I have loved seeing the resurgence of rattan in interior design. If you love it too, you are in luck!

These rattan Ikea basket hacks cover every room in your house and can be an easy way to make sure the overall design of your home is kept somewhat cohesive from room to room.

Image of rattan basket hanging on hook with pink flowers and greenery.

I love to scroll through travel instagram pages for design inspiration, and I tend to always be drawn to interiors of French chateaus, Spanish villas, and Italian palazzos. One thing I always notice as I scroll is the use of rattan baskets.

Rattan has been used for centuries, and while it is a fairly cheap material, it is unique in the way it is used across all economic classes, and for good reason because the end products are gorgeous! Read more about the rich history behind rattan here.

Rattan is such a versatile material, whether you like pastels or jewel tones, and whether you like antiques or modern sleek designs. Keep reading to discover how these hacks can work for you.

Ikea Basket Light, Planter, and Furniture Hacks

If you like to incorporate natural materials and color schemes into your home decor, these hacks will be great for you. Ikea hacks at home can create a great space in any room and these baskets have work wonders from softening my overhead lights and bringing comfort into the house.

1.  Macrame Plant Stand

Cute, inexpensive plant stands are hard to come by, so check out this DIY and save yourself some money! All you need is this basket, this stool, and some macrame cord.

2. Pendant Light

This tutorial will show you everything you need to know about how to make your own basket pendant. This is the basket used in the tutorial, but feel free to use another basket with larger holes if you want more light to come through.

3. Indoor Tree Planter

The round Vaxthus makes for a darling little planter similar to what is seen in the inspiration here. I love the idea of planter something taller like a small tree in it!

4. Ikea Basket Side Table Lamp Base

Cover up a lamp base with a basket such as this one and a lamp such as this one to create a look similar to this gorgeous lamp. Simply take the lamp shade off, flip the basket upside down and cut a hole big enough to fit over the lightbulb screw-in placement, place it over the stand, and replace the lightbulb and shade. You can either remove the handles or give them one twist and sew them up using tan thread to tack them to the basket as an added design.

5. Christmas Tree Base

I can never get settled on what sort of Christmas Tree Base I like, but this one just might do it for me, and it is so easy! Just use a basket, some weights, and a piece of styrofoam or planter foam (great if you have a real tree so you can soak it ahead of time) with a whole large enough for you to poke the bottom of your tree into, and boom! Perfect “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” vibes.

6. Ikea Basket Side Table Idea

Use this tutorial to learn how to make a boho side table out of two Ikea baskets. This creator uses two Snidad baskets with a table top, but if I were making this I would use two vaxthus round baskets with a shallow basket topper just to save space.

7. Bathroom Storage

Stylish bathroom storage is hard to come by when you are working with a budget. This Ikea hack is here to save the day. All you need to do is stack three cube baskets together, openings facing the same way, and attach them to each other with twine. It will give you a beautiful shelving unit similar in aesthetic to this.

8. Bathroom Towel Basket Ladder

How chic is this ladder towel holder? It’s a super simple way to add storage while keeping your bathroom a zen space. Find a blanket ladder you like, add double sided hooks or leather buckles straps, and hang baskets on the ladder for extra towels in your bathroom.

9. Storage Coffee Table

Create a cute storage coffee table by removing the handles from this basket and adding a round table top with some brackets. If you are unsure where to find a round table top, you can always find an inexpensive coffee table and just use the table top from that without the legs.

10. Retro Ikea Basket Sconce Hack

These sconces look like expensive custom pieces! I would never know they were handmade. Try it out yourself with  these small baskets and standard or plug-in sconces.

three Ikea basket hacks, one is a basket hiding a cable box, one is a storage coffee table made from a basket, one is a decorate wall art piece.

Other Creative Ways to Use Ikea Rattan Baskets

If you hate clutter and love to look at pretty things, this set of hacks can solve all of your problems! Stow those messy cords away from sight, and get your groceries in style!

11. Basket Wall Art

Buy several of these shallow rattan baskets and hang them on your wall as a statement piece. You can even paint some parts darker or light to add designs if you wish, or keep them all identical.

12. Hanging Fruit Rattan Basket

Hang this Ikea basket set in your kitchen for an adorable fruit and veggie holder! It gives French countryside kitchen vibes, and I am living for it!

13. Picnic Basket Ikea Hack

Loop through two leather buckle straps to the back side of this basket, and two to the handle side to make the picnic basket of my dreams! I mean, your dreams! But truly, this is such a beautiful basket, and it has me craving warmer weather stat!

14. Hide Your Cable Box

Use this Ikea basket hack to hide your cable box and keep your entertainment center looking sleek.

15. Tidy Up Your Charging Station

Cut a whole in the back of this basket or this basket, and feed the cord of a surge protecter through it. Now, you can hide the unsightly cords at your charging station while keeping your devices organized without the risk of someone tripping and getting themselves or your devices hurt.

16. Spool Organizer Ikea Basket Hack

Organize your spools of thread or embroidery floss by feeding small wooden rods through the sides of this Ikea basket.  It will look chic while also preventing tangles!

17. Toilet Paper Holder

I am always trying to find a clever way to hide toilet paper in the bathroom. Here is a great hack to create  toilet paper storage and a rack using this square Ikea basket and these small cupboard tension rods.

18. Tote Your Groceries in Style with This Rolling Rattan Basket

For toting groceries, start taking this wheeled laundry basket to the store with you! It is especially great if you walk to and from the grocery store, but even if you drive it will save waste, your back, and money spent on bag fees.

19. Basket Bag for Fresh Flowers

The Tolkning basket bag is a great way to achieve this look with fresh flowers. I think this would also be a great idea for your kitchen or bathroom!

20. Boho Lazy Susan Rattan Basket Hack

Cut away the bottom of this basket, glue it to a Lazy Susan, and place it on your dining table for a boho “spin” on how you serve dinner.

21.  Ike Basket DIY Place Setting Chargers

If you like to have dinner parties, buy as many baskets as seats you have at the table, cut out the bottoms, and use them as  earthy chargers for your next place-setting.


Won’t the baskets fall apart after I cut them?

The key is to be gentle as you cut, but in general, depending on which hack you use, if you are not moving the baskets around too much they should stay in tact. If you are using a hack where a lot of movement will be involved, just use some clear super glue around the cut area to limit jostling there.

Is it a fire hazard to use the baskets with lights?

Be sure to use LED light bulbs to keep the heat production down when your lights are in use. As an added measure, feel free to use a fire retardant spray to prep your basket.


three Ikea basket ideas, one as a lamp base, one as a picnic basket, and one as a fruit and veggie hanger.

Rattan is such a stunning material and is sure to bring some comfort to your home. These baskets have so many uses, so I hope I have inspired you to try out some of these Ikea rattan basket hacks for yourself.

While you are at the store, be sure to buy what you need so you can build your own window seat too.

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