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About ME

Creating spaces that smile

Hi, I’m Victoria. I love to create spaces that smile through product design, favorite finds & DIY ideas. Your space was created to smile. 🙂 


Follow along as we turn a plain beige house into one that laughs out loud.

Welcome to my space. 

I believe that creating a space that is fun can be done on any budget & with any amount of skill. From renovating full rooms, to adding those fun little details to brighten up a corner – let’s create some magic at home together. 


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V.Jane Design is my newest venture, welcome! I’m a lover of all things festive and fun. After building and selling my first business all about parties, I now have the freedom to focus on all things fun for home. I live in the Reno, Nevada mountains with my husband, twins and sweet labradoodle. Follow along as we create a home that smiles together. 

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