From enjoying the glittering lights and attending endless parties to donning ugly Christmas sweaters, there’s no wrong way to celebrate the best holiday of the year. People of all ages look forward to the yuletide season–celebrating it means participating in fun games and activities, like the classic Christmas door decorating contest. It’s always been an exciting way to showcase your creativity and get an award or a prize for it!

It can be hard coming up with a unique design, especially if you’ve played this game for many years!

The best Christmas door decorations include Advent motifs, a Gingerbread House theme, Santa coming down the chimney, rustic twigs and pine cones, and recycled materials like colorful clothes and unused CDs. Whatever you fancy, the window, or should we say, the door of possibilities is wide open, and you can be as imaginative and resourceful as you like!

Christmas Door Contest Useful Tips

First, you need to create a good fit for the season by making use of colors. – Many Christmas decoration ideas usually exhibit the colors green and red, but you can always choose other colors to make your door pop out more. Don’t be afraid to express your creativity using other colors like gold, silver, and blue, or your favorites!.

Explore different themes. – Christmas means a lot of things to a lot of people.  Think of this when you imagine a theme that can bring amusement to your visitors.

Use Your Creativity

Be creative and imaginative in choosing items to use in your design. – Choosing a theme for your door design makes it easier on what items to put. You can centralize your design with just one item or explore different objects to add that extra “oomph.”.

Make use of available materials in your house. – Who says designing can be so expensive when you can recycle materials you can find around you? Before rushing to the store, remember that your house may have a few unused or hidden items that can help you lessen the cost of designing your project.

Creative Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Themes to Explore in Decorating Your Door for Christmas

Not sure what theme you can apply to win that door contest? Here are some useful themes that are perfect for your creative exploration.

  1. Chilling snow design: White Christmas is perfect for the cuddle weather, so go on and fill that door with snow.
  2. Santa Claus knocking on your door: Every kid loves Santa Claus as it means presents and toys!
  3. Advent motifs for a grand entrance: Christmas is synonymous with the Advent season, one of the holiest events in Christian faith.
  4. Christmas Tree concepts to put up: This Nativity is not complete without a pine tree and a star.
  5. Christmas delicacies that will make you hungry: This holiday is filled with food good for sharing with your loved ones, so why not portray that for your guests to see? Of course, offer them some real ones too!
  6. Christmas movies premiering upon entry: Whether it’s Frozen or the Nightmare Before Christmas, you can never go wrong with a classic holiday film for a door design.

Items You Can Put In The Door Design

There are so many fascinating items you can include to make that entrance livelier.

  1. Snowman: Frosty the snowman can be your perfect company in welcoming people.
  2. Snowflake: Different symmetrical designs of snowflakes will mesmerize anyone who walks through your door.
  3. Icicles: Hanging icicles make everything cool.
  4. Snow forest:  An enchanting snow forest can transform your door into a  magical portal.
  5. Snow-covered house:  Make that door homey with a snow-covered house!
  6. Polar Express: Go on and decorate that entrance with an awesome train to the North Pole.
  7. Santa Claus:  Whether he’s giving out presents or striking a funny pose,  Santa will surely will bring smiles to everyone.
  8. Santa’s Sleigh: Why not put up a sleigh with matching jingle bells on your front door?
  9. Rudolph the Reindeer: A reindeer with a red nose? That sure is familiar! Kids will love this door design.
  10. Chimney or fireplace:  Just looking at this design can give a warm feeling or a thought of Santa making his way through it.
  11. Santa’s elves:  Santa’s little helpers will brighten things and make your door playful.

Best Classroom Christmas Door Decorating Ideas

Other Creative Objects to Smash that Door Design

Can’t get enough of things you can use to make that door design competitive? Here are more creative ideas you can use to grab that trophy!

  1. Star:  Glow up that entrance with a beautiful star that will definitely attract everyone to your door.
  2. Baby Jesus: A baby in a manger will remind you of hope and peace.
  3. Angels:  Bring the good news of what Christmas is all about with angels rejoicing.
  4. Christmas Tree:  A tree heavily decorated with colorful knacks will give excitement to those who see it.
  5. Presents: Fill your visitors’ hearts with excitement as they see presents waiting for them.
  6. Garlands: Decorating colorful garlands will remind you of the beautiful ties between people.
  7. Christmas Lights: Twinkling lights with different colors will make your heart race with anticipation for this season.
  8. Colorful socks or stockings: Socks hanging on that entrance can be a simple design, but it never fails to express a compelling message about giving.
  9. Bells: Sweet ringing of bells will remind you of Christmas carols.
  10. Christmas Balls: Always pleasant to the eyes, this classic Christmas decor can liven up your door!

Christmas Accessories that can Pop up your Style

You can bring more excitement by incorporating these accessories to make things more celebratory.

  1. PoinsettiasThese beautiful flowers are a universal reminder of the yuletide season.
  2. Nutcracker Soldier:/ A toy soldier will be your good luck and guardian for this merry season and the coming year.
  3. Gingerbread: A bite of that gingerbread will take you back to your childhood!
  4. Gingerbread House: A delectable entrance for the most wonderful time of the year.
  5. Candy cane: A candy cane will also remind you of your childhood, and make kids in the house ask for some!

Creative Materials You Can Explore

Bring out your imagination with these resourceful materials you can find at home.

  1. Paper Mache: Use newspapers or magazines to create anything you fancy!
  2. Wreaths: Making wreaths using pine leaves or other leaves available in your place can be fun and relaxing.
  3. Cups: Instead of throwing those plastic cups, you can build an awesome recycled snowman with them.
  4. Cotton: Soft cotton balls can be used to decorate Santa’s beard or that snow.
  5. Unused clothes: Colorful, discarded clothes are a great material for any door design idea.
  6. Pinecones: Picking pine cones can be fun with friends and using them as ornaments symbolizes regeneration.
  7. Twigs: Twigs are a rustic, beautiful material to use in making Christmas wreaths.
  8. Ice skates: If you can’t go out and skate in the snow, try decorating your door with it instead!
  9. Party flags: Flags always make everything festive, so don’t hesitate to stylize with these.
  10. Ribbons: Whether to use in wrapping presents or decoration, ribbons never fail to add color to the whole shebang.
  11. Plastic Gloves: Instead of throwing those plastic gloves, you can use them as material for your Christmas Tree design.
  12. Yarns: Those soft balls of yarn can be used to add color and cuteness. Just make sure to keep your cat away!
  13. Styrofoam: Styrofoam makes things easy to stick and will lessen damage to your door.
  14. Cardboard Box: It’s easy to find and can be used to express a lot of your designs.
  15. Unused CDs: CDs are shiny and mesmerizing to use for that star design or Christmas tree décor.

Awesome Ideas to make that Door Eye-Catching

Need more inspiration for that stand out door design? Try these ideas to make things more innovative!

  1. Spell out words.
  2. DIY your materials.
  3. Paint your door.
  4. Place a special note.
  5. Choose a beautiful color scheme.
  6. Hang tasty treats.
  7. Blast some music.
  8. Use witty Christmastide lines. 

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