Inside: Cute Cross Wreath Ideas + Door Hangers.

When it comes to planning the perfect front door decor for your home the possibilities are endless. If you’re anything like me you have a new front door wreath for every season.

I love changing my wreath for every holiday, season, or occasion, but I also love finding a wreath that will look beautiful hanging on my door any time of year.

One of my favorite ideas to display at the entrance of my home is a cute cross wreath.

Its shape is unlike a “typical” round wreath, which catches eyes and creates a new look.

Check out these unique ideas that you can buy or make yourself.

If you’re wanting to know how to make a cross wreath form, check out this post. Now, check out our favorite inspiration and ideas for your fun front door decor.

Easter Cross Wreath

Cross Door Wreath Ideas

These unique, colorful, and flowery cross door wreath ideas are packed full of amazing inspiration. It is more common to see cross wreaths displayed during the springtime with colorful flowers and bright ribbon, but they make great decor for any time of year. Check out these fun ideas and find a little inspiration for your front door.

1. Moss Covered Cross with Flowers

2. Greenery and White Flower Covered Cross

3. Pink and White Tulips on Cross

4. Mossy Sticks with a Bundle of Tulips

Cross Door Wreath Ideas

5. Hydrangea Flower Arrangement on Cross

6. Chicken Wire Cross Frame with Tulips

7. Grapevine Cross Form with Flower Swag and Colorful Ribbon Bow

Cross Wreath Frame Ideas

The idea of a cross wreath frame is so unique. By taking an emptied picture frame and removing the glass and back, leaving just the frame, you can then wrap a cute ribbon around almost like a gift. This will create a cross-like symbol around your frame. Then you can add colorful flowers, decorations, and even words to the middle to make it your own special decoration.

8. Lime Green Frame with Polka Dot Ribbon Cross

9. Colorful Wooden Cross with Name on Center

10. Wooden Plank with Ribbon Cross

Cross Wreath Frame Ideas

11. Frame with Ribbon Cross and Add-On

12. Scalloped Wooden Cross with Flowers

Deco Mesh Cross Wreath

If you aren’t familiar with deco mesh then you are totally missing out. Deco mesh is the perfect material for many craft projects. It is a flexible fabric mesh, yet it holds its shape well. This makes it ideal for bows, wreaths, and garlands

The options are endless when it comes to decorating mesh wreaths! Aside from the different colored mesh, you can add colored ribbon, floral picks, and any holiday-related items.

Deco Mesh cross wreaths make for perfect front door decor or a fun decoration for your space. By using a cross form you can weave, wrap, and curl the deco mesh to create a fun textured look that will make your cross wreath pop!

13. White and Gold Curled Deco Mesh Pieces

14. Deco Mesh, Ribbon, and Flower Combination

15. Purple Curled Deco Mesh Cross with Bundle of Lillies

Deco Mesh Wreaths

16. Cute Deco Mesh Cross Door Hanger

17. Pink Deco Mesh Cross with Flowers

18. Bubbled Pink and White Cross

Easter Cross Wreath Inspiration

If you’re already getting excited about the arrival of Easter, there’s no better way to prepare than with some fun Easter-themed decorations. The best thing about them? They don’t necessarily have to be taken down once the Easter Bunny hops away.

With these Easter cross wreath ideas the bright colors, floral patterns, and decorative ribbon will work with the whole spring season, so you can feel free to leave your Easter wreath up through June if you want!

19. Wooden Cross on Wreath

20. Easter Moss Cross Door Hanger

21. Round Grapevine Wreath with Easter Cross

22. He is Risen Cross in the Middle of a Floral Wreath

23. Large and Full Floral Wreath with Wooden Cross

More Design Inspiration for You

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Cross Wreath

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