Inside: Simple and cute mickey mouse wreath DIY instructions and inspiration. 

I don’t know about you, but I and half of the globe are pretty big Mickey Mouse fans. He is the symbol of Disney and basically the mascot for all of our childhoods. If you chose this article, then I am guessing you love him too!

I have been finding chic and adorable ways to sneak Disney decor into my house without paying an arm and a leg. During this search, I happened across the idea for a Mickey Mouse Wreath DIY that I just could turn down. I made some adjustments and tried it out for myself. The results were amazing, or should I say magical.

Cutest Mickey Mouse Wreath DIY

The best part about this DIY is that it is super affordable. I mean, you can get most of the supplies you need from the dollar tree. That is pretty amazing to me. So let’s get into this!

Mickey Mouse Wreath DIY Ideas

1. Mickey Mouse Boxwood Wreath – I love the look of boxwood wreaths, so this wreath makes my heart happy to look at. Seriously, how cute can one decor piece get?

2. Christmas Themed Mickey Decor – If you are going to use your Mickey Decor for Christmas, you have to make it Christmas-themed, like this adorable example.

3. Grapevine Wreath Idea – Grapevine wreaths are a classic and adorable wreath style that is seriously one of the coolest things you can add to your home. It’s rustic and interesting to the eye.

4. Mesh Wreath Mickey-Themed – If Mesh wreaths are more your style, there are so many ways that you can make that into your Mickey Wreath! Take a look.

Mickey Mouse Wreaths ideas

5. Simple Foam Wreath Idea – This person made a sleek and adorable floral-themed wreath with a foam form and some silk ribbons. I am genuinely so impressed with how this one turned out. Check it out to see what I mean.

6. Sunflower Themed Wreath – If you love sunflowers, then I think you should take a look at this one; you’ll love it! The use of sunflowers makes it so cute and bright.

7. Large Green Mickey Wreath – Large wreaths are my jam. They just feel so elegant and amazing; I can’t get over it! I think of my city hall decorations. Each of them is grand and extra large. Too cool!

8. Simple Metal Wreath Idea – You don’t have to make your wreath all grand and complicated for it to be cute. Take a look at this simple metal-form wreath that you’ll fall in love with. Even the maximum maximalists will love this!

9. Green Mickey Wreath with Bow – I think the evergreen style of the wreath is one of my favorites. Take a look to see if you want to add a little more green to your home. It can’t hurt!

11. Ornament Themed Mickey Wreath – Now, this one, it doesn’t get much better than this one. This is perfect for Christmas, and it is just like the ones they have at Disneyland. So go back to the happiest place on earth with this wreath.

Mickey Mouse Wreath DIY

Here we go! Let’s dive into the Mickey Mouse Wreath DIY. It’s super simple to follow along to, and I think you are going to love it. The best part is the end result. The minimal work gets you the maximum benefit. You will see what I mean in the end. Let’s start with supplies!


So the list below is the things I am going to use for my wreath. But keep in mind that you can make this craft your own. So please switch any of these with something that fits the style you are going for. The important part is that you are getting one bigger wreath form and two smaller ones. Other than that…it’s up to you!

Step One: Lay Out Your Supplies

I like to lay out all of my supplies so I can really see what I am working with. This step is extra important with this project because you are going to want to lay out the ears where you will be tying them to the main wreath. I am guessing you already figured out we would be doing that. The power of deduction!

Once everything is laid out and you have the Mickey Wreath structured the way you like…we can get started! This is where the real fun begins. Although, to me, the whole project, from inspiration to finished project, is fun to me!

Mickey Mouse boxwood door hanger

Step Two: Start Tying the Ears On

Take your twin or jute chord and start to tie on the ears. Really make sure that you are fastening them on tightly. They are going to be a little wobbly, but try to make it as stable as possible.

I did this by making my initial knot and then wrapping the chord around the ear and the head several times back and forth so I covered as much area as I could. Then I tied it off again. Mine barely moves! So just keep trying until you get yours to be sturdy enough that you feel confident in it.

Step Three: Add Decorations

Now here is my favorite part: adding the decorations. You can add as many or as few as you want. I was feeling minimalistic today, so I am going to add one bow in the center bottom of the Mickey Wreath. This way, it looks like his bow tie!

You can add tinsel or perhaps wrap burlap around the wreath forms. Who knows? The sky is the limit. Just have fun with it!

Step Four: Add Hanging Ribbon

Now you will need to add one ribbon to the top. This way, you have something for it to hang from. Unless you are planning on hanging yours via command strips, then you can skip this step.

Loop the ribbon around your wreath and then tie the ends together, so you have a big loop. I recommend making the ribbon tall enough to go past the ears. That way, you don’t have any trouble hanging them.

Mickey Mouse Wreath DIY

How To Display Your Wreath

I hope you loved this Mickey Mouse Wreath DIY. I told you it was simpler than it sounded! I had so much fun creating this, and now my home has an adorable 2-eared addition. I couldn’t be happier.

If you love making wreaths as much as I do, I am guessing that you wouldn’t mind if we continued on this crafting party in style. I have come up with so many different wreath ideas and DIYs that your head might explode.

All jokes aside, because that got pretty dark, these ideas are super fun. So don’t be afraid to check them out!

Mickey Mouse was the staple figure in all of our childhoods. I cannot think of one bad memory that had a Disney movie in it. These wreaths are just a calling card to that part of us that doesn’t ever grow up, and I think that is pretty cool. Thank you Walt Disney for being the center of our childhoods!

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