Inside: Adorable soccer wreath ideas to show team spirit.

Wreaths are one of my favorite ways to incorporate more personality into my house. Though they are mainly used during the holidays, they can be up all year round. I mean, why not keep something so cute up for the whole year? They are awesome.

They come in so many different themes you may be surprised. Gone are the days when wreaths are strictly made of holly or evergreen; you can make one out of anything for any occasion. So to narrow it down, today we will focus on one section of wreaths: Sports.

More specifically, soccer wreaths!

Striking Soccer Wreaths

To all you soccer fans out there, I promise there are some awesome wreaths that are just waiting to be in your homes. I made a list of 27 of the most striking soccer wreaths that you will want to buy or recreate today. So let’s get into it!

Simple Soccer Wreath

I like to kick things off with simple wreaths. Don’t let the word simple fool you; the list below contains some of the cutest and most well-put-together wreaths that you will ever see. Take a look and see which ones fit your style and your family. After all, this will be on your front door!

1. Burlap Wreath with Soccer Center – I thought this would be the perfect wreath to kick off this list. Its simplicity makes it all the cuter! If you make your own, you can easily switch out these colors for your teams!

2. Wreath with Cute Sign – If your family are all big soccer people, I think this wreath is the one for you. I love adding the chalkboard sign that says, “If we don’t answer, we are at the soccer field.” How perfect is that?

3. Welcome Wooden Wreath – Sometimes, the simplest wreaths are the best. This one is the prime example of that. It’s a wooden wreath that simply says, “welcome” with a soccer ball. Take a look.

4. Soccer Ball Wreath – Burlap and frills aren’t for everybody, so I wanted to include this beauty. It’s made out of cute soccer balls.

5. Black and White Wreath – This one has a black and white tool with a cute soccer photo in the center of it. I’ve found that using black and white colors help to fit the overall theme.

6. Burlap Inspirational Wreath – Most wreaths go on your front door, so what better place to put an inspirational quote? Check out this soccer-themed wreath that features some wisdom.

7. Ribbon Wreath – Your possibilities are endless with so many different ribbon patterns. Take this wreath, for example; they used their team colors and paired it with a ribbon with soccer balls on it…the result is to die for.

8.Soccer Ball Art – This is one of my favorites so far. They took the black and white tools and then positioned them together so that they looked like a soccer ball.

9. Soccer Door Hanger – Another simple beauty, this wreath is a simply painted fabric of a soccer ball that is hung with a metal hoop and a bow. Adorable!

Team spirit wreaths for kids sports

Soccer Wreaths to Buy

When buying a soccer wreath, my favorite place to find them is on Etsy. There are so many awesome options that are all handmade. Plus, it never hurts to help out a small business. Not only do you get an adorable wreath, but you are helping someone’s dream! Check these out.

10. Soccer Lovers – This chic soccer wreath will look great in any modern home. It has a black and white base with a “welcome to our home” quote and some fake plants and burlap. Too cute!

11. Foam Soccer Wreath – It’s so cool to think that wreaths come in many forms! No pun intended. This one utilizes small foam soccer balls. It has a unique feel that you will just love.

12. Tri-Colored Wreath – This cutie uses black, white, AND burlap to create a full and adorable wreath. It has a cute sign in the middle that is perfect for any soccer-loving household.

13. Monogram Soccer Wreath – If you like your decor to be a little more personalized, then check out this option. They make their wreaths to order with a customizable monogram option so you can put your family letter on it.

14. Soccer Galore! – This wreath is just dripping in soccer. You can’t miss this one if you are trying to make your home the ultimate soccer player’s dream. It’s in green and white and has plenty of thrills.

15. Simple Soccer Doors – I thought I would include a simpler one to balance out some of the other beauties on this list. This one is simple and cute.

16. Blue and White Personalized Wreath – Have children in your household who play soccer? Then celebrate them by adding their names to your soccer wreath. This Etsy store will do it for you. How cute!

17. Classic Soccer Wreath – Check out this awesome classic soccer wreath. It has burlap, team colors, AND soccer balls. What more could you possibly want?

18. Uniform Number Wreath – Try adding your soccer player’s uniform number to your wreath like this one for a more personal touch. It’s cute and super on the theme. Plus, it’ll make your player feel extra special.

Soccer Ball Deco Mesh Wreaths for Front Door

Soccer Wreaths for Front Door

Most wreaths are placed on the front door. It’s a great way to decorate the outside of your house with a little piece of you or your hobbies. Typically, the front door is left bare basically all year…but no more! Now we are taking advantage of this space. So take a look at the cutest soccer-themed wreaths for your front door.

19. Green Classic Wreath with Bows – If you are a classic green wreath person, check out this adorable idea. You can use an evergreen wreath base and build from there.

20. School-Themed Wreath – If you have pride for your school team, then perhaps this is the route you would like to go. Check out this adorable team-themed idea.

21. Go *insert team here* – This is an awesome wreath idea for someone who is a fan of the big leagues.

22. Wacky Green and White Soccer Wreath – I love this one because it doesn’t hold back. It has all the spirit and frills a person could want.

23.  Simple Bow Wreath – I’m sometimes in the mood for a less traditional wreath shape, like this bow! They used soccer-themed ribbons and everything. They can be so chic!

24. Matching Sports Wreaths – Some households are fans of more than just one kind of sport, so represent that in your wreaths!

25. Easter Wreath – If you want a holiday-themed soccer wreath, check out this adorable example. They used painted eggs to look like a soccer ball.

26. Red, White, and Burlap Wreath – This big burlap wreath is quite the spectator!

27. Team Colors – You can create your own personalized wreath simply by choosing your team colors and incorporating them. Take a look to see what I mean.

Soccer Wreath

So there you have it, 27 of the best soccer wreath ideas to add to your home today. I hope you found the one for your home, and if not, I hope you got some inspiration for creating your own.

Making a wreath from home is simpler than you may think, and we even have tutorials to help you with this process. This way, you can create EXACTLY what it is you want. Crafting is king.

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