Inside: Cozy Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas.

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE fall. The chill in the air, the falling leaves, the warm drinks…I live for this time of year. I decorate my house for every holiday; Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas. Each one of these days holds a big place in my heart, but there is just something about Thanksgiving that is extra special.

I think it’s because Thanksgiving is fall personified into a holiday. We have a feast of foods and yummy fall desserts, and you can spend time with your loved ones.

There are many ways to decorate your house for this season, but my all-time favorite way is with a Thanksgiving wreath. With how many amazing options you have, how could you not include one in your home this year?

Cosy Thanksgiving Wreath Idea

I have gathered some of the cutest and coziest Thanksgiving wreath ideas from around the internet that you can use to make your house feel extra festive this year. Get a cup of warm tea and cuddle up on the couch while you look through these!

Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas

I started this list off strong with these. I love all of the autumnal shades and the cool decorations that people have added to these ideas. I sometimes like to DIY my own wreath, and these have definitely given me a whole lot of inspiration for when I decide to get my craft on again this year. Take a look!

1. Bird-Shaped Room Decor

2. Light Green Pumpkin Wreath – Green is a great color to include with your Thanksgiving decor. It is slightly different from your regular fall colors, but it is just as good if not better.

3. Autumn Berry Wreath Idea

4. Sugared Pumpkin Fall-Themed Wreath – Pumpkins are the name of the game when it comes to making your home feel autumnal and ready for festivities.

5. Green Polkadot Wreath

6. Cute Bird-Themed Wreath Idea

7. Gobble Sign on Wreath

8. Striped Ribbon Wreath with Autumn Colors – Adding some colors that reflect the falling leaves is a must. Take a look at this idea.

9. Scarecrow Doll on Wreath

10. Dark Green Burlap Wreath

11. Autumnal Wreath with Cute Yellow Leaves – This wreath actually includes leaves, so I think it goes unsaid that this is the one for you.

12. Autumn Leaves Made into a Wreath

13. Soft Wreath with Natural Grasses – I am in love with this one. They use REAL dried grasses to make this Thanksgiving wreath, so take a look.

14. Thankful and Blessed Pumpkin

15. Fall Eucalyptus Wreath

Simple Fall Wreath

Simple Fall Wreaths

I find that the best wreaths are on Etsy. They are handmade, Unique, and so cute! Plus the best part is that if you decide to buy one, you are supporting a small business. How great is that? If you like your wreaths to be more on the simple side, then I made this list with you in mind. Check it out!

16. Fall Berries on Spiraled Wreath

17. Fall Foraging Wreath

18. Berry Pumpkin Wreath for Fall

19. Green Wreath with Autumn Colors

20. Gather Here Sign in Wreath

21. Fall Leaf Collection

22. Yellow Orange and Fall Wreath

23. Plaid Pumpkin with Gold Accents

24. Fall Burlap Orange and Beige Wreath

25. White Pumpkins with Green Base

26. Brown and Red Burlap Turkey

27. Brown Polka Dotted Wreath

28. Pumpkin-Shaped Wreath

29. Yellow Sunflower Wreath with Cute Accents

30. Corn Shuck Wreath

Thanksgiving Wreath

Festive Thanksgiving Wreath Ideas

Thanksgiving is a time filled with laughs, quality time, and full stomachs. Naturally, this kind of occasion deserves the best atmosphere. If you haven’t found a wreath on this list yet, then I know you will find one below. I especially love number 33. I think the cuteness of it paired with the welcome sign is just perfect.

31. Orange Pumpkins with Perfect Sign

32. Green and White Wreath with Festive Pumpkins – If green and white fit your color schemes, then you need to look at this adorable wreath.

33. Welcome Sign with Pumpkin

34. Dark Blue Wreath with Cute Grass – I know that blue doesn’t really seem like a Thanksgiving color, but you will have a changed mindset when you look like this.

35. Deco Mesh Thanksgiving Themed

36. Dark Blue and Fall Colored Wreath

37. Perfect Floral Autumn Wreath – I don’t use the word perfect very often, so just know that I am serious when I call this wreath perfect.

38. Fresh Looking Floral Wreath

39. Turkey Made with Mesh

40. White Mesh Accent on Wreath

41. Fall Maple Wreath – How cute are these maple leaves? They are an autumnal color, and they’re on a theme. Take a look at this!

42. Thankful and Blessed with Sunflowers Jar

43. Mini Pumpkin Wreath – How cute are these mini pumpkins? I think anything in small form is a win for sure.

44. Cool Pumpkin Wreath

45. Acorn Wreath with Little Plants

46. Adorable Wooden Wreath  – This wreath has lots of naturalistic textures and accents. So if you have a Boho Farmhouse style of decor, this is for you.

Cozy front door decor for fall

Cozy Thanksgiving Designs

Lastly, I have some of my favorite designs on this list. When I say cozy, I picture a warm house with good smells and lots of decorations. These wreaths are the definition of cozy. So you should love all of these designs; check them out and see what you like!

47. Autumn Fall Wreath for Holiday – Check out this autumnal wreath. I think you could place this on your front door and every door in your house.

48. Big Curly Wreath with Sparkly Ribbon

49. Fall Scarecrow Front Door Wreath – I love this scarecrow wreath because scarecrows are some of the most iconic Thanksgiving staples.

50. Real Magnolia Wreath

51. Welcome Autumn Unique Shaped Wreath

52. Fall Cinnamon Wreath with Ferns – I think this is a very nature-based wreath that would be perfect for you cottage core lovers out there.

53. Wreath made of Pine Cones

54. Eucalyptus Wreath with Pumpkins – Eucalyptus is one of my favorite wreath bases. If you get a real one then it will also have an amazing and refreshing scent.

55. Orange Leaves with Fall Decor

56. Simple Green Wreath with Orange Flowers

57. Black Sticks with Orange Leaves

58. Turkey Door Hanger – Turkey’s are an obvious choice, but they are a good one nonetheless.

59. Dried Orange Slices on Wreath

60. Orange Burlap Knotted Wreath – If you love the look of burlap but are looking for a pop of color, then this is the wreath for you. They have dyed orange burlap, which makes the whole thing just so cute!

61. Pumpkin-Faced Fall Wreath

And there you have the coziest Thanksgiving Wreath ideas that will make your home feel extra festive this Holiday season. Did you find one that you loved? Oh, who am I kidding? Of course you did.

I know that fall is just a season, but I think it is so special to me because I get to find little ways to romanticize my life. You can turn even the most run-of-mill activities into something special. For example, whenever I decorate for Thanksgiving, I light my favorite fall center candles and put on the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special for background sounds.

Those are just some of the things that I do. So when decorating for Thanksgiving, ask yourself what little things you can do to make your fall season more magical.

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