Inside: 21 Dreamy Pantry Closet Design Finds. 

Is your pantry a bit of a disaster with tons of stacked cans, food, and appliances everywhere? Can’t find ingredients when you need them? Or you do, but you have to move items out of the way or accidentally knock them over to grab them? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to consider a better storage solution. These pantry closet design finds are the best ideas to create a dreamy organized space.

pantry closet design finds

Design Tips for Pantry Closets

  • Shelves for food storage should never be deeper than 12 inches: Many people, myself included, seem to be in love with the idea of really deep shelves. We think it’s the answer to their pantry woes, but what we don’t realize is that they actually create three big storage problems. The shelves are too deep to reach the back, so you end up using only the first three-quarters of it. Items also get lost in the back of these shelves and become dust collectors and expire. Another disadvantage to deep shelves is you end up having to move things around or knock things over in the process of looking for something, an organizational nightmare
  • Hooks are helpful: For bonus storage space, add hooks on the back of your pantry door. These hooks can hang aprons, oven mitts, and even reusable shopping bags. In a pantry, taking advantage of vertical storage is essential and in the end, saves on space.
  • Hide garbage and recycling in pantries: Don’t forget about your garbage and recycling! Some people don’t like their garbage cans out in the open so hiding them in your pantry is a perfect spot!

Dreamy Pantry Closet Design Finds

1. Organized Rainbow Dream: Can we just agree that this rainbow color organizing is a literal dream?

2. Brown & Glass: This pantry design is from the famous Home Edit, I love how they used baskets, glass containers, and chalkboard labels. This custom pantry makes the most of each space, I love the idea of storing your paper towel in the closet space.

3. All Labeled: Labels are KEY for a beautiful and organized pantry. They are perfect for making sure everything stays perfectly in their place.

Pantry Ideas

4. Stacked Shelves: Using stacked shelves really utilizes every inch of your pantry.

5. Contained Snacks: Notice how each of these shelves are shallow, it’s the perfect depth to access everything easily and everything has its perfect spot.

6. Lazy Susan Corner: I love the idea of utilizing those pesky pantry corners with a lazy Susan or 5! It’s perfect for sauces, spices, or cans!

Pantry Closet

7. Serving Storage: If you’re lucky enough to have the space for serving storage, it’s a great idea.

Dreamy Pantry Ideas

Small Pantry Closet Design Finds

8. Utilizing Space: When it comes to organizing a small pantry utilizing ever space is so important. That is why I love this pantry closet design find.

9. Holy Spice Rack: Check out this spice rack.

10. Wire Shelves: Wire shelves can be hard to organize, but this one is done perfectly.

Small Pantry closet design finds

11. Basket Storage: I love using basket storage for pantry produce like onions and potatoes. It is also great for keeping extra paper towels or supplies.

12. Perfect Small Pantry: If you have a small pantry then this is the best small pantry closet designs.

13. Perfectly Contained: One of my favorite pantry tricks is putting all my boxed or packaged food into plastic or glass containers. It eliminates messy boxes that one close back up or ripped back that keep coming undone.

pantry closet design

Colorful & Calm Pantry Designs

14. Bright Green: I love playing with color and design in a pantry closet. This bright green pantry is so fun!

15. Cookbooks: Okay, I’m obsessed with this cookbook organizing area. How PERFECT!?

16. Color Coordinated: Color-coordinated pantries are my favorite.

17. Organized Kitchen Hub: This is a BIG pantry closet but it’s awesome to keep busy things like schedules, to-do lists, or grocery lists! This pantry closet design find is filled with all things wonderful.

pantry closet design finds

18. Peaceful Pantry: This pantry closet design is so sleek and clean.

19. Walk-In Dream: What a walk-in. I mean this rug is just glorious. Such a great walk-in pantry idea!

20. All Appliance: What a dream to have a spot for all your appliances.

21. Ladder Design: We usually see these rolling ladders in libraries but in a pantry is just out of this world.

Peaceful pantry ideas

Our Favorite Pantry Products

Finding the best pantry products is the key to having a dreamy design. Here are a few of our favorites.

best pantry items

Aw, I love a well-designed space full of great organized nooks and a fresh look! Let us know in the comments your favorite pantry closet design finds.

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