Inside : 21 Stylish Grass Wall Decor Ideas that will help you bring the Outdoors Indoors.

Grass walls are incredible focal points and accents. Pairing especially well with neutral colors, bringing flora and foliage into your home is refreshing and invigorating. Plus, there is so much room to be creative with it! So much room, in fact, that it might seem a bit overwhelming to do on your own.

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a list of grass wall decor ideas that will have you rushing to the craft store to get started.

Succulents, flowers, vines, and more, there are so many ways to take natural elements and create an accent wall in your home. Want a neat, flat wall? Sure! Want to go absolutely wild and create a forest in your living room? We can do that, too!

Check out our 21 favorite grass wall decor ideas.

How to build a grass wall

Great Grass Wall Ideas For Your Home

Whether real or faux grass decor is your preference, these grass wall decor ideas will definitely get your creative juices flowing. You can make any of these ideas entirely your own, so don’t hold back!

  1. Variety Of Plants:  Rather than stick to a neat, manicured lawn look, go for a wild and unkempt plant display with a variety of different plants. Having a jungle in your own home is nothing short of invigorating!
  2. Accent in Bathroom:  A grassy focal point would make a great accent in any room, but we particularly like how it looks in this bathroom. The light fixtures, green paint, and accompanying flowers make this room absolutely ethereal. We also love this wild version!
  3. Adding Lights For Emphasis:  Even a plain grass wall looks stunning with the right lighting! Spotlight-type fixtures will immediately draw the eyes, while sporadic pops of color in the greenery is show-stopping as well. And we’re totally blown away by this geometric grass wall with several lit sections!
  4. Potted Plants Galore:  If you prefer the look of confined potted plants, this compromise might suit your fancy. Ceramics, pottery, and natural wood give this wall a very refreshing aura.
  5. Backlit Vines:  This look is minimalistic, affordable, and easy to install. A popular accent in many bedrooms, there are so many ways to customize. Whether you prefer lanterns or curtains of light, this combination of light and vinery will create a memorable accent space.
  6. Floral Foliage:  Add gorgeous pops of color by incorporating flowers in your grassy decor. This idea works very well with a tropical theme, as is seen in this tropical plant wall with tons of character.

grass wall decor ideas

  1. Mossy Murals:  Moss walls are a great extension of the plant wall craze! Soft and inviting, they allow for many colors and increased texture. This moss wall is a bit more contained, but still has a great deal of variety and is totally eye-catching.
  2. A Rainbow of Color:  Keeping with the theme of variety in our grass wall decor ideas, you can use many different kinds of grasses to create a rainbow foliage display of different colors and shapes.
  3. Up The Stairs:  Steps are often left unattended and undecorated unless it’s the holidays. Let’s change that! Add flair to your stairs by accenting the space with grasses and plants.
  4. Succulents:  A succulent display is another fantastic way to incorporate texture and color. This succulent wall is absolutely wild and has so much depth and variety in hue.

Incorporating a Grass Wall In Your Living Room

These grass room decor ideas will inspire you to create an indoor grass wall in your main living space. And if you’re worried about feeling cramped or overwhelmed by all of the foliage, fear not: we have plenty of minimalistic and simple grass wall decor ideas as well.

  1. Creeping Vines:  Rather than overwhelm your entire space, use these creeping vines to create a focal point. This allows you to be creative and create your own shapes and vision with the vines. We also love this look with brown vines, and how it looks when you incorporate lighting.
  2. Wall Hangings:  Less dramatic than our other grass wall decor ideas, simple wall hangings can also give the impression of a plant-filled wall on just a portion of the space, leaving room for other decor as well.
  3. Grass Partitions:  You can also create a short grass partition to separate your space, giving a pop of natural color and texture without overwhelming the space.
  4. Separate With Paneling:  Break up your foliage with wood paneling, keeping your natural theme without having to entirely rely on green.
  5. Spaced Art:  You also have the option of creating single panels of foliage and spacing them along the area, arranging them in an artistic fashion. Of all of our grass wall decor ideas, this is certainly the most manageable and easy to put together. Plus, it’s so much fun to DIY the art pieces on your own!

More Gorgeous Grass Wall Decor Ideas

grass walls indoor photos

Here are some more innovating and exciting grass wall decor ideas for those looking for creative ways to incorporate grass wall art in their homes.

  1. Grass Art With Cityscape:  With this, the grass becomes the backdrop while the focus is the cityscape outline in the forefront. Take this idea and be creative! Anything can be your main focus with a natural foliage backdrop to tie it all together.
  2. Grass Letter Signage:  This creator on Etsy creates signs of grass encased in metal. This is a sleek, modern look that will allow you to get that faux grass effect without totally covering the area.
  3. Wood Pallet Vertical Garden:  Reduce, reuse, and recycle with this DIY wood pallet vertical garden. Great for both indoors and outdoors!
  4. Lovely Lavender:  This foliage wall with lavender accents is relaxing, calming, and sophisticated.
  5. Honey Comb:  Hexagonal sections and creeping faux grass gives this space a breathtaking geometric look. We’re obsessed!
  6. Create Artwork:  Faux plants and moss can also be used to create murals and artwork in your living space, like this bonsai portrait on Etsy. This piece of artwork takes moss and driftwood, and is absolutely stunning.

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