Inside: College door wreaths ideas to enhance school spirit.

Going to college is such a huge accomplishment. After the initial shock factor of it wears off, you’ll find that there is much to do once you get there. It can be overwhelming, but it’s all a part of the experience.

One of the most fun ‘to-dos’ on your checklist is to decorate your dorm room. It’s important to make the space your own; that way; you can feel more comfortable in your new place. It can be a lot, and having a safe spot to be yourself is key to having a good time.

So if you are like me and love decor, this should excite you. Though there are so many different things you can decorate with, one that I hope you don’t overlook is an adorable college door wreath.

Pretty College Door Wreath to Make For Girls

You already have so little space to work with, but your door is a big blank canvas that is just asking for it. Luckily for you, I made a list of the cutest college door wreaths on the internet so you can get the most bang for your buck! Check them out.

Casual Door Wreaths

To kick this list off, here is a solid mixture of the different styles and routes you can take with your wreath. There are plenty to choose from, so it’ll be helpful to get a good look at them all.

This way, you can figure out your style and the kind you’ll inevitably want to buy or make!

1. Welcome Metal Wreath – Nothing welcomes new people into your life like a literal welcome sign. College is the place to meet people, after all!

2. Autumn Wreath – School starts at the beginning of fall, so you better be prepared.

3. Rustic Boho Chic – I am obsessed with this boho chic wreath. There are too many cute options here, but I might just have to order this one.

4. Orange and Eucalyptus Wreath

5. Natural Dried Flower Wreath

6. Simple Chic Lamb’s Ear Wreath – Lamb’s ear is one of my favorite kinds of wreaths. They are just so soft and sweet looking.

7. Light Pink Flower Wreath

8.  TCU Themed Wreath – A college-specific themed wreath seemed appropriate, don’t you think?

9. Succulent Grapevine Wreath

10. Hi Wreath with Hot Pink

Cute Wreaths for your College Door

Your dorm room can be decorated however you want, as long as you don’t burn candles or paint. That leaves you enough room to fit some personality in there. But with such little space, you’ll need to take advantage of your door. These are the perfect college door wreaths for your dorm room door that will have your neighbors jealous!

11. Simple Green Wreath – Who said a wreath had to be complex to be pretty? No one!

12. Wooden Bead Wreath – These new wooden bead wreaths add such a cool texture. Check this out.

13. Rustic Flower Wreath  – If you like dried flowers(who doesn’t), you must see this example. There are so many little beauties, I can’t get over it.

14. Simple Lambs Ear Wreath

15. Large Wheat Wreath – It sounds funny, but a wheat wreath is always a winner. They are fluffy, all-natural, and are perfect for fall.

16. Burlap Wreath

17. Wool Felt Ball

18. Lavender Wreath – Lavender is another winner. With its all-natural purple and spiral look, everyone will have to stop to take it in.

19. Fall Deco Mesh Wreath

20. Sweet Light Rustic Wreath – Light colors are the way to go. They match better with most rooms, and they are easier on the eyes.

Dorm wreaths for door

Colorful Wreaths

If you like a splash of color, then check these out. There are so many vibrant beauties here that you’ll have difficulty choosing just one. I have found that simple and colorful are the best way to go. That way, your room doesn’t seem too overwhelming.

But hey, if you like that look, go for it!

21. Brilliant Butterfly Wreath – This is one of my favorite wreaths on this list. Not only is it unique, but the colors are just so in your face. It’s a conversation starter.

22. Dusky Dried Flower Wreath – There is nothing artificial about this. Nature’s colors are in full effect here.

23. Small Succulent Wreath

24. Felt Leaf Wreath in Full Color – Felt art is something that deserves to be seen more often. You’ll feel the same after you take a look at this wreath.

25. Rainbow Rope Wreath

26. Spring Flower Wreath

27. Watermelon Ribbon Wreath – Though it’s super bright, I think this is a fun wreath to bring. It reminds me of a backyard BBQ.

28. Ruffly Rainbow Wreaths – And we have a winner! Take a look at this awesome rainbow wreath that will leave you wanting more than just one.

29. Flower Bouquet Wreath

30. Minimalistic Rainbow Wreath

College School Themed Wreaths

Themed College Wreaths

Naturally, there had to be some college-themed wreaths on this list. These are different examples of how you can represent your college in your wreath. You can do this with ribbons, mascots, and colors; you name it. Check out this list below to start getting ideas. If you are already on this list, you can buy it outright. Most of these are made on Etsy, so you’ll support a small business and save time.

31. University of Florida

32. TCU

33. Wittenburg Wreath Made of Fabric

34. LA Tech

35. Penn State Wreath

36. Alabama Crimson Tide

37. LSU Tigers

38. Louisiana University

39. 4 Team Wreath

40. Texas Longhorns Wreath

41. Ohio State Wreath

42. Tennessee Wreath

Simple College Door Wreath

Cute College Wreath Ideas

And lastly, we have our honorable mentions. I just couldn’t end this article without including these cuties! You’ll see why once you look through them. It’ll make you wish you had more than one door to decorate, that is for sure.

43. Mushroom Cottage Core Wreath – The cottage core look is gaining popularity, and I totally see why. It has such a magical feel to it. 

44. Simple Maroon Rose Wreath

45. Grapevine Wreath with Lavender

46. Evergreen Wreath with Yellow Flower – If you love the color green, then a solid green wreath like this is right up your ally. I especially love the added yellow flowers.

47. Sweet White Rose Wreath

48. Moss Wreath with Succulents

49. Macrame Flower Spring Wreath – Not only are these flowers adorable but paired with the metal ring, it’s boho chic at it’s finest.

50. All Natural Wreath

51. Wooden Bead Wreath with Eucalyptus Eucalyptus is the universal sign of calmness. Even though this is a fake plant, you’ll still feel calm in its presence.

52. Lavender Dried Wreath

53. Sweet Green Wreath with Striped Bow – To finish it off strong, we have this sweet classic wreath with a striped bow. I love this!

And there you have it. Did you find a wreath that fits your style? Oh, who am I kidding? You probably found 3. Now you have 2 options: Buy a premade one or create your own. The latter is my favorite.

Creating your wreath is so easy; you might be surprised. We have a few tutorials to help get you started. You can make this your own, adding whatever decorations or colors you want. This is better than choosing an already made one because you get the wreath you imagined.

So congratulations again on securing your ride to college. It is no easy feat, and you should be proud of yourself. Have the most fun, and remember always to put some TLC in your living space!

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