Mid Century Modern Rug

41+ Mid Century Modern Rug Ideas

Inside: When your room needs that perfect finishing touch, one of these mid century modern rug ideas might be exactly what you need to put down.  One of my favorite parts about redecorating a space is when it’s time to choose a rug. In my opinion, nothing has the ability to pull a room together […] Read more…

Basement Rug

37 Basement Rug Ideas That Handle Humidity & Dirt in Style

Inside: When updating the lower level of the house you need to find the best basement rug ideas to handle the humidity, dirt and all the fun you’ll have downstairs. The basement is one of the least appreciated rooms in the house. This could be due to the fact that they’re known to be cold, […] Read more…

Office Rug Ideas

67 Cute Office Rug Ideas To Bring Your Style To Work

Inside: Cute Office Rug Ideas To Spruce Up Your Workspace. Having an office space that is drab, boring, or lacks personality can make it hard to be productive. I know, it might seem like a small thing, but adding some style to your work space can really help. There is nothing less inspiring than a […] Read more…