Inside: Cool fall door decorating ideas for the classroom that will make your student’s day, every day.

Fall is here! It’s time to bust out all of the cute decorations and create the learning atmosphere of your dreams. How are you going to do this? Well, it all starts with your door.

I know you have decorated your door before, but have you ever decorated it for FALL? I am excited to share some of my favorite festive fall door-decorating ideas for the classroom with you today. I know that these styles and decor are going to speak to you and your students.

Festive fall door decorating ideas for classroom

Life is all about making special little moments for ourselves. Getting to walk up to your classroom everyday and see something that makes you smile is totally worth the extra work you are about to put in. Your students will thank you!

Festive Fall Door Decorating Ideas for the Classroom

First things first, I wanted to show you some examples of awesome and adorable door decorating ideas for the classroom. You can totally make this more geared toward your specific students since you know them best, but it’s a great list to get the creative juices flowing.

1. Cute Scarecrow Door Idea

2. Welcome to our Pumpkin Patch

Spiderweb door idea

Spider Web Door By oweningtheclassroom

3. Truck with Pumpkins

4. Get Caught In a Spider Web

Falling leaves door idea

Fall Leaves By teachernyla

5. Scarecrow Themed Door

6. Sweet Leaf Door

Fall door decorating ideas for classroom a Pumpkin spice door idea

Pumpkin Spice By coffeefueledclassroom

7. Wild West Fall Fest Door

8. Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Happy fall y'all

Happy Fall Y’all By whitneybrock_designer

9. Cute Doll Door Idea

10. Apple Tree Door Idea

apple picking door idea

Apple Tree Theme By from_sawdust_to_sprinkles

11. Apple Picking Door

12. Harry Potter Themed Door

Boo crew themed door

Boo Crew By oweningtheclassroom

13. Fall Colors Themed Door

14. Boo Crew Door

Lets boogie idea

Let’s Boo-gie By decorateandeducate

15. Let’s Boo-gie Ghost Idea

16. Home of the Pumpkin King

17. Cute Mummy Door

What can I use to decorate my classroom door?

If you loved the ideas but needed a bit more of an explanation on how to achieve the look, then keep reading. These are my top tips for what you can use to decorate your classroom door! You can use these for any season, like for a Christmas door decorating contest!

1. Construction Paper: Use brightly colored construction paper to create cut-out shapes, letters, and designs.

2. Poster Board: Poster board is sturdier than construction paper and can be used as a background or to create larger decorations.

We're falling into 4th grade

Apple Themed Door By mrs_homuth

3. Markers and Paints: Decorate directly on the door or on paper cut-outs with markers or paints to create custom designs.

4. Bulletin Board Borders: These come in various colors and themes and can be used to frame your door decoration.

5. Fall Leaves: Real or artificial fall leaves can add a seasonal touch to your door.

6. Balloons: For a festive occasion, you can attach balloons to your door.

7. Crepe Paper Streamers: Use colorful streamers to create a vibrant backdrop or border.

8. Stickers and Decals: These come in a wide range of themes, from educational to seasonal.

Harry Potter themed door

Harry Potter Themed Door By aprilalizabeth

9. Fabric: A fabric background can add texture and depth to your decoration.

10. Window Clings: These are great for seasonal and holiday decorations, and they can be easily removed.

11. Cut-Out Shapes: Create or purchase pre-cut shapes like apples, pumpkins, stars, or letters to spell out messages.

12. Ribbon and Bows: Use ribbon and bows to add a touch of elegance or festivity.

13. Printable Decorations: You can find free printable decorations online for various themes and seasons.

14. Themed Posters: Hang posters that match your classroom theme or current curriculum.

Brown Zen door in fall colors

Fall Colored Brown Door By littlefountains

15. 3D Objects: Incorporate three-dimensional objects like small baskets, miniature chalkboards, or small stuffed animals to make your door more interactive.

16. Chalkboard or Whiteboard: If your door surface allows, you can use chalk or dry-erase markers to draw or write messages directly on the door.

17. Wreaths: Hang a seasonal wreath on your door for an elegant and welcoming touch.

18. LED String Lights: For special occasions or holidays, add some sparkle with LED string lights.

19. Student Artwork: Showcase your students’ artwork as part of the decoration, making them feel proud and involved.

20. Classroom Themes: Incorporate decorations related to your classroom theme or current lessons, such as science, history, or literature.

3 different examples of fall decorated school doors

Fall Door Decorating Ideas for the Classroom: Easy DIY

Now I want to walk you through a super simple door DIY! This is how I decorate my door. I haven’t been this excited since my Valentine Door Decoration!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

First, I gather all the supplies I’ll need for the project. For a fall-themed classroom door decoration, I’ll typically need:

  • Construction paper in fall colors (orange, yellow, brown, and red).
  • Scissors.
  • Glue or tape.
  • A pencil.
  • Fall-themed decorations like leaves, pumpkins, and acorns (you can find these at a craft store or make your own).

Step 2: Choose a Theme

Next, I decide on a theme for my fall door decoration. This could be something like a giant tree with falling leaves, a pumpkin patch, or a friendly scarecrow. For this example, let’s go with a “Harvest Time” theme.

Jack skellington door idea

Home of the Pumpkin King By autumnleavesz

Step 3: Create the Base

I measured the dimensions of the classroom door and cut a large piece of brown construction paper to fit as the background. I then attach it to the door using tape or adhesive putty.

Step 4: Design Your Decorations

Now comes the fun part! Using the colored construction paper, I cut out various fall-themed shapes. For a “Harvest Time” theme, I might create pumpkins, apples, and cornstalks. I also cut out large, colorful leaves. Don’t forget to make a smiling sun to add a cheerful touch!

Step 5: Arrange and Attach

I start by arranging the cut-out decorations on the brown background. I place the pumpkins at the bottom as if they’re part of a pumpkin patch, and the apples on the tree branches (if you’ve included a tree). The cornstalks can go on the sides. I use glue or tape to secure everything in place.

Mummy themed door idea

Mummy Themed Door By ceipeljaram

Step 6: Add Details

To make my fall door decoration more exciting, I add some extra details. I might draw faces on the pumpkins, add wiggly eyes to the sun, and maybe even glue on some small, real dried leaves to give it a tactile element.

Step 7: Create a Welcoming Message

Using colored paper or markers, I create a warm and welcoming message for the door. Something like “Welcome to Our Harvest of Knowledge” or “Fall into Learning” would be fitting. I attach this message to the door, making sure it’s easily readable.

Step 8: Final Touches

To complete the look, I may sprinkle some artificial fall leaves around the door or hang a fall-themed wreath. These little touches can really tie the whole decoration together.

Step 9: Step Back and Admire

Finally, I step back to admire my fall-themed classroom door decoration. It’s a colorful and inviting way to welcome students into the classroom during the autumn season.

Wild wild fall fest door

Wild Wild West By misskaitsclassroom

So…are you as excited for fall as I am now? How could you not be? These door decorations got me feeling festive and ready to take on this next season in life!

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You see your door every day; your KIDS see your door every day. I know that you may be exhausted from carrying the weight of the next generation, but I know you are going to be so happy you decorated your front door!