Inside: Adorable wagon wheel wreaths and a simple DIY that is perfect for your home.

I have been on a bit of a Western kick lately. All my movies have been Westerns, all my foods, and now even my decor! My Pinterest is filling up with examples and ideas for wonderful wagon wheel wreaths that I am going to use as creative inspiration to make my own, and I want to take you along for the ride.

I am guessing that if you are here and reading this, you also enjoy yourself some Western decor. This is great news, because that means we are kindred spirits. Okay, I may be getting a little TOO into the whole Western vocab thing…but I will carry on.

Fluffy Green Wheel themed decor

I have everything that you will need to create your own wagon wheel wreath in this article, from your own creative inspiration to a step by step DIY. Put your boots on and let’s get to it!

Wonderful Wagon Wheel Wreaths

I think that every crafting session always starts with a bit of studying. You have to know what you are going to make and how you want it to turn out, the ideas below will help you figure that out. I feel like these wreaths are better fit for fall months, so check out these summer wreath ideas.

1. Home Sweet Home Wreath

2. Large Floral Wreath

3. Red Painted Wheel

4. Cute Fall Themed Wreath

5. Forth of July Wreath

6. Wooden Floral Wreath

7. Cool Wreath Idea with White Words

8. Pastel Floral Wreath

9. Cotton Themed Wreath

3 different examples of floral wreaths

10. Wagon Wheel with Ivy

11. Wagon with Ribbon

12. Sunflower Wreath Idea

13. Red and Yellow Wreath

14. Moss Wreath with Butterfly

15. Christmas Wreath Idea

Wagon Wheel Wreaths: DIY

Now that you have a clear idea of the kind of wreath you want to make, we can get this DIY started! Yes, admittedly I have been waiting for this moment since beginning this article. So I am super pumped to begin. Let me go over some popularly asked questions.

What is the best Christmas wreath?

Personally, as of this moment I would have to vote for a Winter themed wagon wheel wreath…but I am a bit biased. Overall though, there are many different kinds of wreaths, including:

  • Traditional Wreaths: These typically feature evergreen foliage, red bows, and ornaments, evoking a classic Christmas feel.
  • Natural Wreaths: Incorporating natural elements like pinecones, berries, twigs, and dried fruits can create an earthy and rustic look.
  • Modern or Minimalist Wreaths: These may have sleek and simple designs, often featuring monochromatic colors or unique geometric shapes.
  • Themed Wreaths: Wreaths can be designed to match specific themes like rustic, farmhouse, coastal, or even pop culture references. Or even snowman wreath ideas!
  • DIY Wreaths: Making your own wreath allows for creativity and customization, using materials like burlap, fabric, paper, or even recycled items.

At the end of the day, the best Christmas wreath is one that puts a smile on your face and gets you into the Christmas spirit. So focus on you feel, and you will end up with the best Christmas wreath for you.

Why are wreaths hung on doors?

As I began my journey into the wonderful world of wreaths, I was curious about how these traditional decor pieces began. So I did a little bit of research, and there are a few reasons!

1. Symbol of Welcome

Wreaths are often seen as a symbol of hospitality and welcome. In ancient times, wreaths were used to honor and welcome guests into homes. Hanging a wreath on the door can convey a sense of warmth and invitation to visitors. How cool!

2. Religious and Spiritual Significance

In some cultures, wreaths hold religious or spiritual significance. In Christianity, for example, wreaths are often used in Advent celebrations to mark the weeks leading up to Christmas. The circular shape of the wreath is said to represent God’s eternity and the unending cycle of life.

I thought this fact was super interesting, and it made me fall even further in love with wreaths.

3. Protection and Luck

In certain cultures, wreaths were believed to have protective properties. Ancient Romans and Greeks used laurel wreaths as symbols of victory and honor, while others believed that hanging a wreath on the door could protect the household from negative energies or spirits.

So you can use different supplies to symbolize different things.

Wagon Wheel Wreaths – Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Alrighty then, before we embark on this wild journey, we need to round up our supplies. You’ll need:

  1. A wagon wheel wreath (the big round thingy that forms the base)
  2. Faux flowers, because real ones might hitchhike away
  3. Miniature toy wagons (bonus points if they have their own little tiny wagon wreaths!)
  4. Glue gun (Hot glue, not a melted-down glue stick. We’re not making glue fondue.)
  5. Ribbons, for that extra pizzazz
  6. Crafting enthusiasm, because you’re gonna need a whole wagonload of it!

Wagon Wheel Wreaths – Step 2: Assemble the Posse

Now that we’ve got our gear, let’s round up the posse and get to work. Start by attaching the wagon wheel wreath to your door using door hangers or some trusty twine. Make sure it’s hanging proudly, like the sheriff in a spaghetti western.

Floral Christmas wreath

Wagon Wheel Wreaths – Step 3: Flower Power

Time to sprinkle some floral magic like fairy dust! Grab your faux flowers and start gluing them around the wagon wheel wreath. This is where your inner floral genius shines. Mix and match colors like you’re picking out a wild west wardrobe, the more variety, the merrier!

Wagon Wheel Wreaths – Step 4: Wagon Wonderland

Now, it’s time to wrangle those miniature toy wagons. Strategically place them around the wreath as if they’re having a wagon parade. Glue them on with the finesse of a wagon wheel whisperer. If they have teeny tiny wagon wreaths, go ahead and attach those too, it’s a wagonception!

Wagon Wheel Wreaths – Step 5: Ribbon Rodeo

Bring out your inner lasso skills and wrangle some ribbons to add that final flourish. Create big bows, curly cues, or even tie them in knots; this is your ribbon rodeo, partner!

Step 6: Yeehaw, You’re Done!

Stand back and admire your masterpiece. You’ve just wrangled a wagon wreath into existence! Your door is now the talk of the town, and passerby will be tipping their imaginary cowboy hats in awe.

wagon wheel wreaths

If you have made it this far, I commend you for getting through my western puns. I can’t help it okay? They were so much fun! This crafting session was super fun too, I hope you agree.

Enjoy your awesome new wagon wheel wreath. It’s kind of hard not to when they are just so adorable, don’t you think? Whether you made it for a holiday, a special occasion, or just to hang up in your house…it will bring joy to whoever sees it. That’s why I love making decor!

Speaking of making more decor…if this tutorial just opened your eyes to the wonderful world of DIY wreaths, then please let me direct you to these dollar tree fall wreaths.