Inside: Most adorable mini wreaths that will make your heart happy.

I think we can all agree that things that come in miniature forms are much cuter than the original. Think about it: Babies, Mini Dogs, Foods…every single thing on this planet becomes ten times cuter when it is downsized. This rings equally as true for home decor such as wreaths. That’s right; you know where I am going with this.

Mini wreaths can be just as good if not BETTER than a regular-sized ones. You can hang them on the backs of chairs, on your cabinets, or even on your front door right around the peephole. If you are hesitating a bit, don’t worry.

Cutest Mini Wreaths You'll Love

Today I have put together a list for you to look through that includes all of the absolute cutest mini wreaths that you need to include in your home TODAY. Or, you know…once they come in the mail. Take a look at these to see what I mean when I say that bigger is not always better.

Simple Mini Wreaths

I don’t want to scare anyone away, and since many wreaths are very over the top in terms of detail and frills, I decided to go with a simple list to start us off. Below you will find some of the most adorable wreaths that you will have ever seen, I know this seems dramatic, but I am just very passionate about this subject. Your home deserves to be cute!

1. Simple Eucalyptus Wreath Idea

2. Grapevine Wreath Idea – If you haven’t heard of a grapevine wreath, I know for a fact you’ve at least seen one. When you see this idea, you’ll go ‘ohhhhh’ and that will be directly followed by ‘my gosh I need this.’ So take a look.

3. Tiny Boxwood Wreath Idea – Boxwood is another classic that you will love. It’s very green and very full, I love this one.

4. Eucalyptus with Burlap Ribbon

5. 6-Pack Berry Twig Wreath – This one comes in a pack of six; as if they weren’t already tempting enough, they had to throw a good deal into the mix. I can’t help myself.

6. Fluffy Green Boxwood Wreath

7. Lavender Small Wreath Idea – I love lavender, and I know that a good majority of people out there agree with me. It’s one of the best things that you get to decorate your home with. Even the sight of it makes you calm and happy!

8. Red Berry Wreath Idea

9. Cute White Flower Wreath – If your home has a lighter color scheme or you simply want to add some cute and simple decor to help brighten up your space, this is the idea for you.

10. Cute Bright Green Ornament Idea

11. Juniper Berry Small Wreath Idea – Juniper berries are absolutely adorable, and I think you will agree with me when you see this idea.

Must See Mini Wreaths

Must See Wreaths

Next up, we are going to turn up the heat a bit. I am honestly really proud of myself after I found all of these…I only bought 6. One for each of my cabinets, okay! Don’t judge. Take a look below, and don’t hold back if you want to buy one or ten. This is your home; after all, you get to decorate it however you want. This is your right!

12. Eucalyptus Wreath with Cool Bow

13. Faux Kitchen Cabinet Wreath Ideas – See what did I tell you about these kitchen cabinet wreath ideas. They are so cute I just couldn’t help but include these.

14. Coffee Bean Wreath – For all you coffee enthusiasts out there, I think you are going to go nuts for these beans. They used coffee beans to decorate this wreath and I am obsessed.

15. Autumnal Leaf Wreath

16. Fall Wreath Idea with Cute Bell – I love the idea of hanging a little wreath around my peephole on my front door. It’s festive, but it doesn’t take up the whole thing, and it looks unique. This bell would be perfect for this idea.

17. Fluffy Grass Wreath Idea

18.  Blueberry Wreath Idea – I also am such a big fan of fruit being on my wreaths because they symbolize abundance, and I am more than happy to bring that energy into my home.

19. Autumnal Wreath Idea – Don’t even get me started on the autumnal wreath ideas. We have so many more than this, but this is a mini version that you will love.

20. Cute Simple Brown Wreath

21. Artificial Green with White Flower – I think even fake flowers bring beauty into our home, and they never go bad, so that is an absolute win-win.

22. Decorative Flocked Wreath – I thought I would prepare you for the list below with this idea.

Christmas Mini Ideas

Christmas Themed Mini Wreaths

I know that many people automatically correlate wreaths with Christmas, and although they are not a mutually exclusive pair, I thought I should still include a section just for this holiday. I think that Christmas, more than most other holidays, is a time to go overboard. So fill your home with these little festive beauties. Make it your winter wonderland. Am I a bad influence?

23. 6 Pcs Simple Christmas Wreath

24. Pine Wreath with Holly Berries – When it comes to Christmas, you can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned pine wreath with holly berries. Like, come on!

25. Faux Small Wreath with Bow

26. Flocked Small Wreath with Red Bow – If you have no idea what the word flocked means, let me help. It basically describes the act of putting fake snow onto your tree or wreath to make it look like it’s more Christmassy.

27. 6 Different Christmas Wreaths – Each of these are a different kind of wreath, so if you want to switch it up I think this is your best bet.

28. Pinecone Small Wreath Ideas

29. Large Pack of Small Cute Wreaths – This has many little wreaths for you to work with, so if you were planning on truly decking the halls, I think these are a good place to start.

30. Mini Christmas Set of 12

31. Felt Santa and Snowman

32. Christmas Silver Wreath Ideas – Many people have certain color schemes that they pick for Christmas, so if you happen to be blues and silvers, then you have to see these wreath Ideas.

33. Simple Pip Berry Wreath

Mini Wreath Ideas

What did I tell you…Mini Wreaths, am I right? They are just the cutest! I am happy that you were able to see these little cuties today, and I hope even more that your home will be introduced to them really soon.

I think my favorite part about decorating my home is that I get to feel so cozy in my own space. After all, I spend most of my time here, so why not make it the cutest that I possibly can? I’m sure you can imagine how hard I go during the holidays. My house is almost unrecognizable. If you are striving to up your holiday game, I have plenty of ideas for you here.

Wreaths are just one small part of the decorating process, but it is still very important. They’re tiny but mighty, adding so much to a space while taking up so LITTLE space. I hope you loved these mini wreath ideas as much as I loved finding them.

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