Inside: Easter door decoration ideas that will make you hop with joy.

Easter is here! I am so excited to finally start decorating for this awesome holiday. Easter has been one of my favorite holidays since I was a kid, and that appreciation has only gotta deeper now that I am an adult.

I try to romanticize my life in as many ways as I can. For me, that means making even the smaller holidays into something to look forward to. I obviously don’t get a cool easter basket anymore, but I do try and fill my home with cute stuff during this time… that way I still get to feel the easter spirit!

Sweetest Easter Door Decoration Ideas. Photo of door with wreath on it.

One thing that my house was missing last year was an easter door decoration. That is not going to cut it for this easter! So I went ahead and compiled a list of some of the sweetest easter door decoration ideas to look through. I haven’t made my decision on which one I want to get yet, but I thought I would share my findings with you!

Easter Door Decoration Ideas

One of my favorite easter memories was when my parents made a scavenger hunt out of finding our easter baskets in the morning. We followed the clues all the way through the house and ended up on our front porch. It’s memories like this that make this holiday so special to me. The wreaths below will give me that little spark that I felt opening the front door as a child.

1. Carrot Themed Beautiful Wreath – I am obsessed with this awesome carrot wreath idea. It has everything a girl could want: Carrots!

2. Large Door Wreath with Bunny Idea – I feel like you can’t have an easter wreath without including a bunny of some kind, right? This is a lovely way to incorporate this idea while also including other decor pieces!

3. Bunny Door Decoration Idea – If you think simple is the way to go, then I think this has to be the wreath for you. Not only does this one have an awesome grapevine outline of a bunny, but it includes some flowers too.

4. Spring Tulip Idea – Tulips are the epitome of springtime if you ask me. So what better flower to include in your wreath than a tulip? Check out this adorable idea; I know you will fall in love.

5. He Is Risen Door Hanger – If you are religious, this holiday means something super special: This is the day that Jesus rose up from the dead. Because of this, I made sure to include a few religious signs on this list as well as some plain ones.

6. Happy Easter Idea – You can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned happy easter sign. I was debating on whether or not this one would be the one I wanted…but I ended up going with another. Not that this wreath isn’t a beauty; it is!

7. Bunny Hopping Through Door – I love wreaths like this because it leaves so much to the imagination. It really looks like these bunnies are jumping through the door! It makes me smile.

8. Hello Peeps – Peeps are the staple candy for this awesome holiday. Personally, I am not a big fan of peeps. But I remember being very excited to learn what happens when you microwave them. If you don’t know, gather your kids and pop some in there!

9. Egg Themed Floral Wreath – I think eggs are another wonderful decor addition, as long as they aren’t real. That would stink up the place pretty quickly if you ask me.

10. Adorable Boxwood Wreath with Roses – I love boxwood wreaths because they look so full and alive, even when it’s fake! Check out this awesome boxwood wreath with roses.

11. Wooden Bunny Silhouette – How sweet is this wooden bunny silhouette? There are so many cute ways to bring this decoration to the next level. Personally, I would add some more ribbons and flowers, but I like to go overboard.

12. Welcome Carrot Sign Idea – It’s a welcome sign that’s made out of a Carrot. Doesn’t get much more Easter than this!

Cute Door Decorations You'll Love. 3 different wreath examples.

Cute Door Decorations You’ll Love

I feel like there is one spot in every house that gets overlooked when you are decorating, and that spot is the front door. I am all too guilty of this, even for major holidays! That is why I go out of my way to get a cute decor item for my door. Whether that be a door hanger, a bow, or a wreath…there are so many awesome options to choose from!

13. Burlap Carrot Ideas

14. Happy Easter Door Sign

15. Boxwood Bunny Idea

16. Colorful Mesh Ribbon Wreath with Egg

17. Easter Rainbow Sign

18. Bunny Wooden Sign

19. Burlap Ribbon Wreath Idea

20. Egg Sign Idea

21. Cute Cross Wreath Idea

22. Colorful Tulip Wreath

Festive Door Decor Ideas

Next up, I have some more festive door decor ideas that I think you are going to love. These are all perfect for this special holiday. Take a look at the list below to see which ones you think are going to suit your house the best. There are so many different ideas here, from bird nests to carrot shaped decor…you can’t beat it.

23. Little Bird Idea

24. Bird Nest Wreath Idea

25. Wreath with Colored Eggs

26. Adorable Carrot Basket with Bunny

27. Wreath with Bunny and Carrots

28. He Is Risen Wooden Door Hang

29. Polkadot Egg Idea

30. Hello Spring Idea

31. Burlap Wreath with Bunny Center

32. Wreath with Colored Eggs All Around

Sweetest Easter Door Decoration Ideas. 3 different easter wreaths.

Sweetest Easter Door Decoration Ideas

Lastly, I wanted to show you some of the sweetest easter door decoration ideas that you will ever come across. Seriously, if I were you, I would get your toothbrush ready…because these will give you cavities! Take a look to see how many are going to have to battle for the top in your home: the front door!

33. Every Bunny Welcome

34. Carrot Large Door Hang

35. Happy Easter Wreath Idea

36. Simple Bunny Shaped Door Decoration

37. Moss Bunny Idea

38. Beautiful Pastel Wreath Idea

39. Wreath with Bunny Hopping Through

40. Light Blue Wreath with Bunny Sign

41. Peep Wreath Idea

42. Carrot Shaped Wreath with Little Decorations

43. Welcome Sign Idea

44. Bunny Grapevine Wreath

45. Cutest Carrot Shaped Decoration

I think by now you know how much I love easter, at least a little bit. I hope you share the same enthusiasm for this spring holiday! There are lots of different forms of door decorations that you can go with for it, one of my personal favorites being a wreath. I added quite a few great options to this list, but if you are interested in more…I have some great ideas to share with you.

Easter is about connecting with family, enjoying the first few moments of spring, and appreciating the life that we have. If you are religious, it has even more awesome meanings behind it…so why wouldn’t you love this holiday!

I am so excited to show my love with all of my awesome decorations, including my newest front door masterpiece: Number 42! I just fell in love with it. Happy Easter!

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