Inside: 83 Genius Kids Playroom Storage Ideas.

Ready, Set, PLAY! We are talking all about the best playroom storage ideas today, and let me tell ya, they are SO GOOD. I have always loved coming up with ideas for a playroom, I mean what is not to love?

A room filled with books, toys, craft supplies, and stuffed animals, sign me up. When it comes to designing a playroom there are 3 rules I live by.

Kids Playroom Storage Ideas

  1. Make it Colorful: Kids love color, so make your space have fun pops of color. Whether that is by displaying colorful books or using bright colored furniture.
  2. Make it Functional: I am a firm believer that everything needs to have a purpose. When it comes to playrooms make each spot have a purpose, that can be for play, reading, or arts & crafts.
  3. Don’t Over Think It: Kids are messy, this is no surprise. So go in with the intention to make a fun, pretty space. Make a spot for each thing, so that when it comes to cleaning up there is no worrying about where to put items.

Now let’s jump into the fun part. Here are 83 Genius Kids Playroom Storage Ideas. We have come up with everything! No seriously from book storage, toy storage, and the best seating storage ideas.

Genius Kids Playroom Storage Ideas

1.  All in One: This playroom has it all. Great cubby shelves, place for toys, books, and that chalkboard is amazing.

2. Colorful & Clean: I love the clean built-in and color organized everything. This space is so open and organized, it’s giving me all the playroom feels.

3. Play Kitchen Area: Using these wire shelves is a great way to keep play food organized and cleaned up.

4.  Colorful Cubbies: What a fun way to keep things organized but fun!

5. Full of Fun: This space is full of fun, everything your kiddos need to keep themselves entertained can be found here!

Kids Playroom Storage Ideas

6. Organized Closet: I love how they really utilized the playroom closet to keep toys, games, and stuffed animals organized. The great thing about closets is when things get messy, that closet door can be closed! 😉

7. Art Station on the Go: These rolling carts are one of my favorite ways to stay organized. I literally use them for everything, from diapers to art supplies it has so many different uses. Using it as a moveable art station is such a great idea.

8. Cute Storage: Adding a little bit of fun to your book storage is always a great idea.

9. Nerf Gun Wall: If you have a Nerf Gun Lover, like me, then this display wall is a great idea. Nerf Guns are hard to store, so by optimizing the wall space it makes storage so much easier.

10. Play Area: I love how the play area on top of the drawer set really optimizes space! Plus it keeps all those toys from being scattered around the floor.

Kids Playroom Storage Ideas

Drawers, Cabinets, Cubbies & Shelves

11. Functional Style Shelves: I love how she used the wicker baskets throughout the shelf to add extra bits of storage but also keeping a flow of consistency through the styled shelves.

12. Dresser Drawers: You can see they styled these shelves perfectly, but for those not so pretty things, using dresser drawers is a great way to keep things clean and organized.

13. Toy Organizer: These types of organizers are great because it gives kids easy access to their toys but also keeping things tidy and organized

14. The Container Store Drawers: Perfect for storing games, blocks, cars, or legos!

15. Built-in Shelves: We all have that little spot in the house that is just wasted space. Building in these floating shelves is perfect to optimize space and show off some fun playroom toys.

Kids Playroom Storage Ideas

16. Rolling Cubbies: How perfect is it to a rolling shelf? Perfect for taking the fun on the go.

17. All the Cubbies: I mean the more the merrier, am I right?

18. Corner Shelf: When it comes to playroom organizing, optimizing every inch of space is ideal. This corner cubby shelf is perfect for favorite toys and friendly stuffed animals.

19. Organized Drawers: Using draws for those smaller toys, like plastic animals, legos, or blocks, is a great way to keep your space looking clean and organized.

20. Open Shelves: Although this might be the harder of organizing shelves to keep clean, everything has it’s place. Which is all you really need when it comes to a functional and fun playroom.

Kids Playroom Storage Ideas

Organizing Cars, Stuffed Animals, & Toys

21. Baskets: I would say this is the easiest of organizing ideas for stuffed animals and toys! They can all be thrown in to the basket and ready for another day of play.

