Inside: Our Favorite Sliding Glass Door Covering. 

I love having sliding glass doors. They are so much fun on a nice day to open up and let the kids run outside and let the nice air go through the house. There are so many reasons I love having sliding glass doors, except having the big window exposing the inside of our house for all the neighbors to see.

So, of course, that send me on the hunt to find the perfect covering for the door.

After lots of research and several pages of options, I have come up with my favorite sliding glass door covering ideas so you don’t have too. Check them out!

Favorite Sliding Glass Door Coverings

Different Types of Sliding Glass Door Covering

Sliding Panels: Sliding panels give a sleek style and are easy to operate and come in tons of different options. Sliding Panel Blinds are made with flat vertical panels of fabric or other materials on tracks that allow them to slide to cover or uncover your window.

Favorite Sliding Glass Door Coverings

Vertical Cellular Shades: If you need to control the temperature in your room, Vertical Cellular Shades are the perfect choice for you. They are also the best choice if you want a clear view out of your patio door. This clean-lined style will give you a more modern look than vertical blinds. Opening your shades is just like sliding open a patio door.

Favorite Sliding Glass Door Coverings

Curtains: If you care more about classic style than specialty features and functionality, try custom curtains draperies for sliding glass doors. Curtains will add softness and are a great way to camouflage a sliding door if you’d rather it not be on display. Choose from patterns, prints, and solids in hundreds of colors to coordinate perfectly with your existing decor. If you need to control light or heat, add a blackout or thermal lining to your sliding glass door curtains.

Favorite Sliding Glass Door Coverings

Sliding Shutters: If you want to match other shutters in your home, or give your sliding glass door classic style, sliding shutters are a great choice. Sliding door plantation shutters will cover your door with two large shutter panels that can slide back and forth like the 2 panes of glass that make up your door.

Favorite Sliding Glass Door Coverings

Sheer Vertical Shades: If you’re looking for a replacement for vertical blinds, think of Sheer Vertical Shades as a hybrid between sheer curtains and vertical blinds. Sheer vertical shades can be tilted open to let light in through the sheer fabric or closed to block light and offer more privacy. Choose from hundreds of fabrics in unique prints, textures, and colors to make a design statement with your sliding door.

Favorite Sliding Glass Door Coverings

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