Snowman Wreath

61 Cutest Snowman Wreath Ideas

Inside: Adorable snowman wreath ideas that will thaw your heart all winter long. I think we can all safely agree that snowmen are the symbol of Christmas. I am not discounting Santa and his reindeer of course, but when you think of snowmen, you don’t think of summertime. That’s all I am saying. Snowmen are […] Read more…

Ornament Wreath DIY

Simple Ornament Wreath DIY: Step By Step Process

Inside: Simple & Cute Ornament Wreath DIY. I think my favorite thing to do during Christmas is to walk around my city center and see all the amazing decorations they have put up. They change slightly every year. Last year, they put up this huge ornament wreath, and I absolutely fell in love. I looked […] Read more…

How to Tie Christmas Wreath Bows

How to Tie Christmas Wreath Bows: Simple & Quick

Inside: How to tie Christmas wreath bows. Follow these step by step instructions for the perfect bow every time! I don’t know about you, but when I think of Christmas, one thing comes to mind: My front door, decorated with my annual wreath. Now, I am sure you don’t think of MY front door, but […] Read more…

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