Inside: Patriotic american flag flower wreath DIY for the ultimate 4th of July.

Creating a flower wreath with the colors of the American Flag is a great way to show patriotism and bring some extra color into your home this summer.

Whether you are showing off your 4th of July pride, or just want something unique for your front door, making an outdoor floral wreath that looks like the stripes of our beloved flag is not only an easy project but also a symbolic display of American spirit. I haven’t had this much fun since I did the paper wreath crafts!

Patriotic American Flag Flower Wreath DIY. Photo of Hydrangea Flower Wreath.

In today’s article, I’m going to show you all how to construct an adorable American Flag flower wreath using affordable materials found at any local craft store! So let’s get started and make sure you have plenty of red, white, and blue flowers nearby; it’s time to celebrate America in style.

American Flag Flower Wreath Examples

Here is a list of beautiful floral americal flag flower wreath examples for you to look through. These are going to give you inspiration for your own wreath.

Once you are done with these, you can continue on to the DIY portion of this article. Once you know how to make your own wreath, the world is yours! You like soccer? Make a soccer wreath! You like flowers, make a floral wreath!

1. Cute Fluffy Wreath Ideas – I love how these flowers just feel so full and fluffy. There are so many different styles out there but this has got to be one of my favorites.

2. Delicate Flower Petal Wreath – These are felt flower wreaths that look super cute. These would be super easy to make and even easier to make patriotic. What do you think?

3. Flag Wrapped Wreath – This is a cute way to get a patriotic wreath without doing a lot of work.

4. Faux Flower Wreath Idea – Here is a super simple American flag flower wreath from target. They put the flowers into different sections to show you the stripes!

Patriotic American flag flower wreath DIY. 3 different photo of flower American wreaths.

5. Flower Rose Wreath Idea – I love roses, and I love wreaths, and I love America. This is the best of all the worlds! Take a look to see if this one is your style.

6. Burlap Flower Wreath Idea – This one doesn’t have flowers on it, it IS a flower! Isn’t that just the absolute cutest thing you have every seen in your life?

7. Fluffy Mesh Floral Wreath Idea – Mesh is another one of my favorite wreath styles because it’s so fluffy and cute. This one is even shaped like a flower too. I love it.

8. Hydrangea Flower Idea – I did not know that flowers could come in so many different shapes and sizes. Did you?

9. Big Floral Wreath – I love the look of big wreaths. They just feel so cute!

10. Fluffy Floral Wreath Idea – I am not sure what it is about fluff, but it just makes me happy.

American Flag Flower Wreath DIY: Gathering the Supplies

Before you can start crafting your amazing American flag flower wreath, you’ll need to gather some supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Blue, red and white flowers
  • Greenery
  • Floral scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Wire wreath frame
  • Florist wire
  • Ribbon of any color

To make the project easier to complete in a timely manner, it’s best if all of these supplies are gathered in advance. That way you don’t have to keep running around searching for materials mid-project! Get organized by consulting the list and gathering your supplies before getting started on your creative journey.

Preparing the Wreath Base and Wire Frames. Photo of wreath base with a few flowers.

Preparing the Wreath Base and Wire Frames

Creating a gorgeous American flag flower wreath is an easy and fun DIY craft! Before picking out the perfect petals, you’ll need to prepare your base and support structure. Gather supplies like green floristry tape, wire stems, and a foam wreath form.

Cut the wire stems into the desired shapes based on your wreath’s design; for this tutorial, we will be creating images of stars and stripes.

Depending on the size of your foam base, you’ll want to use varying lengths of wire stems as well. After assembling the basic frame, wrap tape around it to provide extra security and open up the rest of your workflow possibilities! Now it’s time for the best part – adding the beautiful blooms that will bring this American flag flower wreath to life.

American Flag Flower Wreath DIY: Adding the Red Flowers

Adding the red flowers to your American flag floral wreath adds a stunning pop of color that will make it truly eye-catching. You can choose whatever variety of red flowers you’d like; think poppies, roses, carnations or hydrangeas to get the perfect look. At this stage, you can also add any additional accessories, such as ribbons or glitter. However, you want to express your patriotism!

Be sure to arrange the red petals carefully so that it will give a warm and inviting atmosphere when completed. The key is to make sure each flower is securely attached for a beautiful finishing touch.

Filling in with White Flowers

Next up, it’s time to fill in with white flowers. Depending on the size of your wreath, you’ll want to select a few different types of white blooms to create a unique design element.

The combination of shapes and textures will bring this beautiful project to life! As you arrange the flowers, remember that two or three can be used in each segment for maximum impact. Once all the white flowers have been added and positioned, go back and adjust any stems or petals as needed until everything looks just right.

Finishing Touches with Blue Flowers

To complete the American flag flower wreath, scattered blue flowers should be added to the center of the red and white flowers. The blue flowers are essential to the look of this flower arrangement, as they bring in a bright, contrasting color while complimenting the red and white blooms.

With careful placement and creative vision, these simple blue blossoms can transform the entire ensemble into a striking display of beauty. You can display your finished project inside or outside. I chose to put mine on my front door.

You can stop here, or you can follow the last step to really make it feel complete.

Finalizing the Decoration with Greenery and Accessories

After all the beautiful, patriotic flowers have been affixed to your frame, you can up the ante with some extra accessories. Start by adding a vibrant, verdant ring of greenery around the perimeter. This lush complement further enhances the bold combination of red, white and blue, while also helping to keep each element in place.

You could even complete the piece with a whimsical bow or ribbon, which will help draw attention to the eye-catching colors of your American flag flower wreath. With a few simple touches, your perfectly patriotic floral centerpiece is ready for summer celebrations!

American flag flower wreath

Ultimately, the American Flag Flower Wreath is a stunning accessory for your home this Summer. Not only does it show your patriotism for the holiday, it’s also a fun project to complete and can make a lasting statement as part of any outdoor space.

With all of the components of this floral wreath DIY done in a few simple steps, you are sure to be proud of this finished product and love seeing it hung up in your home! So get that supplies list ready, gather everything you need and start your 4th of July wreath today!

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