t stop until they were ADORABLE. So naturally, when I decide to dress up my bar with 1920s decor, I don’t stop until I am finished.

Cool 1920s Bar Decor To Transform Your Space. Photo of gold cocktail shaker, a cocktail on a bar.

I created some pretty awesome inspiration boards before I got started, and I wanted to share some of the things I included on it with you. Take a look at the lists below if you also want to feel like you are drinking in a 1920s Speakeasy! But wait…what is a speakeasy?

What Is A Speakeasy?

Before I get into the 1920s Bar Decor, I want to explain what a Speakeasy is. Why is this helpful? Well, 1920s bar decor is always going to be speakeasy-themed because back in the 1920s, bars did not exist in the same way that they do today. So what exactly is a speakeasy?

Well, According to, “A speakeasy, in its strict definition, is a place where alcoholic beverages are illegally sold, particularly during the prohibition era. At this time, the manufacture, sale, and transport of alcohol were illegal in the U.S., and speakeasies served as underground, secret establishments where Americans still seeking spirits could indulge.”

The thing is, speakeasies were much more than just a place to secretly drink. They were a place to let loose over the weekend, to connect with people. They were taking back their own liberties every time they entered these spaces. That is why I think they are so much more!

So when you are looking for your 1920s bar decor, think about that. You are creating a space to decompress after your hard days, a place to celebrate during the good ones, and you are making a little corner in your house dedicated to connecting with people.

3 different examples of 1920s bar decor

1920s Bar Decor

This first list is full of some adorable 1920s Bar Decor ideas that I think you are going to love. These have a lot of black and white, as well as a bold, classic font on the signs, so keep an eye out for that. You will also see a lot of gold throughout these lists, so I hope you like it!

1. Black Old School Phone  – This would be absolutely adorable in your 1920s space. You can keep this by the bar just for show, or you can get a real old-school one and have it hooked up to another end of the house. It would be like stylish walkie-talkies!

2. Closed For Violation of Prohibited  – These speakeasy-themed signs are something you will see a lot of on this list, but that is because they really set the space. Plus, there are so many different styles out there; you may never know which one you want until you see them all.

3. Antique Modelled Car – This antique little modeled car would be a super fun addition because it reminds you of how different things were one hundred years ago.

4. This Way To Speakeasy – This is an adorable speakeasy sign that you can put just before you enter the bar room. The hand-pointing is so funny to me!

5. We Want Beer Photo – Here is an example of what people looked like during the prohibition era. They marched in the streets for the alcohol we have today. So let’s thank our ancestors every time we drink!

6. Custom Bar Sign – Here is a custom bar sign that you can put in whatever words you like. I think these are a great way to personalize your space in a way that is unique to you.

7. Gold Bar Cart Idea – Gold seems to be a theme throughout 1920s bar decor, and I see why. It is one of those things that you just need to include. It looks classy, clean, and super cute. I included one of these in my ikea bedroom ideas.

8. Classic Coupe Glasses – When you are decorating for your 1920s themed bar, everything from the stools to the glasses you drink out of will create your atmosphere.

9. Aged Alcohol Barrel Ideas – If you can get your hands on an aged alcohol barrel, you are going to be one lucky person! These are super cool to include because they really set the space.

10. Welcome To The Speakeasy – You are literally making your own version of a speakeasy, so why not get a sign that signifies that?

Cool 1920s bar decor to transform your space. 3 photo examples.

Cool 1920s Bar Decor To Transform Your Space

For this list, I wanted to show you some of the coolest 1920s bar decor that will transform your space. These things are wonderful little additions to your bar that will make you feel like you have been transported back into the 1920s! I think you are going to absolutely love these.

11. String Light Idea – String lights are always a good idea because they create ambiance.

12. Glass Bottle Decor Idea – Glass bottles make for wonderful decor pieces because they look like they could be out of the 1920s.

13. Gold Centerpieces for Bar – What did I tell you about gold? It’s literally perfect for this style of bar!

14. Cocktail Shaker Set  – Having a little cocktail shaker set is a great way to create a magical space that transports you throughout time.

15. 1920s Gangsters – Having little photos like these are a great idea.

16. 1924 Prescription for Whiskey – I am not 100% sure if they could get a prescription for alcohol, but this is still cool.

17. Decanter and Glass Set – Decanters always make me feel so fancy. I think this would be a great thing to have in your bar!

18. Bottle Revolver Dispenser – This one might be a little pricey, but it’s so cool I think it would be worth it.

19. End of Prohibition Idea – We are officially out of the prohibition, so celebrate that with this classic sign.

20. Whiskey Barrel – Getting a whiskey barrel like this is super cool because it adds an aged effect to your space.

21. Different 1920 Signs – Here are a bunch of different 1920s signs.

1920s bar decor

So, now you know a little more about the 1920s drinking scene, and you have hopefully found some 1920s decor pieces that will live proudly in your bar. There are so many more bar decorations out there, themes that you would never think of, and you need to see them.

You might be surprised by how many different ideas the internet holds. I have only scratched the surface. To start though, you need to see some festive bar essentials for every space. Take it from me; these are so worth your time and money!

Decorating your space at home is one of my absolute favorite things that we, as humans, do. Objectively, it is very cute. We like to create little-themed spaces within our homes so that we feel extra happy. I love it! If you are in need of something to fix a blank wall in your home, why not check out these Pinterest inspired arch wall decor ideas.