Inside: Stylish Front Porch Decorating Ideas For Fall, Spring & Summer.

Your front porch is the first thing people see whether they’re out walking their dogs, going for a run, or entering your house, you want it to make a good impression and reflect your own personal style.

If you don’t have a huge front porch area, don’t get discouraged! There are just as many ways to decorate a smaller front porch space.

From the classic wreath and welcome mat, to some more creative, innovative ideas to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone that walks into your home.

Stylish small porch wreaths and flowers

Small Porch Ideas

Enhance your small porch space with these great additions.

  1. Add a pop of color: Whether you do this by making your front door a color that contrasts to the rest of your home, or with bright foliage, it will make the entryway to your home that much more welcoming
  2. Define the walkway: If your front porch doesn’t have a ton of room for creative decorations, take advantage of the walkway leading up to it! Trimmed hedges, some flowers, or even a small cement bench can add a lot to the area. 
  3. A welcome mat: Don’t underestimate this small feature’s effect on the vibe of your front porch! They not only provide a place for guests to wipe their shoes before entering your home, but there are so many styles out there that can fit your style. Colorful? Neutral? Something witty? There’s tons of options!
  4. Hang something on the door: Invite guests into your home with a welcoming wreath or basket with an arrangement of flowers or greenery. You could also add a sign with your family’s last name on your front door to give your front porch a bit of pizzazz.
  5. Make your house number seen: Being able to see your house number is important for food deliveries as well as ambulances, so why not make it seen? There are tons of ways you can get creative with this idea.
  6. Utilize the surrounding space: If your front porch is very small, you can enhance it by using the surrounding space as a means to make it welcoming and express your personal style. Add some shrubbery, a tree or two, or cultivate a garden!
  7. Put something on the ceiling: Not a lot of surface area? Look up! You can put a fan on your front porch or a unique light fixture to add a bit of personality to your small front porch.

Small Porch Decorating Ideas

small front porch decorating ideas

Decorating tips for a smaller front porch and narrow front porch ideas.

  1. Hang up a flower arrangement: When there isn’t a lot of floor space, turn to other empty spaces on your front porch, like your wall! Add a flower planter to make it pop.
  2. Layer rugs: Create a welcoming front porch space with a colorful rug layered under a welcome mat to give your space more dimension.
  3. Lanterns: Need a way to add light to your porch? Use lanterns as an innovative, stylish way to illuminate and welcome people into your home.
  4. Potted plants: Not only will this brighten up your porch area with plants, but there are so many pots you can put them in! Mix and match different sizes, colors, and styles.
  5. Railing planters: If your front porch has a railing, you can absolutely utilize that to decorate the area in a way that doesn’t clutter the ground!
  6. Artificial ivy: Buy a few garlands of this and use it to decorate! Wind it through the railing, make an arch over your doorway, or snake it up your columns if you have.
  7. Hanging plants: Fantastic way to save space on your walkway by hanging plants up out of the way and where they can be seen from a distance.

Cute Front Porch Ideas

These ideas for front porch decor are so cute everyone will be stopping in their tracks to admire!

  1. Paint your door black: I might have stolen this idea from a Rolling Stones song…But painting a front door black, especially on a bright house color, can really create a wonderful contrast! Add some greenery too to really make the colors pop.
  2. Welcome sign: There’s a reason most staged front porch photos have one of these, they’re super cute and obviously – super welcoming!
  3. Rocking chair: This furniture piece always gives off an inviting energy.
  4. Use a ladder: Another way to consolidate your decorations when you don’t have a ton of room is repurposing a ladder! It allows you to stack a bunch of smaller decorations to make a larger one.
  5. Thermometer: This piece is great if you’re going for a rustic look!
  6. A flag holder: A great addition because you can switch out the flags for every season as well!
  7. Wicker furniture: Wicker is a great material because it’s durable and never goes out of style! Add a chair or two and maybe even a small table as well.
  8. Add a heater: If you live somewhere that tends to get chilly, a heater is a great addition! And now, there are so many slicker designs to keep yourself warm while enjoying your front porch.

Small Porch Decor

You don’t need a huge furniture set to make your front porch attractive! These small decor ideas will do the trick.

  1. Foliage arch: This addition to your front porch area will give it so much character while keeping the walkway clear and clutter free!
  2. Love seat: You can sit out here with someone or use it as a place to lounge around and read or hang out by yourself!
  3. A screen door: Layer your front door with a screen door to enhance the beauty and pattern!
  4. A statue: Find a small statue that reflects your personal style and fix it into a corner of your front porch! It will add a little something while also still being out of the way, leaving room for guests to walk.
  5. Repurpose a chair: If you have a small chair that you no longer use, put it out front! Dress it up with a pot of flowers, a statue, or even an outdoor pillow.
  6. Wall lettering: Skip the bulkiness of a sign and hang up letters right on the wall!
  7. A clock: This small piece will give your home a classy feel before people even walk inside!

Cute Decor Front Porch

Sometimes less is more! Cultivate your personal style on your front porch with these ideas.

  1. Logs: A pile of logs is such a simple addition but it adds a ton of coziness!
  2. Swing: This piece is not only so fun and relaxing to sit in, but it adds so much to a porch area! And with so many sizes and styles, you can find one to fit your space.
  3. Patio chairs: These furniture staples are not only for backyard spaces! Some comfy chairs and a small table are perfect for hanging out comfortably on your porch.
  4. Pillows: Adding pillows to your front porch furniture gives off a comforting vibes, making the entryway a lot more welcoming and cozy.
  5. Shoe parking: If you don’t want people walking into your home with dirty shoes, make a designated area for them to kick ‘em off before heading in!

Seasonal Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Cute decor for front porch

Show off your decorating skills with these holiday front porch ideas!

  1. Pumpkins: A staple for any fall styled front porch, and they don’t take up too much room!
  2. Fall foliage: Some colorful mums or a wreath arrangement are a must for your front porch during autumn.
  3. Corn stalks: These add so much dimension to your front porch, and give it a rustic feel too!
  4. Christmas lights: Nothing is more welcoming during the season of joy than twinkling lights!
  5. Ornaments: Once it gets too cold to maintain hanging plants, swap them out for some ornaments to welcome the holiday season!
  6. A sled: Not only does this go along with the holiday theme, but you can also hang or place other items on it.
  7. Poinsettias: Once the warmer weather starts to dissipate, replace your colorful summer flowers with gorgeous, deep red poinsettias.

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