Inside: 31 Ideas To Light Up Your Room With LED Lights 

LED lights seem to be the newest trend in bedroom lights decor. They’re brighter and can be contorted into really impressive, stylish designs that can be placed in any room with any style!

Trying to figure out what kind of lighting you want to incorporate into your rooms can definitely be overwhelming with all the different options out there.

So if you’re seeking inspiration and guidance as to what LED lights to install, take a look through this guide I’ve compiled of different ways to include LED light fixtures!

LED light room ideas

Living Room Ceiling Lighting Ideas

LED lights provide a ton of light, but functionality does not mean it cannot be aesthetic!

  1. Round Them Out: These circular ceiling lights will provide ample light while giving the room a unique feature. 
  2. Geometrical: A light fixture with overlapping squares or rectangles will light your living room up and be visually interesting for anyone that looks up.
  3. Vintage Chandelier: If your ceiling height allows for it, a hanging fixture, such as a chandelier, is an elegant addition to any living space.
  4. Lights With A Shade: Since LED lights don’t emit as much heat as a typical, incandescent lightbulb, you are able to add a shade to them without fear of overheating.
  5. Industrial: Fixtures such as these embrace the rawness of metals and plain bulbs, it also gives a cool, modern edge to your space.
  6. Modern Chandelier: Light up a room with this attention grabbing arrangement! Equal parts beautiful and functional.

Aesthetic rooms with LED lights


Aesthetic Rooms With LED Lights

Some places you’ve never really thought to put lights before, but getting creative with LED lights may prove to be quite serviceable!

  1. Behind The Mirror: This is a perfect idea for your main body mirror, or a vanity mirror! The lights behind the mirror allow it to be cast upon you as opposed from above or behind, allowing it to be shadow free.
  2. Under The Cabinets: Never creep around in the dark again! These LED lights underneath cabinets provide just enough light so you can see what you’re grabbing, even at night.
  3. Under Your Bed: Say goodbye to stubbed toes! Placing a strip of LED lights around the underside of your bed acts as a great night light, provides enough light for when you get up in the night, and most importantly, saves your toes.
  4. Creative Night Light: Dimmed LED lights in fun shapes and sizes make for practical accessories in any room!
  5. Minimalist Floor Lamp: The great thing about LED lights on their own, is that they are already aesthetically pleasing. You don’t need one with a ton of detail to add depth and pizzazz to a room.
  6. Inside Your Closet: Having LED lights will make it much easier on your eyes when getting ready in the morning! Instead of turning on a flooding overhead light, flick on these small lights to illuminate just your closet.
  7. Desk Lamps: LED lights come in all types of funky designs that can seamlessly blend in with a variety of aesthetics and room styles.

Bedroom Decor Using LED Lights

Adding LED lights into your bedroom seems to be the most popular trend right now, especially if they are color changing! Here are great ideas as to how to incorporate them.

  1. Around The Edges: These can substitute overhead lights, add more light, work as a nightlight, or cultivate a vibe using a myriad of colors!
  2. Behind Your Headboard: This spot for LED lights will provide an aesthetic, diffused look. Perfect placement for reading after dark too!
  3. Neon Wall Sign: Add your own personal flair in your quarters to make your individual style really pop!
  4. Rope Lights: This is an extremely eccentric way to add a lamp in your bedroom without being too ordinary with a desk lamp!
  5. Behind Your TV: Putting LED strips behind your TV will increase the ambiance of your Netflix and chill nights!
  6. Fairy Lights: These dangling fixtures will make any room feel magical!
  7. Curtain Lights: Decorate your curtains with these twinkling lights. Even on dark, stormy days, you’ll feel comforted by this adorable, illuminated addition!
  8. Vine Lights: Add the natural beauty of a garland of greenery along with the zen of string lights. Such a lovely combination!

LED Sconce Light Ideas

Sconce lights are a great feature of any bedroom or hallway as they dilute the amount of direct light with a chic wall covering.

  1. Cylinder Style: This contemporary wall fixture will illuminate your bedroom just enough while still being calming by being diffused with a shade.
  2. Shielded Sconce: Clean, simple, and minimal, this style is great for a bedroom as it shields the directness of an LED light.
  3. Long Strip: A great addition to put above a dresser or desk. A large surface of light illuminated while still remaining sleek and chic.
  4. Cube Shaped: This squared sconce style projects the light upward and downwards, providing sufficient light while not being blinding.
  5. Modern Minimalist: A layered, clean cut sconce will shed light throughout your room while remaining unobtrusive and sophisticated.
  6. Abstract Light: Distinct, interesting fixtures such as this layered panel can add depth and dimension to any wall!

Best LED lights for a room

LED Reading Lamps

This one is for all you late night page turners out there! Reading lights don’t have to be so in the way by being clamped to your book or strapped to your head. They can be stylish and well placed!

  1. Wall Light: Styles such as this one will not only serve as a reading lamp but also as a lamp for whenever you need it!
  2. The NYMÅNE: Timeless and tasteful, this wall reading lamp is equal parts stylish as it is functional.
  3. Sconce With Reading Lamp: Combine the style of a wall sconce with the usefulness of a reading lamp right next to you!
  4. Shelf Light: This shelf doubles as a wireless charger! So when you’re ready to unplug for the night, set your phone on the charging panel and switch on the overhead reading light to begin your wind-down.

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