Inside: The Best Boob Light Replacement Ideas.

Can we all agree that the ‘boob light’ is just a terrible choice? I mean, these lights offer nothing to a space.

Yes, these lights are incredibly cheap but unfortunately, they are not fan favorites as made evident by the popular gag name “Boob Light”.

It’s time to ditch the ugly boob light and move on to something brighter, bolder, and a whole lot more beautiful!

So here are some alternative options for your boob light replacement!

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Boob Light Alternatives

If you want a little pizzaz with an easier electrical swap, I love a stunning brass, milk glass, black, or linen ceiling light fixture. If you want your lights to be obvious and become somewhat of a ceiling focal point, a semi-flush light is your way to go. These hang slightly lower and often showcase a beautiful brass, nickle, or matte black plate.

1. White Rattan Flushmount

2. Edie Prismatic Flushmount, Antique Brass

3. Naomi Flush Mount

4. Madelyn Faceted Flush MountBoob Light Alternatives

5. Oahu Fringe Flush Mount

6. Simple Drum Flush Mount

7. Ariel Fluted Marble Flush Mount Light

8. Glass Shaded Dome Flush Mount

How to Replace Boob Light

Find a Boob Light Replacement

Before you begin removal, make sure to select a replacement flush-mount or semi-flush-mount fixture to take the boob light’s place. There’s no need to draw this project out over multiple days when you can have near-instant gratification.

Remove Finial

With boob lights, your first order of business is loosening that small, unsightly piece in the middle. (the nipple) Once it starts coming free, you’ll be able to remove the shade—the actual boob—to access the hardware. It’s also possible your light is in the same fixture family, but lacking a nipple/finial, in which case you should be able to rotate and remove the boob/shade itself.

Open it up

Locate the screws holding the fixture’s outer ring to the ceiling, and remove them using a drill or screwdriver—whichever you feel most comfortable operating from that angle. Allow the fixture to hang freely from the now-exposed electrical wires. If you have not yet turned off your power at the breaker, now is the time.

How To Replace Boob Light

Get to Wiring

You should see three wires coming from your fixture: The “hot” (black), “neutral” (white), and “ground” (copper). Take note of the way the wires are attached to one another, as you will need to match this during your installation. Disconnect each of them from their ceiling counterparts, making sure to hold your fixture to avoid it falling on you in the process. Once all three wires are separated, the rest of your boob light should come away from the ceiling easily. (You may feel the urge to burn it after having to look at it for so long, but we don’t recommend this.)

Install a New Bracket

Take the bracket of your new, beautiful replacement light fixture and screw it to the hole you’ve just exposed in the ceiling. If you feel any uncertainty around what goes where, refer to visuals such as the ones in this guide. When it comes to electrical home improvements, it’s always best to operate with an abundance of caution.

Reverse It

Once your bracket is secured, you’re ready to replicate the wire connection you just undid. If each of the wires on your new fixture has about half an inch of exposed metal at the end, go ahead and attach them to the ceiling wires: First the hot wires, then the neutrals, then the grounds. If not,  use electrical pliers to carefully strip away half an inch of insulation at the end before attaching. Once everything is securely wired, check your specific fixture’s packaging for instructions on securing the fixture to the bracket.

Light It Up

Once you’ve added lightbulbs and tightened whatever needs tightening, turn your power back on and test your handiwork. If everything’s gone according to plan, you’ve banished the boob and brought a little bit more beauty to the world.

Now let’s get back to the good part!

Boob Light Replacement Ideas

If you want your lights to look sophisticated but blend in a little more, a flush mount is your best bet. They’re lower profile and sit flush with the ceiling making them a stylish surprise when you look up.

9. Starburst Flush Mount

10. Mari Brass Milk Glass Flush Mount Light

11. Pirouette Flush Mount

12. Caufield Metal Dome Flush Mount

Flush Lights Cute

13. Hyndburn Flush Mount

14. Daisy Capiz Flush Mount

15. Elora Flush Mount

16. Unique/Statement Bowl Flush Mount

17. Marquise Lantern Flush Mount

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Boob Light Replacement

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