Inside: Pink Wreath Ideas for Year Round Decor

When you think of wreaths, I’m sure that Christmas is the only thing that comes to mind. I get that!

Christmas Wreaths are a classic decoration in winter. But did you know that there are wreaths that can be used as decoration all year round?

They are wonderful decor to add to your home, and not just for the holidays. There are many different styles for all types of occasions!

Pink Wreath Ideas With Flowers

Think about it. Your front door is the first thing people will see before entering your home. But when it comes to home decor, the front door is often overlooked.

This is where adding a wreath will come in handy. They’re cute, quirky, and a great way to show some personality.

What Does Having a Wreath on Your Front Door Mean?

Many simple things in this world hold much deeper meaning than you may think. Like hanging a wreath on your front door, for example! There are several different meanings behind this action.

If you are Christian, the circular nature of most Wreaths can represent eternal life. This is because it has no beginning and no end.

So this is why wreaths are especially hung during Christmas, which for people from this religion, is celebrated to focus on life triumphing over death. You can welcome Christ into your home by adding one of these beauties to your front door.

For people who are not religious, hanging something on your front door is essentially like a little decoration for your community. Depending on the theme of your Wreath, you can express many different facets of who you are as a person. Since there are so many different kinds of wreaths, each with their own meaning, today we are going to focus on one theme.

And that is, drum roll, please…Pink Wreaths!

Though this may seem simple, it has many symbols.

Pink Wreath Symbolisms

Colors can hold many symbolic meanings. That’s right…your favorite color is more than just your favorite color, it can mean so much more!

Blue is associated with sadness, Purple with royalty, and the list goes on. With this in mind, choosing a color for a wreath is very important! You want a color that will remind you of something important and inspiring. One of my absolute favorite colors for this is Pink! The color pink represents joy, love, and friendship.

So if you are someone who values the people that you love, and want to bring more joy into your life, then Pink Wreaths are just the home decoration for you!

The color pink is also associated with breast cancer awareness.

So if you or someone you love has suffered from breast cancer, a remarkable way to show support is with a Pink Ribbon Wreath.

If you love the color pink and resonate with its meanings, then you definitely clicked on the right article.

I created a list of of the cutest Pink Wreath Ideas to get your creative juices flowing, and to help you find something you love!

Stick around to the end to learn a simple DIY to make a Pink Wreath with your own special design. You can choose whatever flowers you desire as well, from Carnations to Asters. So looking at these examples below can give you inspiration for your project!

As you take a look, keep in mind whether or not you want it to be large or miniature, what kind of flowers you like(some of my favorites are peach blossoms), and whether or not your supplies can handle direct sunlight.

Hot Pink Wreaths

1. Hot Pink Mesh Wreath

2. Wooden Wreath with Bright Pink Ribbon

3. Hot Pink Wreath with Black Deco

4. Black and Hot Pink Mesh Wreath

5. Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath

6. Hot Pink Valentines Day Wreath

7. Tulip Wreath

8. Love Themed Wreath

9. Love Lives Here

10. Heart Shaped Wreath

11. Flower Wreath

12. Pink & Black Ribbons

13. Heart Shaped Bow Wreath

14.Cute Rose Wreath

15. Mixed Flowers

Pink Christmas Wreaths With ornaments and bulbs

Pink Christmas Wreaths

16. Beautiful Victorian Style Wreath

17. Pink & Gold Ribbon Wreath

18.Champagne Pink Christmas Wreath

19. Poinsetta Wreath

20. Pink & White Wreath made of Ornaments

21. Pink Rag Wreath

22.Silver Reindeer Wreath

23. Vintage Ornaments

24. Ribbon Wreath

25. Snowy Peony Wreath

26. Amazing Gold and Pink Ribbon Wreath

27. Simple & Beautiful Star Wreath

Peony Pink Wreaths

28. Peony Metal Wreath

29. Hello Wreath

30. Loaded Pink Peony

31. Wooden Twig with Peonies

32. Light Pink Wreath

33. Eucalyptus & Peonies

34. Peony Flower Basket

35. Three Shades of Peonies

36. Dark Pink Peonies

37. Peony Spring Wreath

38. Front Door Wreath

39. Simple Lambs Ear with Pink Peonies

40. Cute Simple Peony Wreath

Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath ideas

Breast Cancer Awareness

41. Breast Cancer Ribbon Shaped Wreath

42. Flight Like A Girl Wreath

43. Survivor

44. Pink Tool Wreath

45. White & Pink Breast Cancer Awareness

46. White Twig Wreath

47. Cute Simple Wreath

48. Breast Cancer Beanie Baby

49. Hope Themed Wreath

50. Cute Fuchsia Flower Wreath

51. Cancer Picked The Wrong Girl

Pink Spring Wreaths

51. Amazing Blush Colored Spring Wreath

52. Spring Flower Wreath

53. Cherry Blossom Wreath

54. Green & Pink Spring Wreath

55. Mixed Flower Wreath

56. Wooden Cherry Blossom Wreath

57. Front Door Spring Wreath

58. Blossom Varieties

59. Flowers with a Pink Bow

60. Moss Wreath with Pink Peonies

Pink Rose Wreaths

61. Mixed Pink Rose Wreath

62. Vintage Roses

63. Light Pink Small Roses

64. Wreath full of Pink Roses

65. Rose Shaped Mesh Rose

66. Different Shades of Roses

67. 2 Toned Roses

68. Spring Roses

69. Roses with Checkered Bow

70. Large Rose Wreath

71. Bright Pink Roses

Pink Wreath

DIY Pink Wreath

So making a wreath can be pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Not to mention the supplies can be pretty cheap. You could even get most of what you need from the Dollar Tree.


  • Wreath form. This is the circular base for your project and they come in foam, wire, and grapevine etc.
  • Pink Decorations of your choosing.
  • Hot Glue for getting your decorations to stick.
  • Thin Floral Wire for tying on bigger decorations
  • Twine for tying on bigger decorations
  • Sheers or Scissors for trimming decorations.

Step One:

Plan out how you want your wreath to look by laying out your decorations on top. Once you have a good idea, you can get started!

Step Two:

Use a mix of hot glue, floral wire, and twine to get your decorations secured onto the form. Which you use is dependent on what style you are going for, and how heavy the object is that is being added.

Step Three:

Make sure that all of your decorations are secured tightly onto the base. This is especially important if you intend to hang your wreath on your front door seeing as the constant swinging can loosen your decorations. A way to see is to give your wreath a good shake. If you see anything that needs some more help, then go ahead and do so. Don’t be afraid to use more than one of the fastening methods!

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