Inside: Sweet heart wreath ideas for Valentines Day.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so of course, I have been on the hunt for new decoration ideas. There are so many different decor items you can go with for this holiday, but my forever fave will be a wreath.

There are so many different styles of wreaths that are just out of this world. I know that Valentine’s may not feel like a holiday that you have to decorate for, but it makes such a big difference when it comes to mood and atmosphere.

I try and make the most out of each and every holiday because they are the days that we look forward to during the year.

Lovely Heart Wreath ideas for Valentines Day. Colorful dried flower heart wreath.

Christmas, my birthday(I’m a Leo, so of course, my birthday is a Holiday), and Valentine’s Day alike should be decorated for and cherished. I want to share with you some of my all-time favorite wreath heart ideas that you can use to bring love into your house this year.

Heart Wreath Ideas

First up, I wanted to give you a general idea of what you can expect from this list. The starting lineup below is full of the different styles, types, and colors of wreaths that you will be acquainted with as you go through this list. I hope you are as excited as I am right now. For this first list, I will walk you through the different examples.

1. Lovely Floral Wreath – I am so happy that I started this list with this wreath because I think it showcases the gentle beauty that is a heart wreath. I bet you were expecting a red heart shape with a few flowers and that its, huh? That’s good and all, and I definitely have those on this list, but this is how adorable this craft can be.

2. Large Flower Rose Wreath – Here, we have a classic live wreath made out of roses and other flowers. I love how they included a border of greens.

3. Sweet Rose Heart Idea – Roses are obviously going to be a reoccurring theme with this style of wreath because it is the flower of love. Isn’t that just romantic and swoonworthy? I think so!

4. Floral Wreath with Rope – If you like a more textured, natural look, this floral wreath is the one for you. They used rope and wrapped it around the heart to create a wonderful end result.

5. Heart Shaped Wreath with Roses – Simple but effortlessly cute. You can never go wrong with roses when you are picking a heart-shaped wreath. Don’t you think this is cute?

6. Green and Red Heart Decor Idea – Red and green decor that ISN’T Christmas themed? Sign me up, I don’t believe my eyes. Well, here you go.

7. Light and Pastel Heart – I love pastel colors; they are just so comforting, and of course, I love them. How could you not? Check out this example to find out if they are your cup of tea.

8. Full Small Wreath Idea – This wreath may be small, but it is full. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was heavier than it looks because it’s so compact. Tiny but mighty, am I right?

9. Grapevine Wreath Shaped Like A Heart – Grapevine is a classic wreath form that brings a rustic natural feel to any wreath you use it on. What do you think?

10. Heart Made Out of Cork – For you wine lovers out there, this is one of my favorite ways to use my old corks. You have so many crafts you can make with something you normally just throw out.

Cute wreath designs with 3 different photos.

Cute Wreath Designs You’ll Love

Next up, now that you have a good understanding of what you have gotten yourself into, we can continue on with some cute designs I know you will love. These ones use a variety of flowers to convey the power of love. As you look through these ideas, find some things that you like about each wreath.

11. Heart-Filled Wreath

12. Heart Rose Wreath Idea

13. Full Tulip Heart Wreath Idea

14. Simple Vine Wreath with Flowers

15. Soft Yarn Wreath

16. Wooden Wreath Idea

17. Tri Colored Rose Wreath

18. Boho Heart Wreath

19. Rose and Berries Wreath

20. Purple Lavender Wreath Idea

Unique Heart Wreath Ideas. 3 Different Photos with Dried Flowers on heart wreath

Unique Heart Wreath Ideas

If you are more interested in finding ideas that are unique, I think this is the list for you. I have found some of the coolest ideas, they may not seem super unique, but they each carry something that makes them unique in their own right. Check it out to see what I mean.

21. Gold Rose Heart Decor Idea

22. Metal Butterfly Idea

23.  White Flower Heart Decor

24. Moss Heart Ideas

25. Eucalyptus Heart Idea

26. Cute Yarn Heart Decor

27. Boxwood Wreath idea

28. Simple Pink and White Heart

29. Red Burlap Heart Idea

30. Babies Breathe Idea with Heart

31. Sideways Heart Wreath

Lovely Heart Wreath Ideas for Valentines Day

Lastly, I have some of the most lovely heart wreath ideas for Valentine’s Day. I am so excited that you are a fellow holiday nerd who likes to decorate for every holiday, even the smaller ones like this. Or even if you are just a partner looking for the best way to surprise your significant other. I love it!

32. Twig Wreath Rose Ideas  – I didn’t know how else to describe this wreath other than cooling it a swig wreath. I think it looks beautiful; I just lacked the vocabulary to describe it properly.

33. 3 Small Flower Wreaths – Here, I have three small flowers woven into a wreath to create a lovely look. I think your Valentine would be lucky to come home to this.

34. Soft Green Heart Idea – If you want to go a different route than the classic pink or red, this green heart is a wonderful option.

35. Real Dried Flower Wreath – I love it when wreaths are made with real dried flowers. Not only are they so dreamy, but they have this naturalist feel that I just live for.

36. Heart Wrapped with Ribbon – Here, I have a heart wrapped with ribbon. I wanted to add some that were simple, just incase these other wreaths were too much for you.

37. Spiraled Twig Wreath Idea – How cute is this one?

38. Dried Yellow Flower Idea – Yellow is one of my all-time favorite flowers, and I am so happy that this person chose to use it for this wreath.

39. Dried Red Flower Ideas – Red flowers are another one that I think looks magical when they are dried. Take a look.

40. Boho Style Heart Idea – I LOVE boho style wreaths.

41. Red Ribboned Heart – Here is another ribbon heart to show us off.

heart wreath ideas

These heart wreath ideas made me so happy, and I hope they had the same effect on you. Sometimes, it’s the little things that end up meaning the most. It may seem like a small gesture now, but decorate your place a bit this Valentine’s Day, I think you will find that your life feels a little brighter.

If you love these Valentine’s Day ideas, I think you need to check out some of my other Valentine’s Day Ideas that will make this day of romance all the cooler!

Remember, this day is as good as you make it. So if you don’t have a person, still show up for yourself by decorating, getting some sweets, just have fun with it.

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