Inside: Scarecrow wreaths with DIY instructions and even a few cute ones to buy.

When it comes to fall decorations, one of my absolute musts is themed wreaths. There is this idea floating around that wreaths are strictly a Christmas thing, and it’s simply not true!

There are so many varieties of them that you and your home would be missing out on if you only stuck to one season of wreaths, in fact, you don’t even NEED it to be seasonal. There are ones that are meant to be out all year long.

One of the best fall-themed wreaths out there: A Scarecrow Wreath.

These are perfect for all of the fall season, from August straight through to November. They work for general fall decor, Halloween decor, AND Thanksgiving decor. How awesome is that!

Full scarecrow door hanger

If you love scarecrows and are looking for some new fall decor ideas, then keep on reading my friend. You are in the right place! Today I’m going to walk you through how to make your very own scarecrow wreath as well as give you 31 of the cutest scarecrow wreath examples that you can buy. There is bound to be something here for you!

First, we are going to start with scarecrow wreath examples. This way if you want to make your own, you are getting some ideas to start that flow of creative inspiration for your project!

Adorable Scarecrow Wreaths

Here is a good mix of different ways to make your wreath scarecrow-themed. They are all just so cute you’ll want to add them all to your cart. Exercise your willpower…you got this.

1. Cute Wreath with Scarecrow Doll

2. Scarecrow Crescent Wreath

3. Scarecrow with Dangling Legs

4. Small Front Door Wreath

5. Welcome Home Wreath

6. Wreath Made of Ribbons

7. Fall Thanksgiving Wreath

8. Mini Pixie Wreath

9. Mesh Wreath

10. Welcome Home Wreath with Bow

Fall Wreaths with cornfield

CornField Inspired Wreaths

This may seem like a bit of a redundant title but it’s not. This next batch are the fullest fall scarecrow wreaths you can find.

So I had to give them their own section! Take a look.

11. Blue and Orange Wreath

12. Hat Wreath

13. Fall Wreath with Face

14. Full Body Scarecrow

15. Cute Deco Mesh Wreath

16. Scarecrow Made Out Of A Hat

17. Scarecrow Bum

Scarecrow Wreaths to Buy

Scarecrow Wreaths from Etsy

Etsy has some of the coolest handmade wreaths on the internet. Plus when you buy one of these you are supporting someone’s small business, and that makes it all the most exciting and personal! Check these out.

18. Scarecrow Jeans

19. Fall Scarecrow Door Decor

20. Sunflower Scarcrow

21. Scarecrow Doll with Ribbons

22. Dapper Scarecrow

23. Scarecrow with Crow for Front Door

24. Fall Inspired Big Wreath

25. Scarecrow Fall Door Hanger

26. Large Wreath with Tiny Pumpkins

27. Burlap Fabric Scarecrow Wreath

28. Perfect Scarecrow Wreath with Fall Leaves

29. Scarecrow Door Hanger

30. Hello Fall Wreath

31. Cute Scarecrow with Bunches of Twists

Scarecrow Wreath

DIY Scarecrow Wreath

So for this DIY, I’m going to break it down into 2 different types of scarecrow wreaths. Choose whichever makes your heart the happiest and go from there!

#1: Hat Scarecrow Wreath

The first one we are going to make is a Hat Wreath. It’s the simplest of the three!


  • Hay/ Straw – Optional for decoration
  • Wheat – Optional for decoration
  • Fall leaves – Optional for decoration
  • Straw hat – Your Base
  • Hot Glue Gun – To secure your decorations
  • Scissors – To Trim Supplies

Step One: Plan Out Design

Lay your hat on your surface and put all of the decorations that you plan on using where they are going to go when your product is finished. See how your vision looks and adjust as necessary. This will help save you from any mess-ups along the way. But also keep in mind that messing up is a part of life and a part of the fun. This is a learning process!

Step Two: Start Creating!

Now that you know where everything is going to go, you can start gluing down your materials. Remember to cut a slit 2-3 inches from the top where the hat will hang from.

Step 3: Make Sure Everything Is Secure

Now that you have everything glued down, give your hat wreath a little shake to check if everything is secured properly. If everything is then you are good to go!

#2: Real Hanging Scarecrow Wreath

This is a fun one! You’re going to need some funny supplies for it though. But it’s totally worth it for the finished project!


  • Hay – For decoration and to stuff the scarecrow pants.
  • Small Jeans(baby or toddler preferably)
  • Rubber Bands – To tie off the jeans
  • Wreath Form – this is the base for your wreath.
  • Hot Glue Gun – Used to secure your materials.
  • Burlap – Optional decoration
  • Twine – To tie scarecrow legs to form
  • Dried Flowers – Optional decoration

Step One: Plan Out Design for Wreath

Similar to step one for the hat wreath above, you are going to lay out what you plan to make your wreath look like. If you want to make any changes do so.

Step Two: Make Scarecrow Legs

Take your tiny pants and start filling the legs with hay. When they get to a point that they resemble a full scarecrow leg then you can use your rubber band to tie off the bottom to make sure the hay doesn’t just fall right out. Use your twine and loop it through the belt loops, all the while weaving it onto the Wreath form. Securely tie it when you are finished.

Step Three: Create Top Wreath

Now that your legs are secured, you can go ahead and continue on with your decorations on the hoop. Make sure that everything is properly secured so that you won’t have any bits falling off whenever you go to open the door.

And there you have it! You have created your very own scarecrow wreath.

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