Inside: Fun Blue Couch Living Room Ideas + Styles.

While navy goes with many colors, remember that it clashes with some tones if not paired correctly. Typically, navy pairs well with light pinks, other shades of blue, yellow, burnt orange, and neutral tones.

However, unless you like the maximalist style, introducing too many accent colors makes a living room look chaotic.

Navy comes in a multitude of shades ranging from an ashy, almost gray navy to a brighter, more vibrant navy that looks almost royal. It also has different undertones like green, black, and gray.

Be sure to decorate with appropriate colors depending on the shade of the navy sofa you purchase.

At the end of the day, style your living room according to your own preferences and have fun with it! If you need some inspiration, check out this list of some of our favorite fun blue couch living room ideas.

Blue Furniture Ideas


How to Decorating a Living Room with Blue Couches

There are tons of great ways to style a blue couch in your living space.

From the classic coastal vibe to airy and colorful, check out a few of our favorite ideas that will make your living space pop!

Blue Couch Living Room Design Ideas

Totally Eclectic: My personal favorite style, of course. Creating a colorful and eclectic space doesn’t take much planning but there are a few tips and tricks I like to stick to… First, choose colors that compliment your blue couch. I love using bright pinks, corals, yellows, greens, and even orange. Second, mix patterns, textures, and designs. I love throwing in a leopard print rug with some bold colored pillows to create a funky space.

The best part of an eclectic theme is that you can style pretty much anything together, and as long as you love it then it’s going to be perfect.

Check out a few more of our favorite design ideas with a focal point of a blue couch!

How to style a blue living room sofa

Living Room Ideas with Blue Couch

These two decor styles are very opposite, but both work perfectly with a bold blue couch. Check out a couple more of our favorite blue couch living room decor ideas.

Monochromatic with Blues:  A huge trend right now is creating spaces entirely with one color. Blue is a great choice because it is gender-neutral, transitions well into different seasons, and is perfectly mellow — it’s not too loud or bright but it isn’t dull or boring, either. This design approach envelopes you in this delicious color, instantly warming your heart. Plus, having an entirely blue room is sure to be a show-stopping feature of the house.

Ways to create a monochromatic look:

Starting with the blue couch, here are a few more ways to add blue throughout…

  • Wall Color or Wallpaper: I suggest using a solid color, avoiding a ton of patterns on the wall with a monochromatic look.
  • Curtains: This is where you can add your pattern and add some contrast to the space.
  • Accent Chairs: Try sticking to the same color as your walls or couch.
  • Accessories: Decorative books, vases, or lampshades… Avoid the same color pillows, those are your chance to add some pattern or other colors.

Living Room Ideas with Blue Couch

Pair with Contrasting Color: When you’re thinking of a color scheme to go with a blue sofa, try teaming it with a bold contrasting color like orange, coral, yellow, or if you’re feeling bold, chartreuse! These brave color choices might not be for everyone, but they work incredibly well together! Mostly because they’re opposite to each other on the color wheel.

If you don’t want to splash out on a large piece of furniture, try a scattering of bold cushions, accent paintings, or colorful pillows.

Navy Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

There are a few ways to really compliment a navy blue couch, from the accent colors to wall color pairings. Here are a few more of our favorite ideas to really help make your blue couch pop!

Accent Metal: A glint of warm metal is the perfect highlight for a rich, blue sofa, especially one upholstered in light-catching velvet. Try accents of gold, brass, or copper

NavyBlue Couch Living Room Ideas

Black and Blue: If you grew up with the adage to never pair black and blue, then this idea might be a little surprising—but rules were meant to be broken. While it’s true that blue and black can sometimes clash, more often than not, blue plays well with others (black included). The trick is to balance your desaturated shade with something bright and lively, like a cheerful shade of blue. Limiting the black paint to the back wall of the living room, not only adds to the modern, unexpected vibe, but it also gives the eye somewhere to land and adds length to the space.

Open and Bright: On the opposite end of the bold and colorful theme, you can create an open and bright vibe just as easily with a blue couch. By painting walls a white or light grey and accenting with neutral colors, your space can take on a clean and open look.

Our Favorite Decor Items

Since we’ve gone over all the fun ways to style of blue couch, here are a few of or favorite products to make those design ideas come to life!

Blue Couches

  1. Velvet Square Arm Sofa
  2. Navy Aime Sofa with Brass Legs
  3. Light Blue Tufted Spill-Resistant Velvet Sofa
  4.  Velvet Chesterfield Sofa with Rolled Arms
  5. Dusty Blue Modern Love Seat

Blue Couches to Buy

Decor We Love

Pink & Blue Home Decor Items

Perfect Blue Couch Decor Theme

You really can’t go wrong with an airy and classic coastal theme.

This is a great small living room blue couch decor style since the light coastal vibes help open up your space and feel roomier.

Coastal Vibes: The decor in this living room could fool anyone into thinking they’re in a coastal cottage. The combination of the gray-blue color of the couch with the worn light hardwood floors gives the space a naval feel. But it’s the round jute rug that really sells the beachy look.

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Blue Couch Living Room Ideas

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