22. Perfectly Displayed: This is genius. I mean how perfect is this toy car organization? They are all visible, organized by color, and have a spot to be put back. I love it!

23. Drawers: My favorite way to organize small toys is by putting them in little containers, inside a drawer. It keeps them from being scattered and they are hidden away, creating a cleaner look for your playroom.Kids Playroom Storage Ideas

24. Hanging Baskets: Take the mess off your floor and optimize your space by storing those stuffies on the wall!

25. Stuffed Bean Bags: What makes a better bean bag than your softest of stuffed animals?

26. Under The Bed Rolling Storage: This is perfect for legos, or any other building pieces. They can be rolled out to play, and then put away with ease.

27. Floating Shelves: This is another great way to organize and display those little toy cars.


Playroom Organizing with Baskets & Containers

When it comes to playroom storage ideas, the key is baskets, baskets, and containers. Yes, lots of each! Baskets are perfect for tossing stuffed animals, blankets, trains, and play food into. Baskets are perfect for storing all those things that just don’t fit perfectly into a box. They are perfect for keeping in the corner of the room to keep your floors clean and tidy. Containers on the other hand are great from things like art supplies, Legos, doll clothes, and controllers. Containers, especially ones with lids are perfect for storing those little pieces to toys that can be nicely stacked in a cabinet or on shelves. Both are super important for organizing any space and are my go-to items when planning storage for my playroom.

28. Belly Basket

29. Rainbow Rope Basket

30. Collapsible Canvas Bags

31. Wicker Baskets with Handles

32. Pink Pom Pom Basket

33. Pom Pom Canvas Basket

Kids Playroom Storage Ideas

34. Acrylic Stackable Containers

35. White Plastic Container with Handles

36.Container with Lid

37. Plastic Storage Bins

38. Little Trinket Holder

39. Colorful Plastic Containers

Kids Playroom Storage Ideas


Storage Seating for Your Playroom

40. Cubby Seating: This is a great use of space, I love using cubbies as extra seating in a playroom.

41. Under the Play Table: Storing things like blocks, trains, or art supplies under your play table is a great option as well. It makes all the toys easy to access while still optimizing your space.

42. Comfy Storage Seating: What a great idea for kids to be able to layout and read, or maybe mom can relax for a second while watching the kids play. Bonus its extra storage underneath!

Organizing Ideas

43. Reading Nook: What a sweet little reading nook idea.

44. Large Storage Seating: Look how much those drawers fit! Plus it’s a great space for extra seating.

45. Built-In: Talk about one great seating idea. I mean this is amazing! Plus as they grow and maybe don’t fit in there anymore, you can just add another shelf.

46. Built-In Desk: I have always loved a good built-in desk. It totally opens up the floor space in your room and uses every inch of space in the room. It’s a great way to have designed space for things like arts and crafts or homework. Plus you can store all those supplies in the cabinets above.


Organizing Books for Reading Corners

47. Hanging Selves: This is a great spot to read or do homework.

48. Low Floating Shelves: I love the idea of keeping the books accessible to kids. So these low shelves are perfect for crawlers or little readers.

49. Rolling Cart Storage: Another great use of the rolling cart.

Reading Nook

50. Wall of Books: What a wonderful wall of books. This is such a fun idea, it adds color and fun to the room but it’s also a great way to store and display all your reading books.

51. DIY Book Bin: This DIY book bin is so cute, see how you can make your own here!

52. Comfy Reading Corner: Using floating shelves to create a little space for reading is so fun. Throwdown a comfy bean bag and some pillows and you’re all set.

53. Cubbies: Is there anything that cubbies aren’t good for?


All the Arts & Crafts Storage

54. Clear Glass Jars: This one might be for the older kids, but I like the cleanliness of using clear jars. Because art supplies are colorful and fun, this is a great way to keep things organized but also looking pretty.

