Inside: 47 Great Finds for Kids Rooms

Decorating the perfect kid’s room can be SO. MUCH. FUN. Personally I am always a little jealous that kids get to sleep on rainbow sheets and have cool stuffies! Call me crazy but all those colors, textures, and designs just make me happy! Lucky for me, my kiddos have my same colorful and fun design eye, so they love the crazy sheets and fun pops of color.

One of the most important things to remember when designing a kid’s space is to make it fun and customize it to their growing personality! Check out these 47 great finds for kids’ rooms that are sure to create a space you and your little one will love!

Great Finds for Kids Rooms

Decorating a Fun Kids Room

When it comes to decorating a kid’s room there are a few rules I make sure to follow!

  1. Color – Kids love fun, play, and be entertained. Their little brains are filled with some much wonder and fun, so I think it’s important to have their space reflect that. Now I’m not saying every wall has to be a different color, and it looks like a rainbow threw up in there. But fun pops of color creates a creative and fun space.
  2. Neutral Furniture – As kids grow their style changes! Instead of having to buy new furniture every couple of years, pick classic neutral furniture that you can accessorize to change the style of the room.
  3. Storage – I don’t know how these kids have so much stuff. Between never-ending clothes shopping for there fast-growing bodies, toys, and stuffies, you need pieces that are not only pretty but functional!

These 3 main design ideas are how I make sure to create a fun and creative space for kids. I love adding a bit of their personality into their space. So if they love books, they find cool book art prints or sheets with books! There are so many ways to customize a space they will love!

Amazing Lighting Finds for Kids

Lighting is such an important element for designing a kids space. Check out these awesome lighting ideas!

Great Finds for Kids Rooms

1. Paper Mache Moon Light 2. Rainbow Lamp 3. Fire Truck Lamp 4. Dino Light 5. Unicorn Desk Lamp 6. Twinkle Lights 7. Heart Wall Light

Great Rug Finds for Kids Rooms

Kids Rug Ideas

8. Alphabet Rug 9. Rainbow Rug 10. Pink Clouds 11. Black Geometric Rug 12. Colorful Striped Rug 13. Jute Rug with Pink Border 14. Number Rug

Best Bedding, Blankets, and Pillows for Kids

We have put together a few of our favorite finds for different rooms. My kids love having lots of soft pillows, stuffies, and blankets!

Girls Bedding Ideas

15. Rainbow Duvet 16. Rainbow Pillow 17. Cactus Throw Pillow  18. Silly Animal Sheet Set 19. Yellow Waffle Blanket

Boys Bedding Ideas

20. Star Dream 21. Shark Plushy 22. Multi-Colored Blanket 23. Winky Face Pillow 24. Rainbow Sheets

Awesome Furniture Finds for Kids Rooms

Like I said before when it comes to furniture I try to stay pretty neutral so that way when styles change I don’t have to invest in new furniture. Just by adding a few fun accessories, you can transform any piece of furniture into a new look!

Great Finds for Kids Rooms

25. Sherpa Swivel Chair 26. Mid Century Modern Toy Chest 27. Cactus Bookcase 28. Knit Poof  29. Kids Bed 30.Fringe Basket 31.Gold Accent Dresser 32. Kids Woven Chair

Cute Wall Decor for Kids Rooms

Fun wall art is one of my favorite great finds for kids rooms! They add a fun pop of color or personality that can easily be changed!

Great Finds for Kids Rooms

33. Gold Circle Shelf 34. One Cool Cat Art 35. Rainbow Tassel Garland 36.Wood Ball Mirror 37. Lemon Wallpaper 38. Wicker Deer Head 39. Cleopatra Wall Art 40. You Feel Like Sunshine Art

A Few More of Our Kids Room Favorites

Here are a few more of my favorite great finds for kids rooms!

Great Finds for Kids Rooms

41. Camel Storage Bin 42. Color Pop Floating Shelves 43. Doll House 44. Happy Sun Storage 45. Giraffe Wall Art 46. Rainbow Pillow 47. Stylish Panda Doll

More Design Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these great finds for kids rooms then you will love these other great design ideas!

  • Farmhouse Laundry Rooms – Let’s face it, no one loves doing laundry. On average, a typical family of four spends several hours each week sorting, washing, drying, folding, and ironing. Eek! With so much time spent in one space, you deserve to have your laundry room be a place you enjoy working–and a place that works for you. Create a well-designed laundry room that is so beautiful and efficient you won’t even mind washing your kids’ dirty clothes Here are my our 23 favorite beautiful Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas.
  • Dreamy Pantry Closet Ideas – Is your pantry a bit of a disaster with tons of stacked cans, food, and appliances everywhere? Can’t find ingredients when you need them? Or you do, but you have to move items out of the way or accidentally knock them over to grab them? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to consider a better storage solution. These pantry closet design finds are the best ideas to create a dreamy organized space.

Let us know in the comments your favorite kids room finds!

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