Inside: Bunny Wreath Ideas For Easter And All Year!

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. There is just something about the time of year, the candy, hiding eggs for the kids…it just puts me into such a good mood.

There are so many fun ways to decorate your house for this time of year. Lots of spring-inspired decors and pastel colors will give even the most grumpy of people a much-needed boost of serotonin.

One of my absolute favorite decorations that I own is an Easter Bunny Wreath that I hang on my entryway every spring! Not only is it adorable, but it’s durable. I’ve had this thing for literal years.

If you’re on the hunt for your own Easter decorations or just cute year round bunny decor, I highly recommend that you look into getting one of these for yourself.

To help you out, I went ahead and created a list of adorable ideas that will get you in the spring spirit… which is totally a thing.

Happy Easter Wreaths with bunnies

Easter Bunny Wreaths

This first list is a good mixture of many different styles and themes of Easter Bunny Wreaths to help you get a good feel for what you’re looking for. There are Mesh Wreaths, Burlap Wreaths, and even ones that include a stuffed animal!

1. Blue & Yellow Easter Wreath

2. Happy Easter Wreath

3. Mesh Ribbon Wreath

4. Burlap Bunny

5. Purple Bunny Wreath

6. Front Door Easter Wreath

7. Stuffed Animal Bunny

8. Bunny Shaped Wooden Wreath

9. Real Bunny Cutout Shape

10. Bunny Hanging from Wreath

11. Small Bunny Wreath with Bow

Adorable Bunny Wreaths

This next list is the most adorable one I found. I thought they deserved their own section based on their sheer cuteness! I am such a sucker for these. I may have to order one for each door in my house. What is the price you would pay for happiness?

I would happily do so by buying my weight in them. Too much? I’m just passionate, okay!

12. Pastel Ribbon Bunny Wreath

13. Bunny Rabbits In Center

14.Rabbit Front Door Wreath

15. Whimsical Bunny Wreath

16. Floral Bunny Wreath

17. Oval Wreath

18. Bunny Booty

19. Rope Bunny

20. Wreath with Bunny Rabbit

21. Easter Themed Wreath

22. Bunny Wreath made of Ribbons

Bunny Ear Wreath Ideas

Bunny Ear Wreaths

These ones are more of an abstract version of a the idea. You’ll see that you get your regular decorated hoop and then instead of adding a whole bunny, they add just the ears. So cute!

23. Burlap Wreath

24. Simple Bunny Ears

25. Rainbow Roses

26. Simple Jute Cord Bunny

27. Mesh Wreath with Bunny Ears

28. Spring Wreath for Door

29. Boho Style Bunny

30. Bunny Wreath with Flowers

31. Hidden Ears

32. Moss Bunny with Bow

33. Cute Bunny Outline

Simple Bunny Wreaths

34. Bunny Wreath Made out of Wood

35. Decorated Outline with Ribbon

36. Colored Wooden Bunny Wreath

37. Weather Proof Bunny

38. Nautical Rope Bunny Wreath

39. Plush Rabbit Outline

40. White Bunny Head with Bow

41. Every Bunny Welcome

Cute Easter Wreaths

Easter Wreaths

42. Bunny Ear Wreath

43. Hello Spring Wreath

44. Easter Egg Wreath

45. Grapevine with Eggs

46. Easter Bunny in White

47. Easter Wreath

48. Easter Bunny Stuck in Wreath

49. Adorable Easter Themed Door Hang

50. 25 Inch Wreath with Colored Eggs

51. Bunny Shaped Wreath with Bow

52. Burlap Bunny

53. Simple Moss and Bunny Wreath

DIY Bunny Wreath

DIY Bunny Wreath

Making your own wreath is actually much simpler than you might expect. You need about 6-7 supplies, some good tunes, and a little bit of patients. That’s it! Let’s get this crafting party started.


  • Wreath Form – There are many different kinds you can choose from, today we are going to be working with a grapevine one. I chose this because it is a classic form that is already put together for you and has such a lovely, spring feeling to it! If you want to work with a different kind you are more than welcome to.
  • Little Stuffed Bunny Rabbit Toy – Find the cutest bunny stuffed animal at your craft store. Make sure that It’s medium size and not too big. Smaller is preferred.
  • Flowers – This is the artist’s choice, pick whatever flowers make you happy!
  • Twine – To secure your bunny and flowers
  • Ribbon – To decorate
  • Scissors – To cut twine and decorations
  • Hot Glue Gun – To help secure decorations

Step One

Now that we have all of our supplies, go ahead and lay down your wreath form. You’re going to want to lay out your decorations(to the best of your ability) in a way that creates the look you are going for. This step allows you to see the finished product before committing, so you have time to make any changes that you like.

Step Two

Now we are going to attach your bunny to the center of the wreath. He’s the star of the show. If he is wearing any clothes or a bow, carefully string the twine through. Then fasten the twine to the wreath. Do this in as many places on the rabbit as you can without making it look all strung up. The goal here is to hide the string the best we can. If your bunny doesn’t have any clothes, take either the twine or some ribbon of your choosing and give them a bow as something to anchor on to.

Step Three

Next, you can start attaching your decorations! Take your time and make sure that all of your decors are securely attached. If some of your twine that was used in securing the bunny is in view, take some extra flowers and ribbons and decorate the area to cover it up. It doesn’t need to be perfect!

And there you go! You’ve created your very own Bunny Wreath. I told you it was simple. The best part about creating your own decoration is the pride that goes with it. Now every year that you pull this out to decorate for Easter or spring, it’ll have that much more meaning.

More Wreath Ideas You’ll Love

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