Inside: Cutest Ikea playroom ideas that will be a core memory for your child.

Watching your child get older is one of the most bittersweet things that you will ever experience. They go from a bassinet to a crib to a real bed. Just like where they sleep, where they play also has to go through changes as they get older.

Playrooms are so much fun to put together. I don’t have any kids yet, but my best friends do, so I have done my fair share of playroom renovations. Today I am going to show you some of my all-time favorite boho Ikea playroom ideas that you need to see. If you love a cozy style that brings both warmth and cuteness to a room…I think you are in the right place.

Boho ikea playroom ideas you need to see. Photo of rainbow room idea.

So take a look at the inspiration below, and see which ones you think would be a good middle ground for you and your child. You can create a space that both fits the aesthetic of your home, AND makes your child’s life more magical. Let’s get into it!

Ikea Playroom Ideas

When you think of a playroom, what is the first thing that comes to mind? An enclosed area where your child can safely play with their toys while keeping the mess contained in one area of the house. This room can be SO MUCH MORE! You can create whimsy and fun with your decor choices. Jump into the list below to see what I mean.

1. Boho Cubicle Organizer Idea

2. Adorable Floating Shelves Idea

3. Super Organized Room

4. Light Wash Rainbow Ikea Idea

5. Simple Room with TV Idea

6. Cute Work Area for Kids

7. Cutest Simple Room Idea

8. Adorable Toddler Room Idea

9. Foam Wonderland Idea

10. Light Organized Room

Unique Boho Playroom Ideas. 3 different playroom examples.

Unique Boho Playroom Ideas

Having children is expensive, so I want to give you some tips on how to decorate a playroom on a budget. Shopping at Ikea is a great way to save money, don’t get me wrong. But some other great places to find decor are The Dollar Store, Thrift Shops, and so on. You don’t have to buy everything brand new. Oh, and don’t be afraid to do some DIY crafts!

11. Let Your Light Shine

12. Adorable Boho Room Idea

13. Unique Darker Toned Room

14. Wooden Based Room ideas

15. Dark Green Walls with Ikea Furniture

16. Cute Ikea Corner Idea

17. Perfect Simple Room for a Toddler

18. Organized Wall Section

19. Sweet Room At Cool Angle

20. Wall Cube Organizer Room with Hut

Fun Ikea Playroom Ideas

If you are struggling to find the space in your home for this endeavor, you may be asking yourself, “Do Kids Really Need a Play Room?” The answer is no. They don’t NEED a whole room for playing, but at the very least, they will need a designated section of the house for them to play in. Playing is so beneficial for your child, so make sure that they at least have that.

21. Ikea Play Kitchen Idea

22. Adorable Play Kitchen Room

23. Table Workspace Idea

24. Adorable Room with Unique Floor

25. Light Boho Room with Cool Textures

26. Adventure Themed Room

27. Adorable Calming Kid Room

28. Lovely Room with Lots of Windows

29. Decorative Personalized Ikea Design

30. Playroom with Big Rug Area

31. Large Open Room Idea

What every playroom needs. 3 light playrooms idea.

What Every Playroom Needs

Lastly, I wanted to go over some super important things that every playroom needs. Regardless of what style you are going for, make sure that you include these ideas!

32. Rugs or Foam Pads – I put this first because it’s often something that gets overlooked. If your child likes to play with toys(which I am guessing they do), I can imagine that they will be spending a lot of time sitting and crawling all over the floor. They are going to need some padding to help protect them and keep them more comfortable as they play the day away!

33. Little Table/Work Surface – Having a little work surface put together is a wonderful idea because it will give them a space to work on drawings and whatnot as they go throughout their day. It may also encourage them to do educational activities, which is always a win-win. So make sure that you include one of these bad boys.

34. Organization Bins – This is something that I think we both know is non-negotiable. Where else are you going to put the mountains of toys when they are done playing with them? This is also great because it can teach them to tidy up from a young age.

35. Simple Labels – Speaking of learning to clean up from a young age, you are going to want to get some simple labels to put on the bins that show what the bin is for. Depending on your child’s age, you can get photo stickers or actual words. This is a great trick.

36. Art Supplies – You want your kid’s room to be fully stocked with everything that they might want or need to play with. This includes brain-enriching activities like drawing and writing. So make sure they have the opportunity to do those things whenever they want.

37. Toys – I know this one is obvious, but I had to include it. Make sure that your child’s toys are getting upgraded every few years. This normally happens naturally with birthdays and Christmas, but it’s still a great reminder.

38. Play Kitchen – Play kitchens are a must for me because they hold so much potential. Not only are they fun for the kids, but you can customize them to match your real kitchen. Check out this Ikea play kitchen hack to see what I mean.

39. Wall Art – You can fill your child’s room with wall art that reflects whatever makes them happiest. If they love the forest, then a forest or some trees would make for a great addition to the room. You can do whatever you feel your child would like the best.

40. Cute Decorations – You are going to need some cute decorations on the walls. You can choose from your child’s favorite shows, animals, colors, and more for this.

41. Little Fort – This is one of my favorite things to see in a playroom because you just KNOW that child loves their life. How could you not when you have a sneaky little fort to crawl into when it’s time to play? There are lots of different ways to make one of these. The most affordable option? Pinning a blanket to the wall!

ikea playroom ideas

So there you have it, some of the cutest Boho Ikea playroom ideas for you to try out for your child. This is a highly personal task that is going to look different depending on you and your Childs’s likes and interests. A good way to make this extra project fun is to include your child in the process as much as you can.

Or, on the other hand, you can completely renovate your Child’s room and then surprise them! Whatever the case, this is an endeavor that your child will come to appreciate.

If you loved these ideas, then you’ll have to continue on the Ikea fun with more Ikea ideas! I have recently discovered just how amazing this store is, so you can imagine the number of other ideas that will be coming your way. But for now, check this out.


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