Inside: How to Make a Deco Mesh Wreath Step by Step.

When it comes to deco mesh wreaths there are a million different variations and types of wreaths you can make! I love decorating my front door for every season with a perfectly themed deco mesh wreath.

From New Years to Spring, Christmas, and everything in between deco mesh wreaths are my favorite DIY decoration!

How to make a deco mesh wreath step by step

You can make any style of deco mesh wreath with this basic How to Make a Deco Mesh Wreath Step by Step. With these few simple steps, you can make all variations of wreaths. So let’s start with the basics!

What is Deco Mesh?

Deco mesh is a type of colorful, bendable ribbon made from a mesh-like fabric. Due to its flexibility and the wide variety of colors, deco mesh is a popular ribbon that’s an essential material in numerous crafts. Deco mesh can be used to create colorful, seasonal wreaths, for instance.

How to Make a Deco Mesh Wreath Step by Step

Pipe Cleaners & Forms: First you want to start by prepping your wreath form. Speaking of wreath forms you will want to use a wire wreath form for all your deco mesh wreath projects. Wrap pipe cleaners around the metal wreath from evenly spaced out about 1 to 1.5 inches apart!

How to make a deco mesh wreath step by step

A Few Tips: 

  • Attach the pipe cleaners by twisting them onto the wire form. Twist them enough so that they are securely held in place.
  • Use a color that roughly matches the color of your deco mesh ribbon so that the pipe cleaners blend in better.


Attaching the Deco Mesh: Pinch one end of the ribbon together and attach it onto the wreath using one of the pipe cleaners. Place the pinched end in the center of one pipe cleaner and twist the pipe cleaner around the end to hold it in place.

how to make a deco mesh wreath

  • Arrange the deco mesh ribbon so that it overlaps the pipe cleaner, partially concealing it. The pinched end of the ribbon should rest along the frame. The remaining ribbon should come out from the other side, over the pipe cleaner knot, and over the end. This should conceal both the pipe cleaner and the end.

First Layer: Gather 5 to 6 inches of ribbon with your hands, pinching off the length with your fingers. Attach this pinched portion to the middle of the next pipe cleaner and twist the pipe cleaner around the ribbon to hold it down. Follow the same pattern to complete the first layer around the wreath.  

How to make a deco mesh wreath step by step

  • This should form a little “bubble” of deco mesh. If the bubble is uneven or appears flat, gently “fluff it up” by bending it with your fingers until the bubble appears even.
  • Use the same length of ribbon for each segment. If not, the wreath will look uneven and sloppy.
  • Finish the wreath by cutting the ribbon and connecting the cut end to the starting pipe cleaner.

Second Layer. The wreath can be left as is, but if you want it to look fuller, attach a second layer of the same deco mesh ribbon to the frame.

  • Add more pipe cleaners, placing them in any empty spaces created by the first layer. Try to position the pipe cleaners evenly apart.
  • Fix the second layer to the frame with the same method used to fix the first layer on.

Deco Mesh Wreath

Finishing Touches on How to Make a Deco Mesh Wreath Step by Step

Depending on the occasion, you can attach small ornaments, feathers, fabric flowers, small flags, or a variety of other crafting decorations to the wreath. One of my favorite tips is to attach your decoration around problem areas or areas you might be able to see the pipe cleaners!

Use clear-drying craft glue to attach light decorations, like feathers. These decorations can be glued to the frame or to the ribbon. When you are wanting to attach heavier items like ornaments use hot glue for a secure hold!

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    • I usually do 5-6 inch bunches. So I’d say about 8-10 feet to be safe. Since you are doing two layers make the bunches smaller, but it really all depends on how bunched you’d like it to look. Hope that helps!

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