Inside: Cutest boho cubicle decor ideas that will make you scream.

I honestly don’t remember what my life looked like before I found boho decor. This is probably a good thing because before this, I had NO idea what kind of interior design style I liked.

There is something so soft and comforting about Bohemian design. It’s the multiple textures, the natural color pallet, and the fact that I am happiest when I am in the presence of it. So, of course, I try and make as many spaces in my life reflect this beautiful kind of room, even my car! I know that there are those of you out there that feel the same way I do.

Boho Cubicle decor ideas you need like yesterday. Photo of cute desk idea.

One area of your life that I feel is too often neglected in terms of decoration, and care is your cubicle. Cubicles are often something that you dread walking into, but by adding a little TLC, that could change. So I went ahead and gathered some of my all-time favorite boho cubicle decor ideas that you need, like…yesterday!

Boho Cubicle Decor Ideas

One thing that you should know before we get into this: If you have yet to find a style that suits you, boho is probably going to be a done deal. As I said, it has everything that you could want. Not to mention, you have the opportunity to change it up to fit whatever it is you like. So take a look at these ideas.

1. Adorable Peg Board Idea – When you are in a cubicle, you need to maximize your organizational space. You can do that WHILE being stylish with this cute peg board.

2. Must Have Salt Lamp – You can’t exactly light a candle in a cubicle, so this salt lamp is the next best thing. If you are itching for some scents, try a diffuser.

3. Home Desk Inspiration – Just because your desk is at work doesn’t mean you can’t get inspiration from cute at-home desks online. From experience, those end up being cuter anyways. So just recreate this at your office.

4. Cute Plants and Wall Art – I know how hard ti can be to keep planets alive in a cubicle, but remember that you can always add some greenery with fake plants or do some research to find plants that excel in low light.

5. Boho Pin Board with Cream Colors – I think you will notice that boho uses a lot of creams and neutral colors. If this is not your cup of tea, add as much color as you want!

6. Butterfly Wall Hang – Butterflies make my heart happy, so I wanted to include this example. If you have an animal or insect that you love more than anything, add that instead!

7. Moon Cycle Desk Idea – If you follow along with the moon cycle, then you will love this adorable decor piece. It has all the phases of the moon!

8. Photo Wall Hang Idea – Adding your own personal photos is a must when you are trying to reclaim the space that is your cubicle office. It will be much more welcoming thing way!

9. Cute Urban Outfitters Decor – Urban outfitters really know how to get their stuff done. Take a look at this amazing decor piece. It drives me crazy that I don’t have some of this stuff.

10. Big Map with Plants – I love that this person put a map in their cubicle. Obviously, they love to travel, and they are not going to let those four fake walls stop them from daydreaming about it.

Neutral desk decor ideas for the office

Must-Have Boho Ideas

Next up, I have a short list of non-negotiable items. These are things that you NEED in your boho cubicle. When you are done setting up your space, your coworker is going to want to hang out in your cubicle all day. So check out this list and see if any of this speaks to you; that is the most important part.

11. Boho Macrame Ideas

12. Gold Picture Decoration

13. Welcome Sign

14. Large Macrame Flag Idea

15. Everything is Figureoutable

16. Keyboard Pun Idea

17. Wooden Clip Push Pins

18. Eucalyptus Hanging Wall Decor

3 different example of boho decor. Rug, mirror, and macrame.

Boho Cubicle  Decor Ideas you Need Like Yesterday

And for this last list, I found some decor ideas that are going to make you wish you took up this project yesterday. You are going to love these; I just know it! So as you go through, make a note of all of the things you want to add to your space. If you don’t have a list together by now, what are you waiting for?

19. Basket Idea for Walls – This is a very classic boho decor idea that I am obsessed with. They have these flat baskets that you can buy on amazon that are just so cute when used as a wall collage.

20. Boho Photo Collage – When you are thinking of bohemian style, you can count cute photo collages in. I love this style of collage, it will really make your boring office space feel like your own.

21. Macrame Photo Collage – Macrame is one of those picture-perfect examples of boho, so I had to include it. It brings that soft texture that this style is known for, while also including photos. LOVE IT!

22. Pom Pom Grass Idea – Pom pom grass is an addition that brings that naturalist vibe that boho is all about, so take a look at this example to see if it’s your style.

23. Wooden Sun Mirror – One thing that I love more than anything is the sun. I am a total sun child; I am a Leo after all! So sun decor just makes me so happy.

24. Light Up Hanging Plants – This adds together 2 of my most favorite decor items: Lighting and plants. Paired together? This is a match made in heaven!

25. Morning and Night Photos – I think these photos are so cute. Just take a look and I think you will agree.

26. Boho Rug Idea – If you want to truly transform your space, you need to check out this awesome rug. It’ll really make your cubicle feel homey.

27. Boho Cushion – Adding a cool cushion to your office will not only help your back, but it will give you that extra cozy vibe that you are going for. You are going to love getting to the office!

boho cubicle decor ideas

One of the best parts about upgrading your office is the feeling of walking into it the very next day. You get to see all of your hard work and enjoy it paying off. I know it sounds like a contradicting idea: spend money that you earn from working for things at your work. But it really will improve your life in the long run.

If I have blown your mind with the boho cubicle decor in this article, wait until you see some of my other boho ideas! As I said, I am very passionate about this style of decor, so of COURSE, I have more ideas.

You can find those here. I hope you really loved these ideas and that you feel inspired to upgrade your cubicle space. If you think about it, you spend 40 of your waking hours in that office, it better be cute!

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