55. Crafting Corner: I love having a designated area for arts & crafts, creating a little corner just for crafts helps keep the craft mess under control.

56. Framed Art: What a fun way to display those little pieces of art while keeping your space clean and pretty.

57. Taped Wall Frame: Another fun way to show off kids’ art are these cute taped frames. It’s an easy way to change out art easily but also keeping that fun look of a playroom art space.

Arts and Crafts Storage

58. Supply Closet: If you have a closet in your playroom then that is the perfect spot to store art supplies and games!

59. Small Containers: Having small containers for markers, colored pencils, or crayons, and then storing them in drawers. This creates an easy way to find exactly what you’re looking for

60. Door Hanger: Using a shoe door hanger is the perfect way to store supplies like scissors, glue, stamps, and markets.

61. Clear Plastic Containers: Using clear plastic containers, preferably ones with lids are a great way to optimize space. You can see threw them and they stack, which makes them perfect for storing supplies.

62. Supply Drawer: This makes my little crafting heart go crazy. This is the perfect way to organize art supplies, no mess, no clutter, and everything has a spot.

Kids Playroom Storage Ideas

A Few More of Our Favorite Products

63. Doll House Shelf

64. Storage Play Table

65. Panda Basket

66. Fox Basket with Lid

67. 6 Cube Storage Shelf 

Kids Playroom Storage Ideas

68. Rolling Shelves

69. Clear Containers

70. Stuffed Animal Bean Bag

71. Storage Set

72. Wire Shelves

Kids Playroom Storage Ideas

Our Favorite Playroom Inspiration

73. The Perfect Doll House: How sweet is this perfect little dollhouse?

74. Old School Twist: This room how it all. I love the little hints of old school fun.

75. Rolled Paper: This is perfect for that little artist of yours. Use craft paper and attach to the wall, then just unroll and start a masterpiece.

76. Book Wall: How fun is this huge book wall?

77. Colorful Seating: I love how they used colorful seating for their fun reading nook. The open shelves, fun. wall decals, and cute dollhouse make for one fun playroom!

Playroom Inspiration

78. Rainbow Shelves: I mean is there anything better than colored coordinated organizing?

79. Fun Room: This playroom is full of fun!

80. Make Your Own Market: Raise the stakes with this adorable DIY market area. See how they used a cubby shelf? Genius!

81. Center Stage: One thing I have learned with kids who love to put on a show is that costumes are everywhere, always. I love how they built their own little stage and clothing rack. This keeps all those play accessories contained in one designated area.

82. Covered Reading Area: Again with the cubby shelves. These things are amazing. Adding a fun sheer curtain add that extra little special element kids will love

83. Huge Chalkboard: This huge chalkboard is so much fun for big imaginations!

Kids Playroom Storage Ideas

More Design Ideas You Will Love

If you like these genius kids playroom storage ideas then you will love these other great design ideas.

  • Festive Bar Essentials – There is nothing I love more than a fully stocked bar! When it comes to entertaining it is SO important to have the cutest festive bar, but having a bar cart is about more than just style! Especially during the busy holiday entertaining season, you’ll want something that’s functional too, so you can easily whip up cocktails for you and your guests.
  • Dreamy Pantry Closet Ideas – Is your pantry a bit of a disaster with tons of stacked cans, food, and appliances everywhere? Can’t find ingredients when you need them? Or you do, but you have to move items out of the way or accidentally knock them over to grab them? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to consider a better storage solution. These pantry closet design finds are the best ideas to create a dreamy organized space.
  • Great Finds for Kids Rooms – Decorating the perfect kid’s room can be SO. MUCH. FUN. Personally I am always a little jealous that kids get to sleep on rainbow sheets and have cool stuffies. Call me crazy but all those colors, textures, and designs just make me happy! Lucky for me, my kiddos have my same colorful and fun design eye, so they love the crazy sheets and fun pops of color. One of the most important things to remember when designing a kid’s space is to make it fun and customize it to their growing personality. Check out these 47 great finds for kids’ rooms that are sure to create a space you and your little one will love.

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