Inside: Blue Wreath Ideas + Symbolisms.

Wreaths are a fun way to add personality to your home! I know what you may be thinking, but aren’t wreaths just for Christmas time? Well, I’m very happy to say that you couldn’t be any more wrong.

There are wreaths for any occasion you can think of: Valentine’s Day? Yep. Earth Day? You betcha. The possibilities are endless. Honestly, you don’t even need an occasion most of the time. There are wreaths that would make a perfect addition to your home, year round!

With so many to choose from, your mind is probably spiraling. So today we are just going to focus on one theme: Blue Wreaths!

Blue wreaths come in a variety of styles and themes, from floral to patriotic. You’d be surprised by their range!

I’ve made a list of 53 Blue Wreath Ideas that will get you excited about decorating. I’ve separated them into different sections to make it easier to find what you are looking for.

But before we get into that, I wanted to briefly touch on the symbols that come along with a blue wreath.

Blue Wreath Ideas for front door hanging with ribbon

Blue Wreath Symbolism

In general, a wreath symbolizes eternal life. This is because most are done in a circle shape, and it has no beginning or end. There are also many symbols that link it to Christianity, but this is mainly around Christmas time with Christmas-themed wreaths. The evergreen wreath is meant to represent the victorious nature of life over death. Interesting right?

Colors also hold their own meaning. Blue is often thought to represent sadness, but this isn’t 100% true. It is also known to represent the sky and the freedom that comes with openness. With this, it also symbolizes imagination, stability, and confidence. No matter what shade of blue.

So if you are a person who is inspired by these concepts then a blue wreath is definitely something you should be on the lookout for. Plus, they can be absolutely beautiful! Take a look to see what I’m talking about.

Spring Blue Wreaths

Spring Wreaths are one of my favorite ways to celebrate the change of seasons. This style utilizes many different flowers from carnations to blue delphinium. You can hang them on your front door to add a floral aspect to the entrance of your home that will leave both passer-byers and your guests enchanted.

1. Blue Peony Wreath

2. Blue Garden

3. Blue Butterfly Wreath

4. Ultimate Spring Wreath

5. Blue Flower Wreath

6. Blue Hydrangea Wreath

7. Variety of Blue Flowers

8.  Navy Blue Wreath

9. Light Blue Tulip

10. Large Blue Wreath

Blue Wreath with natural frame and flowers

Simple Blue Wreath Ideas

If you like your decor to be more on the simple side, then this list is for you! You don’t have to have the fullest wreath to enjoy them. In fact, some of the cutest ones I’ve seen were very simple.

Take a look at this list to see which one makes you happy!

11. Beaded Blue and White Hoop

12. Mixed Blue Hydrangea

13. Blue Wooden Hoop

14. Year Round Blue Wooden Wreath

15. Metal Hoop with Blue Flowers

16. Blue Wisteria

17. Light Blue Flower Collection

18. Blue Sunflower Wreath

19. Small Rose Wreath

20. Spring Lavender Wreath

Front Door Wreath in navy

Blue Wreaths for your Front Door

Adding a wreath to your front door is one of the best places you can put them.

This is because your front door is the first thing that people see when they are coming over to your house, and yet the front door is never something that is typically decorated. This is where a wreath comes in.

21. Blue Berry Front Door Wreath

22. Astilbe Blue Ring

23. Tricolored Wreath

24. Light Blue Hydrangea

25. Vibrant Blue Floral Wreath

26. Blue Crescent Moon

27. Two-Toned Rose Wreath

28. Dark Navy Blue Rose Wreath

29. Blue Burlap and Ribbon Wreath

30. Glass Wreath with Flower Decor

Red, White & Blue Wreaths

This next list is mainly for the month of July, or any patriotic holiday or family! Not only are these beautiful, but they are a great way to honor this great nation.

These would be perfect for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or Veterans Day. They even have a patriotic standing wreath arrangement that you can buy to make this extra special.

Personally, I have my own Red, White, & Blue Wreath that I’ve had for years. Each time I bring it out I think to myself, it should be time for a new one by now…but it never is. Take a peek at these!

31. American Flag Ribbons

32. Mesh Wreath

33. Burlap Ribbon Wreath

34. Neat Patriotic Ribbon Wreath

35. American Flag Wreath

36. 3 Tone Floral Wreath

37. Colored Burlap Heart

38. Red White and Blue Flowers

39. Beautiful Floral Wreath

40. Cool Clothes Pin Flag

DIY Blue Christmas Wreath ideas

Blue Christmas Wreath

Lastly, I had to go with a classic. Though typical Christmas wreaths are green, you will be surprised by how adorable these blue ones are. Some of them make use of ornaments in such creative ways! This is definitely something that you will want to check out before the next holiday season.

41. Silver and Blue Christmas Wreath

42. Farmhouse Christmas Wreath

43. Mesh Ribbon Christmas Wreath

44. Silver and Blue Train

45. Nutcracker Wreath

46. Blue Wreath with Pom Poms

47. Christmas Ornament Wreath

48. White Mesh Wreath with Blue Ornaments

49. Cute White Holly Wreath

50. Blue Burlap Ribbon Wreath

51. 3 Toned Sparkly Ribbon

52. Let It, Snow

53. Bright Blue Mesh Wreath

There you have it, 53 Blue Wreath Ideas! Have you added any to your cart yet? If you are hesitating because you are worried about them withering or going bad, then I have good news for you!

If treated well, faux wreaths can last years! So you are really getting your money’s worth with this decoration. And who doesn’t love that!

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