Inside: Simple & Cute Ornament Wreath DIY.

I think my favorite thing to do during Christmas is to walk around my city center and see all the amazing decorations they have put up. They change slightly every year.

Last year, they put up this huge ornament wreath, and I absolutely fell in love. I looked them up, and they could be quite spendy, so I decided to DIY it myself, and let me tell you…it turned out amazing. So today, I wanted to share with you how to make a simple & cute ornament wreath DIY. You are going to love this.

Simple Ornament Wreath DIY Step by Step

Now, mine was nowhere near as large as the one in the city center, but it definitely still hit all the same heartstrings, and I am so excited to pull it out of storage this year. I hope this DIY gives you the same lasting happiness that it did me.

Cutest Ornament Wreath Ideas

How could one possibly make a wreath without first getting some inspiration? The answer is they can’t! So I have pulled together some of my favorite ornament wreaths for you to look at. They come in wide different varieties, so there is something here for everyone.

1. Pink and Silver Wreath – This is such a beautiful color scheme for Christmas that you don’t see it very often. I just had to put it first on my list because it was too cool!

2. Colorful Christmas Wreath – I love the amazing use of color in the ornament wreath. They really don’t hold back with the different ornaments. Not only are they colorful, but they are so well placed too.

3. Sparkly Ornaments with Tinsel – If you like to add some light into your life with sparkles, then this is the perfect wreath for you. It’s perfect for glitter lovers!

4. Warm Gold and Rose Gold Wreath – I think you are silly if you don’t like this wreath style. It feels so warm, which is funny because, typically, these ornaments are considered a colder texture.

5. Clean Large Ornament-Themed Idea – These ones are huge, but I think it looks super cute. So if you want to go for a simple and large look, this is the inspiration for you.

6. Cute Colorful, Sparkly Wreath – How could you ever go wrong with a wreath like this? It’s super cute and amazingly sparkly. There is literally nothing wrong with it asides from the fact that it is not in my house.

7. Christmas Toy Wreath – Now, this one took some imagination on the creator’s part. They took classic and vintage-looking toys and added them to the wreath!

8. Red and Gold Wreath Idea – Red and gold are great colors to work with during Christmas. I think this reminds me most of Giffendor. But that’s okay since Harry Potter is on my must-watch list during Christmas.

9. Light Blue and Pink Wreath – This one is a little more unique in terms of color, but I love this combination. What do you think?

10. Halloween Themed Ornament Wreath Idea – You don’t need to reserve ornament wreaths for Christmas; they can be for any holiday. If you like to decorate your place spookily and cute, this is the one for you.

11. Purple, Green, and Pink – This one has lots of colors, but I love it.

Ornament Wreath DIY

Simple Ornament Wreath DIY

What did you think? Did you find some ideas that you loved? I bet you did! Now you get to pull from those inspirations to create your own perfect ornament wreath. I hope you are excited because I sure am! First things first, you need to gather your supplies. The list below should help.


Remember that this is a general DIY. You can use these instructions to create your own wreath that is better fitted to your style. Make it your own, run with it, and do whatever you make happiest. I just wanted to give you the foundation to build upon.

Step One: Set Out Supplies

I love to watch the cooking channel and one of my favorite things that I have ever learned came from watching a french baking show. French cooks will lay out all the ingredients they need for their recipe in front of them to help the cooking process go smoothly. Now I do the same with my crafts!

After you have ordered your supplies and they come in, go ahead and lay them all out in front of you to prepare for the crafting session ahead. This will prove to be more beneficial than you can imagine, so do it!

Step Two: Wrap the Tinsel

Take your wreath form and your tinsel, and glue the end of the long tinsel to one part of the form. Start to carefully wrap the tinsel around the wreath tightly until it is completely covered. I have found that the best way to do this is by keeping your thumb on the end that you glue down while you begin.

This will give the hot glue time to dry and keep it in place while you are wrapping. Now that you have your tinsel wrapped, your ornaments have something to hold onto when you glue. Plus, if there are any gaps, the tinsel fills them.

Ornament Wreath DIY

 Step Three: Glue the Ornaments

Lastly, you can start to glue the ornaments to your wreath. I liked to do this in rows of three across the width of the form. I made sure to leave some space for the tinsel to show through. I loved the way my blue/teal ornaments reflected the shiny tinsel. It was a great combo!

Continue working your way around the wreath until you have covered the whole thing. If you were going to make a wreath that was pure ornaments, then you could continue gluing more ornaments on top of the others. You keep doing this until you get the desired look you were going for.

Pick up your wreath and give it a light shake; if any ornaments come loose, this is your opportunity to glue them back on and secure them better. You can also add a bow to it if you like, but I left mine the way it was and absolutely loved it.


So…What do you think of your very own Ornament wreath? I hope that this DIY was easy to understand and that you found it helpful. I enjoy crafting so much that I can get carried away with the instructions. The important part is that you felt like you knew what you were doing.

I love my ornament wreath with all my heart, but I am thinking about making a brand-new one for this year. One that is massive and can hang on my fence. It will be so big that the whole neighborhood can see it! Okay, I may be getting a little carried away.

If you loved this ornament wreath DIY, then perhaps you would want to continue on the fun and look at some of our other wreath ideas. I know there is plenty for you to look through! 

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