Inside: How to decorate a wire wreath frame + tips & tricks.

So…if you clicked on this article, you are interested in making your own wire wreath…Yay! I am such a big fan of arts and crafts, especially those that will turn into home decor, so I am pretty excited about this one.

I feel like there are so many more benefits to making your own decor rather than buying it at the store. You get to create exactly what you want, you get to create it (which is good for your mental health), and then the end result is something that you are much more attached to and proud of.

How to Decorate a Wire Wreath Frame: Easy DIY

There are truly no downsides to making your own wreaths. One of my favorite wreath forms to work with is a wire form, so we are going to start with this. I just feel like it is one of the easiest and the most customizable. You have so many options! Before we get into the DIY below, I wanted to do a quick little Q & A to answer some questions.

What is a wire wreath?

So, in the magnificent world of wreath making, there are many different kinds. Obviously, there are different styles and themes, but I am referring more to the wreath forms(aka the skeleton of the wreath).

There are wreath forms made of dried grapevines, styrofoam, and many more. Today we will be focussing on a wire wreath form. A wire wreath form is a form that is made of different strings of wire. As you may see in the photo examples, there are many different wires tied together to form a circular wreath.

With the many little gaps, this wreath form has, there are more opportunities for uniqueness and design. There are even different styles of wreaths that you can make with this one form. But today, we will be focussing on the simplest.

How much does making a wire wreath cost?

The cost of making a wire wreath depends on a few factors: how many decorations you use, what kind of decorations you use, and how big your wreath form is.

For a standard wire wreath, you can expect to spend about $20-$25 on your supplies. In my DIY section, I have included links to all of the supplies you’ll need, so I have an exact amount down below. Keep in mind, too, that some of the tools are investments that you will be able to use long after you make your wreath, so I left those out of the overall price.

But overall, if you keep it simple, you can create a wreath on a budget of $25. This is amazing, considering how expensive wreaths can be. I’ve done lots of research about this, and it seems like the most expensive one I have seen so far was about $600. But I know they can be more expensive than that. Regularly, a wreath can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 dollars.

Now for the fun part…let’s learn how to decorate a wire wreath frame!

How to decorate a wire wreath frame

How to Decorate a Wire Wreath Frame

To be able to decorate your wire wreath, you are first going to need to get some ideas on how this is done. Lucky for you, this is a one-stop shop for everything wire wreath…so I have included a few cool ideas below.

Step One: Wire Wreath Ideas

1. Big Floral Wreath

2. Live Wreath with Succulents

3. Simple Fall Leaf Wreath

4. Sage Eucalyptus Wreath

5. Yellow Flower Buds

6. Orange and Yellow Leaves

7. Cute Boxwood Wreath with Bow

8. Greenery Year Round Wreath

9. Fall and Autumn Wreath Idea

10. Big Green Fall Wreath Idea

Look through these ideas and see which ones you like best. You can decide how you want to make it your own when you decide on a theme.

Wire Frame Examples

Step Two: Gather Your Supplies

Now that you know what you want to do, we can gather our supplies. Today I will just show you how to make a basic wire wreath with foliage and a cute bow.  If you decide you want something a little more detailed, then you can absolutely go for it. This will just be the groundwork that you build upon. For these supplies, you will approximately be paying about $16 per wreath.

Though you will be paying more upfront.

Step Three: Assembly

Now for the fun part. You are going to take your wire wreath and slowly weave the fake plant garland into it. The tighter the weave, the more stable your wreath will be. After you have woven it through the middle wires, you also wrap it around the whole thing once. That way, the outer and inner wire is covered.

Take your time and slowly do this all the way around your wreath until you feel that you have sufficiently covered your form. You can go over it as often as you need until you have your desired fullness.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure you can’t see your wire wreath form. If you can, you aren’t done. You can always patch up bald spots if you notice them later as well, so don’t stress out too much.

Step Four: Putting on the Bow

Now, this is one of the simplest and most important parts. A simple bow can add so much color and uniqueness to your already adorable wreath…so don’t skip this step!

First, you will tie cut off a considerable amount of your ribbon. You can measure it out beforehand by wrapping it around the center of your wreath. Once you have your piece, wrap it around the top of your wreath and then tie a simple loose knot by pulling one of the ends of the ribbon under the other.

Pull that tight, and then make two bunny ears with both ends of your ribbon. You will then repeat the first simple knot step with your bunny ears and secure them tightly that way.

Next, you can straighten out your bow and make it look more presentable and clean. You can turn it sideways and straighten it more if you like as well. That is it! You have created your own simple wire wreath. How cute did it turn out?

How to Decorate a Wire Wreath Frame: Conclusion

How to decorate a wire wreath frame

So…are you proud of yourself? You should be! Doing something new is always a little scary. But it is by doing the things we are unfamiliar with that we are able to grow as people. Crafting is actually proven to raise confidence and competence, so there is that! I love that there is something that is not only fun but beneficial as well.

I think the best part about making your own wreath is that you get to keep it or share it with someone you love. My favorite thing to do is make the first one for myself and then give another to a friend. Spread the love!

If this wreath tutorial ignited a fire in you that only making wreaths can satiate…then you are on the right blog, my friend. I have so many more wreath ideas for you to look through, each with its own uniqueness. So take a look through those to find your next craft.

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