Inside: Cute mushroom wreath ideas to make today.

Mushroom decorations have been around for a decade, but recently their popularity is skyrocketing. This makes me so happy! I mean, have you seen mushroom decor? They are out of this world in terms of cuteness.

There is something that seems so mystical about mushrooms. Even though they are all around us, I still feel like we know so little about them. Unless of course, you are a Mycologist(a mushroom scientist). But for the rest of us civilians, our knowledge of this fungi doesn’t go very deep.

Many people correlate mushrooms to folk lore.

They are the homes of gnomes or the seats for fairies. They do have a big place in that genre of whimsical storytelling. So naturally, if you are looking to add some natural magic to your home, then mushroom decor is the way to go!

Cute woodland Mushroom Wreath

One of my favorite ways to see this done is by adding a mushroom-themed wreath to your home. Yep…mushroom wreaths. How cute does that sound? The only right answer is SUPER cute. Many mushroom-themed wreaths can incorporate real mushrooms, crystals, moss, and many other nature-based decorations.

You can get them in the shape of the moon or a triangle, or a classic circle. There are truly so many options it makes my head spin.

I’ve created a list of the cutest mushroom wreath ideas for you to look through. Not only will these make you inadvertently say “awww” but you’ll find that you’ll be adding to the cart before you even have time to think about what you’re doing.

You can hang these beauties anywhere in your home you’d like, it doesn’t have to be on the front door. Wreaths look great on gallery walls, kitchens, anywhere in your house really. They also make for unique gift ideas! If you know someone who is a big fan of mushrooms, then perhaps you’d like to surprise them with these adorable hanging decorations!

But before we get into the good stuff, let a take a second to learn about…

Mushroom Facts

  1. Us humans are more similar to mushrooms genetically than plants. In fact, fungi are much more similar to animals than any other plant that grows. They get their nutrients from matter, not photosynthesis. They need water, food, and air to stay alive. Sound familiar?
  2. Mushrooms are the largest living thing on this entire planet. Underground, the mushroom mycelium can spread out for miles when it is looking for its next meal.
  3. The mushrooms that we see on the ground are actually just the fruit of the underground fungus.
  4. Some mushroom species have the ability to glow in the dark.
  5. Mushrooms are one of the only foods that can create vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.

Okay now that we’ve gotten to know our fungal friend a little better, now is the perfect time to dive into the many beautiful wreaths that may be lining the walls of your home any day now.

Handmade Wreaths With Moss And Mushrooms

Cute Mushroom Wreaths

This first list is a mix of different styles of mushroom wreaths for you to look through. I figure this way you can see a wide variety and will be able to get a good understanding of the kind of mushroom wreath that will be best suited for you and your home. It can be hard to choose with so many options but that is part of the fun.

Whatever you end up with will be uniquely you, and that is what decor is all about: expressing the self within your home!

1. Real Mushroom Wreath

2. Mushroom Plushy

3. Mossy Mushroom Wreath

4. Woodland Gnome Felt Mushrooms

5. Mini Wreath with Mushrooms and Amethyst

6. Grapevine Wreath with Realistic Mushrooms

7. Real Mushroom Loop

8. Large Spring Mushroom Wreath

9. Moss Wreath with Red Mushrooms

Cottage Core Wreaths

Cottage Core is a newer term that describes a woodland, magical style of decor. It heavily leans on nature and mystical things like the moon, mushrooms, gnomes, and fairies.

A good way to be able to picture this category is to picture what kind of decor would be in a cute cottage in the middle of the woods. I love this because it adds a sense of wonder to your home, and who doesn’t love that!

10. Cute Small Wreath with Hanging Orange Crystals

11. Adorable Fungi Wreath

12. Antler Mushroom Decor

13. Cute Moon Shaped Wreath

14. Felt Mushroom Wreath

15. Moss Ring with Tiny Mushrooms

16. Light Purple Mushrooms

17. Cute Mossy Wreath with Clear Quarts

18. Full Wreath with Moss, Mushrooms, and Mini Trinkets

Cottage Core Wreaths

Mushroom Wreaths for Your Front Door

I love to decorate my front door with things that express my personality because it is the very first thing that is looked at before entering your home.

The door is often an overlooked place in terms of everyday decorations and it makes me sad because it’s the perfect place. Take a look at these!

19. Cute Felt Mushrooms

20. Mini Wreath with Dangling Crystals

21. Botanical Wreath

22. Crescent Moon with Copper Tips

23. Felt Red Mushroom with Moss

24. Beautiful Wreath with Yellow Mushies

25. Tall Tree with Little Flat Mushroom

26. All Natural Real Mushroom Wreath

27. Moon Wreath with 2 Mushrooms

And there you have it. I bet you’ll slowly start replacing everything you own with cottage core decor until suddenly you look up and realize you are in your own actual cottage in the woods. It’s a slippery slope for sure, but one that leads to absolutely adorable things. So you truly can’t go wrong!

Mushroom Wreath

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