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dog wreath

Precious Paw Print Dog Wreath Ideas

Inside: Sweet paw print dog wreath ideas that dog owners need to see. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with dogs. Well, I was actually obsessed with all animals, but dogs were especially high up on my list. My entire room was filled with as many dog decorations as I could possibly fit. […] Read more…

cat wreath

Adorable Cat Wreath Ideas For Feline Lovers

Inside: Cutest cat wreath ideas that cat owners will go crazy for. CALLING ALL CAT LOVERS! Everyone knows that cat lover’s are elite. Not that dogs aren’t amazing, because don’t get me wrong they absolutely are. It’s just…cat people are a different breed. Most of the time, they don’t harp on other animals just because […] Read more…

bird seed wreath

Cutest Bird Seed Wreath Ideas for Spring

Inside: Sweet Bird Seed Wreath To Buy or DIY for Spring.  Welcome to the craftiest time of year, when dreaming up unique DIY projects is at its peak! One of the most popular crafting creations this spring is undoubtedly the extremely adorable bird seed wreath. I made these for my entire family as their easter […] Read more…

Ladybug wreath ideas

33 Sweet Ladybug Wreath Ideas for Spring

Inside: Cutest ladybug wreath ideas you need for spring time. Spring is nearly upon us, and that means you get to start decorating for the brighter weather! Sure, April showers bring May flowers, but the sun does start to make an appearance more often. There are so many ways that people like to decorate for […] Read more…

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