Inside: 47 Cat Room Ideas.

Designing a cat room can be a lot of fun!!

You’ll want to pick the cutest decor and put together a place that will give your cat fun exercise opportunities while also stimulating his mind, so they won’t be bored.

Your cat playroom should be the “purrrfect” mix of practical and stylish, with a lot of toys and spaces your cat won’t get tired of exploring.

Here are 47 ideas for creating an a-meow-zing cat room.

Pet Decor For Kittens

How to Make a Cat Room

Finding a good place for a cat room is just half of the equation. The layout and organization of your cat playroom are also crucial. Check out these cat room design ideas for decor, pet furniture, and storage solutions!

Find Inspiration From Pet: Make your kitty playroom your own with personal touches to honor your pet. A few photos will do the trick, but don’t be afraid to take a more whimsical approach by hanging a custom-painted pet portrait or personalized tapestry.

Planning Storage: Thanks to their curious nature, cats are adept at getting into things they shouldn’t—especially when they’re looking for food. If you plan to keep your pet’s food in their playroom, make sure you keep them sealed in a heavy-duty container. This will aid with freshness and keep (literal) cat burglars at bay. Similarly, make sure treats are stashed somewhere safe like a cabinet or drawer. Extra litter, brushes, and toys should also be kept in totes or bins to keep your pet room tidy.

Discreet Litter Box: Did you know that most experts recommend having one more litter box than the number of cats you own? Thankfully, there are several ways to keep your cat’s litter box out of sight without making it uncomfortable for them to use. Disguise your litter box by placing it inside a specially-designed piece of pet furniture. This will help reduce odors and improve your cat room’s visual appeal, as well as boost your cat’s quality of life.

Awesome Cat Rooms Decorating Tips

Create a Catwalk: Healthy cats can jump six times their length. With that in mind, you should provide enough platforms throughout your kitty playground where they can flex their acrobatic skills. Place ordinary hanging shelves around your cat room at different heights to ensure your pet has ample space to explore.

Multi-Purpose Furniture: Who says your cat room can’t also be a place for you to hang out? Using multi-purpose furniture—like an ottoman-cat bed combo. This kind of furniture will be especially critical if you aren’t devoting an entire room to your pet, but still want to make your living space pet-friendly.

Choose Cat Scratching Post: Scratching is a natural instinct that all felines need an outlet for. So equip your cat playroom with at least one scratching post to keep them healthy, happy, and stimulated—and for the sake of sparing your other furniture’s upholstery.

Cat Toy Collection: Don’t assume that just because your cat is capable of entertaining themselves that they’ll never want you to join in on the fun. The ideal cat room should be stocked with a mix of interactive toys for you and your kitty to play with together, as well as play-alone toys they can enjoy all on their own.

DIY Cat Room Ideas

1. Small Cat Relaxing Area in Old TV

2. Scratching, Climbing, and Playing Trunk for Cats

3. Large Outdoor Cat Room for Playing

4. Chic Kitty Corner

5. DIY Hanging Cat Bed on Wall

DIY Cat Room Ideas

6. Planter Made Cat Area

7. Stylish Litter Box Enclosure

8. Wooden TV House Bed

9. Ikea Hack Cat Room

10. Small Decorated Cat Room

Cat Room Decorating Ideas

11. Gallery Cat Wall Inspiration

12. Cat Room Teepee Decor

13. Cute Cat Climbing Tree

14. Mounted Wooden “Cat Beds”

15. Hanging Bed Tower

16. Climbing Cat Wall Planks

17. DIY Cat Tree with Baskets and Crates

18. Cute Cactus Cat Climbing Frame

19. Converted Chest for Litter Box

20. Upcycled Suitcase Stacked Cat Beds

Cat Playroom Ideas

21. Large Natural Cat Room with Wood Crawling Wall

22. Wall Play Area with Running Wheel

23. Climbing Cat Wall Area

24. Cat Bookshelf

25. Fun Wall Decor for Cats to Play In

Cat Playroom Ideas

26. Large Decorative Cat Playhouse

27. Cat Play Cubes

28. Small Cat Relaxing Area in Old TV

29. Scratching, Climbing, and Playing Trunk for Cats

30. Large Outdoor Cat Room for Playing

Cat Rooms in Houses

31. Decked Out Cat Sunroom

32. Cabinet DIYed into Cat Area

33. Cool Sliding Door Cat Area

34. Subtle Cat Bed in Bookshelf

35. DIY Cat Closet

36. Chic Kitty Corner

37. DIY Hanging Cat Bed on Wall

38. Planter Made Cat Area

39. Stylish Litter Box Enclosure

40. Wooden TV House Bed

Cat Area Ideas

41. Cat House Bed with Hammock

42. Outdoor Cat  House

43. Cat Bet Stool

Cat Area Ideas

44. Hidden Litter Box Area in Bathroom

45. Decorative Wood Cat Furniture House

46. Ikea Hack Cat Room

47. Small Decorated Cat Room

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Cat Room Ideas

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