Inside: Adorable square wreath ideas + simple DIY.

The beauty of wreaths is their versatility. I have seen a wreath for every occasion that I can think of: Christmas(obviously), Summertime, Birthday Parties…you name it, and a wreath is dedicated to it.

Whenever you think of a wreath, what comes to mind? A simple circular decoration that hangs on your front door. But what if I told you that there were many different shapes and sizes that a wreath could be? Because that is the truth. A wreath does not have to be a circle; it can be an oval, a heart…or even a square.

Today we are going to focus on that last one: Square wreaths!

Cutest Square Wreath Ideas + DIY

I have compiled a list of some of the cutest square wreath ideas, along with a simple DIY at the end for you to try out. I love crafting, so I figured making our own wreaths would be fun for all the other craft lovers out there too. So let’s dive in!

Simple Square Wreath Ideas

First up, I wanted to share some simple square wreath ideas. In the examples below, the shape of the wreath is really the star of the show. I think you will see what I mean when you look through these. Oh, and keep in mind: Notice the ideas that you like and the ones you don’t. This will help you when deciding on your own wreath.

1. Simple Wreath with Blue Bow

2. Autumnal Changing Leaves

3. Wreath Made with Manzanita in Square

4. Happy Halloween Wreath in Square

5. Wooden and Floral Square Wreath

6. Fresh Square Wreath with Beige Bow

7. Pumpkin Spice Felt Wreath

8. Square with Green and White Flowers

9. Simple Burlap Square with Pine Cones

10. Light Yarn with Pumpkins

11. Square Alive Growing Wreath

Cool Square front door decor

Cool Square Designs

Here are some really cool designs that have lots of unique things about them. I wanted to include these to give you a sense of all of the different ways that you can take your own wreath. Remember: If you are not much of a crafter, that is okay. Every one of these is actually for sale, so you can buy it for your home!

12. Cute Moss Square Decor Idea

13. Hi, Front Door Wreath with Bow

14. Square Outer Wreath with Circle Inner Wreath

15. Large Fall-Themed Square

16. Bright Orange Flowers with Ribbons

17. Black and White Ribbon Square with Merry Christmas

18. Succulent Wreath in Square Shape

19. Sunflower with Butterflies with Square

20. Boxwood Square Decor with Striped Bow

21. Light Up Wreath Idea

22. Green, White, and Black Burlap Square

Cutest Square frames for wreaths

Cutest Square Wreath Ideas

Last up, here is the list that this article is named after. These are some of the cutest styles that I have ever seen. When you are looking through these, think about what your wreath is going to look like. This will not only help you when you create it, but it will get you pumped to do so.

23. Big Christmas Style Wreath

24. Purple and White Square Decor

25. Fall Wreath in the Shape of a Square

26. Wreath made of Moss

27. Wooden and Floral Wreath

28. White Board Wreath

29. Window Wreath Frame

30. Moss Square with Twigs

31. Spring Style Burlap Wreath

32. Square Ribbon Wreath Idea

33. Diamond Covered Burlap Square

Okay, now that you have looked through these ideas, I think you are ready to move on to the DIY section. If you decided just to buy one instead of a DIY one, you would still benefit from looking at this tutorial. If nothing else, it will show you how simple it is to craft!

Square Wreath DIY

Okay, now that we are here…are you excited? There are a few things that you will need to get before we get into step one. Keep in mind that these are just recommendations. You can get whatever decorations or wreath bases you like. I am going to do a simple design today and you can build upon it.


Step One

To start out, you are going to want to lay your wreath form down. You can use your own artistic freedom to place the succulents wherever you like, but I am going to place mine along the bottom. Lining them up before we glue gives you the opportunity to see if you want to make any changes.

Step Two

Next, you are going to get your hot glue gun and start gluing the fake succulents to all of the places you want them to go. For mine, I am gluing them along the bottom but am mainly focusing on the corners. I like a few up all along the length of the bottom part of the square. I cluster the bigger ones in the corners.

If you have any that dangle over the sides, make sure to put extra glue around those. After you are done, let your hot glue set for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

Step Three

Now we get to tie the bow! Measure your burlap around the top of your wreath. Decide on how big you want your bow to be. For an average size, I would say to cut your ribbon into a one-foot length.

Carefully tie your bow around your wreath. To do this, you simply make a loose cross knot and then loop both ends of your burlap. After this, you make two little loops with each of the two ends of the ribbon and then repeat the simple loose cross knot. This time, however, you will knot it twice.

Yes, this is similar to tying shoes. There is no shame in my bow game. All you have to do now is straighten up the bow and make it look a little cleaner. They tend to get wrinkled and folded when you turn them into a bow.

Final Step

Lastly, we have a very simple step. Put your wreath right side up and take a step back. See if you notice anything that you want to change or fix, and then do so now. After this, your wreath is complete! You should be proud of yourself because it is super cute. Now anytime someone comes into your home and asks you where you got it, you get to say that you made it!

Square Wreath

So there you have it, over 30 of the cutest square wreath ideas on the internet and a tutorial to go with them. Don’t you just love this geometric look that this style of wreath brings?

It gives the eye something to look at. If you want your eyes to look at even more wreaths, then I have just the thing for you. We have plenty of other wreath ideas for you to check out whenever you feel like it. Continue on this crafty fun!

Coming up with these ideas is my favorite part of my week. By doing this, I get to see all of the different kinds of home decoration and wreath styles there are. Let me tell you; I have learned a lot. And I will continue to do so and share my findings with you. Until then…happy home decorating!

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