Inside: Cute Office Rug Ideas To Spruce Up Your Workspace.

Having an office space that is drab, boring, or lacks personality can make it hard to be productive. I know, it might seem like a small thing, but adding some style to your work space can really help.

There is nothing less inspiring than a dull office. You want work to feel fun, not like a prison sentence. Dedicating some time to creating the perfect setup is a wonderful way to get you excited about getting to work.

One of the best ways to incorporate some more style into your space is with a rug. Rugs can make you feel more comfortable, and warm, and have the ability to pull rooms together.

I remember when I was setting up my home office, I just had the bare minimum going for me.

It made sitting down to work feel like… well work. So I decided to fix up my space.

After adding some things to the walls, some cute desk organization things, and of course a rug, walking into my office became something I looked forward to.

Home Office Rug Ideas Colorful Photo

Benefits Of Personalizing Your Work Space

A study done by the Journal of Environmental Psychology discovered that decorating your workspace in a way that expresses your personality a bit actually is proven to increase not only your energy but your productivity. Something as simple as adding a plant or perhaps a photo of a loved one can have this effect.

Definitely makes you wonder why you have yet to make that space your own. So why not just go for it! Start with the rug. After all, as I said above, it can really make or break a room.

With so many rugs out there to choose from, you may feel like the one for you is getting lost in the noise.

To help you tune that out, I’ve created a list of the Best Office Rugs you can find on the internet. You don’t even have to leave your desk for these ones!

So take a look through this list and find whichever one gets you inspired. Once you narrow it down, just add it to the cart.

Voila! You’ve upgraded your space.

Best Office Rugs

I wanted this first list to be a good mixture of styles and textures for you to get a good feel for what you want.

I tried to keep them all relatively simple so that they can go to your offices. These are durable, functional office rug ideas with a variety of designs from patterned to solid colors.

Even your office chair will be excited. 😉

If you work from home, then the list after this one might be more to your liking.

1. Cute Textured Grey Rug

2. Simple Rug with Geometric Design

3. Boho Medallion Design

4.Distressed Oriental Rug

5. Moroccan Style Colorful Carpet

6. Beige Large Rug with Distressed Pattern

7. Black & White Tribal Pattern

8. Paisly Pattern in Blue and White

9. Colorful Mandala Rug

10. Floral Distressed Rug

11. Anti Fatigue Mat

12. Anti Fatigue Mat

13. Hallway Runner in Grey

14. Moroccan Shag Rug

15. Abstract Area Rug

16. Marbled Rug

17. Ivory and Turquoise Rug

18. Simple Black Rug

19. Shaggy Black Rug

20. Swirly Grey Rug

Modern Office Rug with white and grey

Home Office Rug Ideas

This one is for you stay-at-home workers. This list includes some brighter rugs with more abstract designs.

These can help bring the space up that notch that you’ve been waiting for.

I’ve included various sizes from small, to runners, to large area rugs. So whatever setup you have, there is absolutely one for you here. Number 26 is my favorite!

21. Abstract Grey and Gold

22. Grey and White Vintage Rug

23. Yellow Runner

24. Rustic Patchwork Rug

25. Sheepskin Rug

26. Colorful Hollywood Rug

27. Cute Tribal Themed Rug

28. Bubble Rug

28. Blue and White Area Rug

29. Pastel Mandala Rug

30. Tried Colored Green Runner

Flat Weave Rugs

Flat Weave Rugs

These are the rugs that will allow you to still roll around in your office chair. There is nothing worse than getting a shag carpet caught up in your wheels.

This type of rug has short fibers as opposed to long ones, which also makes it much easier to clean.

Take a look below to see which is the right rug for you.

31. Simple Flat Rug with Frayed Edges

32. Simple Beige Aztec Rug

33. Orange and White Checkered Rug

34. Diamond Design with Frayed Edges

35. Light Jute Cord Rug

36. Handmade Striped Rug

37. Geometric Theme with Tassels

38. Green and White Aztec Rug

39. Jute Rug with a Tassel

40. Cross Weave Rug

Wool Rugs

41. Cross Hatch Rug

42.White Simple Wool Rug

43. Rust Colored Design

44. White Elegant Wool Rug

45. Blue and White Moroccan Rug

46. Simple Rug Design with Colors

47. Tan Floral Rug

48. Vibgrant Wool Rug

49. Light Blue Rug

50. Chevron Rug

Contemporary Style Desk Rug

Contemporary Style Office Rugs

Contemporary Style Rugs are one of my absolute favorite styles. They have a modern design and make for favorite office rugs. When it comes to interior decorating, you cannot miss out on adding this carpet to your office. Think of how great it will look under your desk.

51. Grey & White Area Rug

52. Berber striped Grey Rug

53. Patchwork Rug with Earth Tones

54. Circle Theme

55. Blue, White, and Grey Square Rug

56. Yellow and Grey

57. Golden Accented Rug

58. Blue and Three Toned Grey

59. Swirly Soft Rug

60. Rustic Colored Pattern

61. Classic Hollywood Abstract Rug

62. Moraccon Diamond Shag

63. Ombre Rug

64. Black and Gold Geometric Rug

65. Small Sun Rug

66. Abstract Navy Rug

67. Splatter Rug

I hope you found something you loved on this list. Oh who am I kidding, I know you found your perfect office rug.

Remember, by simply decorating your workspace you are also increasing your energy and productivity. So does that make the rug a business right off? Food for thought.

At the very least, this expense will positively benefit your brain and energy, which is honestly one of the craziest things I never expected a rug to be able to do for you.

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Which rug will you choose for sprucing up your office today?

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