Inside : 33+ Fierce and Cool Dinosaur Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Children of All Ages 

There’s no such thing as a child that doesn’t love dinosaurs. If your child is at that age where the dino obsession has kicked in, consider indulging them with an awesome dinosaur themed bedroom! We’ve come across some awesome dinosaur bedroom decorating ideas that we just can’t wait to share with you.

Whether you want to go all in on the dino atmosphere or just add some touches here and there, this list will have something for you!

From the walls to the halls to the carpet on the floor, we guarantee that there’s a way to incorporate a dino design in every corner of your child’s room.

Check out our list of 35 fierce dinosaur bedroom decorating ideas that your child will absolutely love!

Dinosaur Kids Bedroom Ideas

Absolutely Awesome Dinosaur Bedroom Ideas

These dinosaur bedroom decorating ideas are relatively low-effort, but will still give your child a very cool dinosaur themed room that will be the envy of all of their friends.

  1. Dino Display:  Put your child’s dinosaur toys on display with this neat dinosaur display! It will help keep all of their dino toys organized as well.
  2. Carpets:  There are dinosaur-themed carpets for all of your dinosaur bedroom decorating dreams. Some are minimalistic, some are educational, and some are absolutely adorable!
  3. Dino Lights:  This dino garland will provide warm, soft lighting to your child’s bedroom. This would be really cool in a reading nook, or on top of their bed.
  4. Jungle:  Jungle-inspired decorations will create a super cool atmosphere. Green palm leaves, terrifying tyrannosauruses, and decorative foliage will bring your child’s dinosaur themed bedroom to life.
  5. Dino-Mobile:  Have a little one who still has a nursery? This dino nursery mobile is perfect for their dinosaur themed bedroom!
  6. Throw Blankets:  Cute and cozy, this dino-print throw blanket adds a pop of color to any room. Plus, your child is sure to love it even as they age.
  7. Dino Prints:  From the walls to the floors, you can put dino prints almost anywhere for a cool dinosaur aesthetic in any room.
  8. Bed Cover:  A dinosaur printed bed cover is a great way to add a little whimsy to the bedroom, but some are just so cool that we have to share! This dino bed cover has spikes that add dimension to your decor.
  9. Pillows:  Complete the bedroom set with a few cute and cool dinosaur pillows.
  10. Motivational Prints:  Encourage and support your child with these inspirational dinosaur prints.

Wall Covering Dinosaur Room Ideas

Decor Ideas for Boys room with Dinos

Wall prints, murals, and pictures are all great dinosaur bedroom decorating ideas for any age.

  1. Personalized:  Personalize your child’s decor with dinosaur themed decor! This mural is Jurassic Park inspired, and this sign pops right off the wall! Finally, this simple round sign has cute prints and won’t stand out in regular decor.
  2. Wall mural:  You’re limited only by your imagination when it comes to dinosaur bedroom decorating ideas for murals! Minimalistic silhouettes are a popular choice.
  3. Free printables to Frame:  These printables are free to download and perfectly frameable.
  4. Educational:  There are so many dinosaur bedroom decorating ideas that are educational as well as cool. This poster, for example, teaches the different species of dinosaurs and their environment. These skeletal prints would be awesome in an older child’s room.
  5. Clock:  Useful objects such as clocks are great dinosaur bedroom decorating ideas for both young and older children.
  6. Chalkboard:  This stegosaurus chalkboard is perfect for learning and for fun! Sure, there might be some messy hands, but it’s totally worth it.
  7. Alphabet:  Learn the alphabet with dinosaurs, from Allosaurus to Zephyrosaurus!
  8. Curtains:  These curtains are thick and block out all light and reduce noise, making them a fantastic choice for children’s bedrooms.
  9. Light Switch Cover:  Light switch covers are a cute, inexpensive dinosaur bedroom decorating idea that only takes a second to install.
  10. Height Chart:  Oh how they grow! This wooden dinosaur frame will track your child’s height as they age.

Furnishing Inspiration for your Dinosaur Themed Room

There are a ton of ways to incorporate dinosaur bedroom decorating ideas into your child’s furnishings. Here are some great examples!

  1. Lamps:  You won’t believe how many lamps fit into decorating your child’s dinosaur themed room! In the mood for some DIY? This Dino Dig Lamp is an awesome activity for your and your child to complete together.
  2. Chairs:  Does it get any cuter than this dinosaur armchair? We don’t think so!
  3. Bean Bags:  This dinosaur bean bag chair is also incredibly cute, and takes up less space than a regular chair.
  4. Book Case:  Make reading time extraordinary with a dinosaur bookcase! Another, simpler example can be found here.
  5. Footrest:  One of the best bedroom decorating ideas of all time is the storage ottoman. This super cute triceratops footrest/storage combo is a great example!
  6. Wardrobe: This could be a super easy DIY. Replace wardrobe knobs with toy dinosaurs!
  7. Kids Sofa:  This adorable child-sized sofa is decorated with a dino print and is great for your child’s reading corner.
  8. Table and Chair Set:  This adorable dino table and chair set are great for crafts, homework, or playtime!

dinosaur bedroom decorating ideas

More Brilliant Dinosaur Room Decor Ideas

Here are a few more dinosaur bedroom decorating ideas, including some great options to keep your child’s room organized.

  1. Storage Bins:  These dinosaur storage bins will make clean up time a fun time! Find more dinosaur bedroom decorating ideas for storage here and here.
  2. Book Ends:  Keep your child’s bookshelf organized with these cool dino book ends!
  3. Jars For Small Items:  Does your child love to collect things, or hair bands and pins? These jars will help keep things organized.
  4. Door Hanging Organizer:  Save room and trouble with this dinosaur door organizer, perfect for toiletries, diapers, socks, and other small objects.
  5. Hampers and Laundry:  Dinosaur hampers will motivate your child to keep their dirty clothes off the floor.
  6. Wall Hooks:  Keep bags, lanyards, and hats organized with these dinosaur wall hooks.
  7. Toy Chest:  Some toys won’t fit in a small bin or closet. This dinosaur toy chest is perfect for storing large toys.

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