Inside: Bright and colorful crayon wreath ideas that are perfect for your classroom or to surprise a teacher with for appreciation week. 

If there is one that I am a sucker for… it’s giving teachers gifts. This may sound like a bit of an over-exaggeration, but I can promise you that teachers single-handedly shape our future. Since this is the case, why would you not want to just spoil them?

They get paid what is essentially minimum wage and go above and beyond always… I can do a little extra shopping for them.

Besides actual presents like gift cards and fancy soaps, I also like to gift my children’s teachers with handmade crayon wreaths. These are such cute things to add to a classroom, and in a pinch, they can even be used for craft supplies.

Photo of crayon decor with blue background

So today, I am going to show you some of my favorite crayon wreath ideas that you can buy, as well as walk you through how to make one yourself(if you are feeling crafty).

Crayon Wreath Ideas To Buy

Even if you decide to create your own crayon wreath, you should still check out these ideas to use them as creative inspiration. There are so many amazing little details that you might be missing! If the teacher in your life enjoys a simpler look, maybe go chic with a wheat wreath instead.

1. Cute Simple Wreath with Chalk Board

2. Cute Teaching Wreath with Ribbon

3. Simple Crayons with Cute Calculator

4. Perfect Teacher Wreath

5. Crazy Art Crayons

6. Letter Shaped Crayons

7. Rainbow Crayons Idea

8. Chalkboard Idea Decor

9. Crayon Decor Idea with Ruler

10. Perfect Classroom Wreath

11. Clean and Neat Wreath

12. Teacher Name Idea

3 different crayon craft DIY examples

Colorful Crayon Wreath Ideas for the Classroom

I like to support people in as many ways as I can, and lucky for me…buying things from small businesses is a win-win on that front. I get to save myself some crafting time, and I get to support their business. That’s a yes from me!

13. Loving Teacher Wreath

14. Cute Crayola Deco

15. Crayon and Apple Wreath

16. Crayola with Rainbows

17. Welcome to My Class

18. Minimalistic Crayons

19. Pencils and Crayons

20. Medium Sized Crayola Decor

21. Wreath with Pink Bow

22. 3 Layered Crayons

23. Apple and Frog Wreath

24. Mini Schoolbus Idea

25. Chalk and Crayon Decor

Crayon Wreath DIY

If you have read some of my other articles before, you know how big of a soft spot I have for crafting. As much as I love saving time, if I have the energy, I will ALWAYS craft it out before I buy it out. So I am going to walk you through the steps that go into making a crayon wreath.

There are many different ways that you can make this for whatever season you are gifting in(for Christmas, try using a candy cane wreath form).

Materials you’ll need:

  • A foam wreath form (available at craft stores)
  • Crayons (new or used, depending on your preference)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Ribbon or twine for hanging
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Decorative items like faux flowers, bows, or embellishments

Close up photo of a crayon decor

Crayon Wreath Ideas – Step 1

Prepare the crayons. If you’re using new crayons, you can leave them as they are. If you prefer a more eclectic look, you can use various lengths of used crayons, but always make sure you are removing the paper wrappers first. I made this mistake once and I never will again.

Sort the crayons by color to make the arrangement process easier. You can obviously skip this step if you want the colors to be mixed and matched.

Step 2

Glue the crayons onto the wreath form using a hot glue gun. The way I like to do it is I apply a small amount of glue to the backside of a crayon and pressing it firmly onto the foam wreath form. Then, I start from the outer edge of the wreath and work my way inward. Doing this just makes the process a little bit neater for my brain. Plus, it looks extra clean at the end!

Make sure the crayons are positioned vertically and closely packed together, covering the entire front surface of the form. If you see gaps, take time to rearrange and fix what is needed.

Crayon Wreath Ideas – Step 3

Next up, you are going to create an inner circle once you’ve completed the outer circle. This will give it a 3D look that makes the wreath feel full. It’s simple; you just repeat the gluing process with another row of crayons on the inside of the first circle. This will create a layered and more textured appearance that I am kind of obsessed with.

If you want to just leave it as you are, that is completely up to you.

Step 4

Continue layering (optional). If your crayons are long enough and you want a more three-dimensional look, you can add more layers, creating concentric circles until you reach the center of the wreath. This is where you really get to start using that creative freedom.

The way I look at it, the more crayons, the better.

Step 5

The next step is optional as well, but I think it’s the best part, so if you skip it…you’ll really be missing out. If you want to add some extra flair to your crayon wreath, you can glue faux flowers, bows, or other decorative items between the crayons. Be creative and make it your own!

I like to use pencils, cute little apple decors, and teacher-themed ribbons to bring this to life!

Crayon Wreath Ideas – Step 6

Let it dry. Allow the hot glue to cool and set completely before moving or hanging the wreath. This step is CRUCIAL! I may have gotten a bit over-excited when I made mine and tried to hang it too soon. If I am being honest, it just looked so cute I was too eager to see what it looked like all hung up.

Many of the crayons and decor feel off and broke on the floor, along with my heart.

Step 7

If you want to go as far as adding something to help secure it, then you cab add a hanger by cutting a length of ribbon or twine and forming it into a loop. Glue the ends of the loop to the backside of the wreath at the top, creating a little hanger for your wreath, too, you guessed it…hang from.

Step 8

There you go…your crayon wreath is all finished and ready to be gifted to the amazing teacher in your life. Seriously, I know they are going to LOVE this gift. It’s become a bit of a tradition with my kid’s teachers and me every year! I love any excuse to get crafty.

crayon wreath ideas

I seriously hope that you loved this article about crayon wreath ideas. There are so many different ways that you can go with this craft, but regardless of whether or not you made it or bought it…the sentiment is the same.

To all you teachers out there, I think I can safely speak for all the parents when I say that we appreciate all that you do. It does not go unnoticed! And neither will your amazing new crayon wreath.

If this list of wreath ideas gave you the crafting bug, first and foremost…you’re welcome, my friend. Secondly, you should check out some of my other favorite DIYs, like this dollar tree pumpkin wreath.