Inside : Incredibly Fun Media Room Decor Ideas and Tips. 

With all of the streaming services that we are subscribed to nowadays, it’s more common to watch a movie at home than at the theater. It’s time to go out and design your own media room!

There are some incredible media room decor ideas out there. If you can’t decide, then look no further, because we have them all here for you to browse.

When looking into media room decor ideas, think about your space and needs.

Does your media room double as a living space? Focus on media room decor ideas that are functional. To mimic the theater, then look at media room decor ideas that will give you that classic vibe.

Take a look at 39+ of our favorite media room decor ideas.

Home movie TV theater decor

Small Media Room Ideas

Check out these media room decor ideas for smaller spaces.

  1. Bean Bag Chairs:  Bean bag chairs are a great way to add seating without needing heavy furniture.
  2. White And Airy:  White walls, curtains, and furniture will make your space feel more open and inviting.
  3. TV Tables:  Give guests places to keep their food and drinks during the movie, and then you can fold and put them away until the next time!
  4. Floor Pillows:  Comfy floor pillows take up less space, and can be easily stacked and stored.
  5. Mount Your Screen:  Your TV will take up the least amount of space possible if mounted on the wall! Look at your TV’s specifications for instructions.
  6. Cable Organization:  Use cable organizers to keep wires and cords tame, and consider labeling them to avoid future confusion!
  7. Built-In Screen:  If you can, building a recessed TV space will take up even less space!
  8. Entertainment Center:  Alternatively, opt for an entertainment center that adds functionality by providing storage!
  9. Hidden TV Ideas:  Or, hide your TV altogether behind curtains, cabinet doors, or even DIY a TV hideaway to keep your space multipurpose.

Killer Movie Theater Room Ideas

media room decor ideas

Here are some great media room decor ideas if you want to go all out with your home theater.

  1. Popcorn Machine:  A super fun addition to your home theater would be a classic popcorn maker.
  2. Popcorn Holders:  And for added whimsy, give your guests these classic popcorn boxes to hold their snacks during the film!
  3. Projector Screen:  Instead of a TV, you can use a projector and screen for a very classic theater look.
  4. Dimmable Lights:  For media room decor that gives a nice ambiance, consider installing dimmer switches.
  5. Dry Bar:  To make your media room a real one-stop shop, you can set up a DIY dry bar.
  6. Plush Reds and Golds:  Plush red carpets, chairs, and curtains will give a very old-timey theater look to your home cinema. Throw in gold rugs and pillows to really complete the atmosphere!
  7. Tiered Seating:  Choose seating in different heights to give that tiered seating effect that you have in movie theaters! This website offers good options and guides on how to achieve this.
  8. Speakers for Surround Sound:  Finding the right speakers and placement is an unskippable step to building your home theater!
  9. LED Floor Lighting: Install LED light strips along the bottom of the walls or your seating to mimic movie theater lighting.
  10. Candy Bar: You can also set up a candy bar for guests to choose their favorite snacks for the movie!

Modern TV Room Decor Tips

These media room decor ideas will give your room a sleek, modern look.

  1. Electric Fireplace:  Electric fireplaces are cozy, safe, and very chic. They are a common addition to many home media rooms.
  2.  Rugs:  You want a rug, if possible, to absorb sound. Choose a pop of color that goes with your color scheme, or geometric designs that stick to your modern vibe.
  3. Limited Wall Decor:  If your modern living space is doubling as your TV room, try to limit your wall decor. Modern art or framed photos are nice and classy, but don’t overdo it!
  4. Minimalist Furniture:  Less is more when it comes to modern. Instead of cushy chairs, try modern sofas with cup holders for your TV room.
  5. Neutral Tones:  Natural wood furniture and flooring will help keep the room modern but also welcoming. Very gaudy, bright furniture might be too distracting for a media room.
  6. Soundproof Curtains:  To prevent sound leaking into other rooms and to prevent echoes, find a nice set of noise-blocking curtains.

Media Room Furniture Ideas

Here is some furniture you can’t do without in your media room.

  1. Seating Options:  Many of our media room decor ideas have to do with the right seating. Reclining sectionals, armchairs, tiered theater seating, and rounded sectionals will give a homey home theater vibe!
  2. Light Fixtures:  Seek light fixtures that throw light downward, not straight out or up, such as these.
  3. Dining Area:  Set up a place for guests to eat without missing a beat!
  4. Modular Sofa:  For ultimate lounge potential, this modular sofa is incredibly comfortable and perfect for a comfortable media room.
  5. Storage Ottoman:  Put your feet up and score some storage with a great storage ottoman!
  6. Sound Absorbing Material:  Opt for fluffy pillows and rugs, curtains on the walls, and carpeting instead of hardwood for easy insulation to prevent sound echoing.

More Inspiring Media Room Decor Ideas

Modern TV room ideas and tips

Here are more fantastic media room decor ideas to make your home theater your own.

  1. Custom Home Theater Sign:  This incredibly cute, customizable sign will be a great addition to any home theater!
  2. Classic Decor:  When it comes to wall decorations, there are so many classic media room decor ideas! This movie reel piece is one example of decor that isn’t gaudy or bright and won’t distract from the film.
  3. Plenty of Pillows:  Supply comfortable pillows to allow guests to stay seated comfortably without aching backs throughout the film.
  4. Comfy Throw Blankets:  Along that same vein, don’t skip the blankets as well!
  5. Ceiling Lighting:  Line the top of the room with LED light strips, the same as the floor, for more atmospheric lighting.
  6. Framed Movie Posters:  Mimic movie theaters by framing your favorite movie posters!
  7. Starry Ceiling:  A very popular trend is to paint the ceiling like a starry sky! For a lower effort option, you can use wallpaper or even a light projector.
  8. Black-Out Curtains:  If your media room has windows, don’t forget to get decent black out curtains to prevent any unwanted light during the film.
  9. Drop-Down Projector:  If you opt for a projector instead of TV, this drop-down projector will save so much space.

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